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That's right, News as in latest updates posted on uncannyxmen.net!
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Dean Clayton
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Post by Dean Clayton » 11 Jan 2018, 17:20

Honor bound rogue or psychopathic killer? Black Tom Cassidy straddles the line between being a good-natured criminal and something far worse. Twisted over the loss of a true love and a cousin's betrayal, Black Tom fell from gambler to criminal to terrorist to child murderer. His mind has been warped by outside forces in the past, but Tom's own pettiness is to blame for many of his actions as well. There will be no redemption for Black Tom Cassidy...not until he believes he deserves it himself

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Re: Spotlight On...BLACK TOM CASSIDY!

Post by ev82 » 12 Jan 2018, 05:54

wow wow wow! fantastic job guys!
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Re: Spotlight On...BLACK TOM CASSIDY!

Post by WorldWideWade » 12 Jan 2018, 13:52


With plenty of time for his rumored movie debut in May as well.
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Gibbering Fool
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Re: Spotlight On...BLACK TOM CASSIDY!

Post by Gibbering Fool » 12 Jan 2018, 22:28

Great work guys... ta be sure, ta be sure ;-)

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