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Captain Marvel # 5

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Captain Marvel # 5

Post by Northstar404 » 08 May 2019, 23:42

Here we are Captain Marvel # 5, the shown down with Nuclear Man. I enjoyed this story arch, we also get some good moments between Carol and Rogue.

So Some Spoilers
Spoiler: show
We pick up right where the last issue left off with Carol/Rogue (note: last issue Carol let Rogue absorb most her and Rogue agreed to let Carol’s psyche have control. I know not the best explanation on my part sorry) fights Nuclear man. A missile hits Carol/Rogue knocking her out of the air. Captain Marvel regains consciousness she can feel her powers and strength returning as Rogues absorption wears off. Also Rogue no longer has Carol in her head she was freed from the mind control when Carol took over. Carol asks Rogue to deal with Nuclear man for a minute while lets the other know what’s going on. Carol meets up Jess, Jen, and the other Echo figures out that SOM is the bomb that Nuclear man sent them but SOM himself doesn't know that his father did to him. With Rogues help they manage to Disarm SOM.
The dome comes down Jen Hulks out, Hazmats power comes back. Hazmat blasts Nuclear man but her powers end up making him stronger. The fight continues with Rogue, Carol(who is in binary mode now) and She-Hulk team up on Nuclear man. Realizing that he’s beat Nuclear Man tells Carol that this isn’t the last she’ll see of him then he teleports both himself and SOM away. Rogue apologize to Carol about what happen, However, Carol tells her it wasn’t her fault. Overall it’s a good conversation between them and a good resolution. The reporter Ripley Ryan thanks Carol for saving her.
Jess is reunited with her son and Roger, Carol and Rhodey meet up again and kiss, but then are interrupted by She-Hulk. Cut to two days later Carol wakes up in her apartment feeds chewie, she then picks up the newspaper left at her doorstep The Head Written by Ripley reads:” I spent a month with Captain Marvel We're all Doomed.”
We then Cut to an unknown location were a mysterious figure is reading a newspaper figure says that he/she loves the dramatic headline (it the same headline that Carol saw.) There are also monitors with images of Captain Marvel on them. The mystery person says that its time for phase two.

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Re: Captain Marvel # 5

Post by Cable » 11 May 2019, 21:55

I'm not a fan of the new volume so far. I just wasn't into the "alt-world" type story taking place within Nuclear Man's bubble. The Carol and Rogue moments were really well done here though.
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