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Powers of X #2 (SPOILERS)

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Re: Powers of X #2 (SPOILERS)

Post by Cable » 18 Aug 2019, 07:28

I feel differently than many of you in that this issue only has me more excited for the Powers of X portion of the story (though HoX is indeed still more exciting). Though that may be because of seeing it in the new light of the Moira timelines. It makes it much more interesting now that we have an understanding of how these other possibilities can be, and how their impact can actually be on 616 (if Moira is taking lessons learned). I wonder if Hickman is going to be able to keep up the pace of revelations for this whole series because every entry has had something pretty awesome. And then how is he possibly going to follow the majesty of it up with his regular ongoing?
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Re: Powers of X #2 (SPOILERS)

Post by nathanadler » 19 Aug 2019, 05:40

@Majestic and _Rick_: I am in agreeance with you both that the Man-Machine-Mutant War takes place in Moira's 9th timeline. While Magneto's appearance in the ranks of the Future X-Men may challenge that it's all in Moira's 9th life, his green colouring in the scene may indicate he’s an actual Polaris hybrid created by Sinister's Chimera experiment and not the original.

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Re: Powers of X #2 (SPOILERS)

Post by AntiBody » 19 Aug 2019, 20:34

I just looooove all of these theories!! You all have some great thoughts here!

If what we're seeing here really is Moira's 9th life, I am just so very intrigued to find out what happens when this whole story is done. No way is Hickman rebooting the universe again, but at the same time, how do you follow Avengers/New Avengers/Secret Wars?? His stories and themes are so dense philosophically - I'm not quite at the stage yet where I want to go back and pour over the issues of this story, examining every little panel and word, but I feel it bubbling up. I'm glad we have others like Lavettye doing that good work for us (welcome back, Peter!).
Blackcyclops wrote:
15 Aug 2019, 13:58
tokenBG1009 wrote:
15 Aug 2019, 12:34
So, saw it mentioned on reddit, but it seems Hickman has inverted the relationship of the Phalanx and the Technarchy. Originally, the Technarchy created the Phalanx. Here it seems to be swapped around.

I doubt it means anything, but it's just interesting.

Oh yeah he literally does...which is why initially I didnt like it but when I got to the end of the info pages, it makes it wayyy more interesting and gives a different context to Annihilation Conquest
ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT AFTER READING THAT PART WAS ANNIHILATION CONQUEST OMG. Another major reason I love Hickman: he really mines Marvel's past. The way he connects dots is just incredible to me.
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