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X of Swords Creation #1 (SPOILERS)

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Re: X of Swords Creation #1 (SPOILERS)

Post by Magnus » 29 Sep 2020, 21:46

Coming in late here but I agree this was a good opener. I was very happy to say it finally explained the deal with Otherworld in a way that finally clicked how everything was connected (that previous stuff like Excalibur and X-Men #12 had left me pretty befuddled on, or kept everything too abstract to get a sense of it all). I still find it hard to get a read on Saturnye as anything but just an Emma Frost expy (the white clothing really doesn't help) but I'm sure more will be revealed. The stuff with the Summers at the end left me a bit confused though.

My first inclination was that this was a pretty weird story... definitely doesn't feel like an X-Men story. To go from 'let's see what's going on here' to suddenly being met by an invading force, then culminating in a big gladiatorial duel setup, it's quick but it works. And with 22 parts it's only the tip of the iceberg and I don't think there's anything beyond wild mass guessing on how the plot will progress.

Elixir, nice catch with Dyador. What seems like a throw-away race could actually be quite important given that little hint in X-Men #12...

For the most part, this isn't really a character-driven story, at least not yet. Aside from Apocalypse, the X-Men sent to investigate could've been anyone without any change in the plot. Despite that, I think the writers did a good job of still managing to fit in character moments. Sinister's funny, Havok and Lorna have a good relationship, Archangel and Apocalypse get to chat given their shared history, Monet gets a chance to shine, etc. The characters chosen might not have fueled the story but they felt like those characters, and not just wallpaper.

It might feel a bit 'too soon' into the new Krakoa setup to be doing something like this, but this opener has me pretty excited for this space opera-style event.

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Re: X of Swords Creation #1 (SPOILERS)

Post by das_boot » 01 Oct 2020, 10:41

Late to the party.

BC, there were tonnes of Tarot references. Most importantly, if you read the FCBD X-Men, then this title, you’ll notice that the captions when Saturnyne is doing her reading is different— same cards, different readings and interpretations.

I loved this. I’ve told y’all from day one, the ENTIRE theme of this crossover is betrayal, and I think we’ll see that in every issue. The ten of swords isn’t just about betrayal, it’s about a betrayal that is gut-wrenching, life-changing and soul-destroying.

I think I’ll start doing the “betrayal tally” for each issue, and this one is double-edged— Not only is Apocalypse betrayed by his horsemen that were his literal family, but the horsemen felt betrayed by him too... this isn’t just a betrayal, but a repayment OF a betrayal.
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