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X-MEN ROSTER UPDATE -- Morrison's New X-Men

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X-MEN ROSTER UPDATE -- Morrison's New X-Men

Post by Monolith » 16 Nov 2023, 16:19

As we leave the bright colours of the 90's behind us we enter the 00's that were defined by grimdark storylines and black leather. In our latest update to the article we look at the unofficial Genoshan Assault team assembled by Jean Grey to deal with Magneto's latest evil scheme. Many of the members were recruited on the fly and left soon after, but it would foreshadow future joiners such as Frenzy and Northstar. Afterwards, the X-Men line went through a major upheaval with new writing staff and story direction. The popular writer Grant Morrison was brought on board and they took over X-Men (2nd series), renamed to New X-Men. To say this run was controversial would be an understatement, but many of the characters and stories introduced are still referenced today. So why not read our latest entry to the X-MEN ROSTER and make up your own minds.

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Re: X-MEN ROSTER UPDATE -- Morrison's New X-Men

Post by AntiBody » 16 Nov 2023, 16:34

This is so great!! Thank you for this!!
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