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Uncanny X-Men #19

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Re: Uncanny X-Men #19

Post by Fenix » 18 Jun 2019, 09:48

InsipidLust wrote:
10 Jun 2019, 17:35
As I have been thinking about this issue, I think the thing that bothers me the most (besides it feeling too fast in some ways) is just how much Rosenberg's story seems almost self-serving. I don't know how to explain my discomfort and pretty much any writer could be accused of this, but, like...

Rosenberg's work seems to reference itself and little else, and his take on the X-Men is decidedly brutal... I was thinking that maybe all of the deaths we've seen would be fake-outs (I was willing to bet that Emma was somehow manipulating the X-Men.. and I was right, but not to the extent that I thought). Now, based on what I know of Rosenberg's habits as a writer, I think all of these characters are in fact dead-dead, and that's kind of a tough pill to swallow although I'm inclined to agree that I'd rather see characters die (meaningful) deaths than be used as decorative wallpaper.

I can appreciate his playing the long game here but this issue's bleakness, perhaps for the first time since like IVX, left me with a weird feeling that I still can't wrap my head around. I felt the same way about Rosenberg's X-Men annual.

Also, Emma being this manipulative, brutal and willing to risk lives / make sacrifices in the name of the greater good is what i've always imagined for the character if she was in this position rather than an X-Man, and this is probably how she would be in real life rather than super-hero world, but the things she did in this issue—while justifiable—are despicable in a way that I feel like the X-Men's long-standing antipathy toward her is finally and fully justified.
excellent analysis, and I just want to say I absolutely agree with this and your previous post (saying that most of the characters I mentioned probably hate or dont trust Emma)
I think Emma has gone from a very heroic stage in her life to a very Magneto-like position, more like an antihero than a by-the-book superhero.
I still dont see Emma as a "there is not way back from this" character and it all falls on Hickman and what he decides to do next with her but it pretty much look like Emma, while not embracing her former villain side is now more in line with a possible new iteration of the Brotherhood than she has ever been...

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Re: Uncanny X-Men #19

Post by Milleniumcyke » 24 Jun 2019, 10:38

das_boot wrote:
05 Jun 2019, 23:46
Insipid’s hit the nail on the head for me here. I shouldn’t feel as though every issue I open is going to introduce s returning character just to kill them off.
I have not been a fan of the X-Books for a while. I cut down to just reading the Core Titles out of respect for the X-Line. That being said, I'm currently only reading Uncanny. I did not like X-Man's reintroduction and how they played that character, but once that was over I enjoyed how they handled Cyclops' return (duh!) with Wolverine and Blindfold. It was slow-paced and character-driven and I was intrigued.

Now, as quoted above, I find it annoying that they keep bringing in characters (some who should have been dead) just to kill them again without much of a story. I'm a continuity fan and I appreciate it when writers try to make it work. I hope Hickman brings the X-Men their groove back.
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Re: Uncanny X-Men #19

Post by das_boot » 24 Jun 2019, 11:17


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