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Villain Team entry...KREE STARFORCE!

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Villain Team entry...KREE STARFORCE!

Post by Monolith » 12 May 2022, 14:44

Operation: Galactic Storm was the greatest Avengers crossover of the 1990's. A 19-part epic with tight continuity, dozens of characters and major ramifications for the Marvel Universe, it also introduced Hala's Mightiest Heroes, the Kree Starforce. Pulled from decades of Kree comics and obscure additions, the Starforce were meant to represent for the Kree what the Avengers did for Earth and the Imperial Guard did for the Shi'ar. The Starforce never quite took off as a concept, even if they did star in their own arcade game, but their legacy lives on as the Starforce was name-dropped in the MCU's Captain Marvel movie.

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