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Mr & Mrs X #12

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Mr & Mrs X #12

Post by das_boot » 27 Jun 2019, 12:26

So, I’m really sad this title’s ended. This has been an amazing character study into Rogue and Gambit (admittedly, mostly Rogue, but still), and whilst this won’t have silenced all the critics of this relationship, I genuinely feel that this series has helped to put them back into a more organic place and actually ties up a lot of old continuity beats and has the couple in a position to move forward with new storylines.


So, Gambit’s forced to choose who he’s going to sacrifice to Candra— will it be Rogue or will it be Belladonna? Candra intends to use their lifeforce to return to an adult body and to empower the Thieves and Assassins guilds.

Gambit OBVIOUSLY pulls a switcheroo and manages to escape, freeing Rogue and Bella who turn on the rest of the guilds and Candra, and are joined by Gambit’s father who, it turns out, warned Gambit about the trap.

Gambit’s inner dialogue throughout is about how he reconciled long ago that he was both a thief and an X-Man and that actually, he’s not keen on being forced into choices (which, really nice throwback to a total dark horse issue when Sabretooth made Gambit choose between his girlfriend and his uncle— an issue from the 90’s I believe). By the climax, he announces that he’s still the King of the Thieves and if anyone wants to challenge him again, they’re more than welcome, but he WILL win again. Whilst he’s away, his father will be the place holder leader of the Thieves guild and they’re to treat his word as Gambit’s word and therefore law.

Gambit and Rogue return to their apartment and they discuss the future, hinting that while they’re not ready for children yet, they might be on the cards for the future, which... AWWWW.

As I said earlier, this entire run has been all about setting Remy and Rogue up as a solid couple with a strong relationship and a total lack of internal drama between them. Rogue’s gone through another power change and she’s sorted out how to control it, and... I mean, literally every internal monologue from Gambit in this series has been almost solely about how his feelings for Rogue are more solid than ever. As far as I’m concerned, it’ll be a disservice to fans if we don’t get Kelly Thompson on an X-Book after AoXM or H/POX. She has a real talent for telling a story without sacrificing character beats for action. Every issue has somehow felt double sized and yet also felt like it’s ended with enough of a cliffhanger to keep me coming back for more every month. Not to mention leaving future plot lines like Spiral, Lilandra and Xavier’s child, the future of the guilds of New Orleans...

I’m just going to say it now: for those of you hyped about seeing Hickman on the books? I’d be just as hyped to see Thompson given a big X-Title to write, and I really really hope she gets one.

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Re: Mr & Mrs X #12

Post by Magnus » 27 Jun 2019, 22:28

I'm definitely appreciative of the work done here on Rogue and Gambit (their relationship, Rogue's powers, Gambit's role as king of thieves) and would be happy to see Thompson get another title in the future. That said, I did remained a bit underwhelmed by this title in terms of plot. The first arc (space) was good and definitely felt like it was going somewhere before it slammed to a halt. Then both the Mojoverse arc and Thieves Guild arc felt way undercooked... the two of them get captured, they break out, beat the bad guy, the end (also, Bella Donna's betrayal is entirely glossed over). I think the art somewhat contributed to this as it felt quite empty in a lot of spots, something that made sense for battles on an asteroid in space but doesn't for the other two. There was also some awkwardness with how the fight scenes were constructed - I wouldn't have understood what happened in this one with the 'delayed explosion' except for Gambit spelling it out (and I do definitely appreciate Thompson coming up with specific applications of powers). So, overall, not as strong as the Rogue & Gambit mini, but still decent. I wonder if any of the plot points will get picked up.

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Re: Mr & Mrs X #12

Post by Anna Raven » 27 Jun 2019, 23:08

Yes, totally agree, this has been a really fun run and I'm very sad to see it go.
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Re: Mr & Mrs X #12

Post by Milkshake08 » 05 Jul 2019, 23:23

I wanted this to last, but I hope Thompson continues in the X-line in some capacity. This last issue really did a service to Gambit. The Mojo arc wasn't my favorite of all time, but it was fun, and the other two arcs were really good, in my opinion. Especially looking at what else the X-line has to offer me.

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