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Amazing Nightcrawler #3

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Amazing Nightcrawler #3

Post by Magnus » 21 Apr 2019, 00:19

Spoiler: show
Mystique tries to leave without giving any answers, but Nightcrawler tries to stop her and a fight breaks out. She escapes but drops a folder containing a photo and info of a Nightcrawler-looking child named Tenia Jean. Nightcrawler immediately gets the feeling she's his daughter. Distracted at work, Nightcrawler discusses Tenia with Meggan and they enlist the aid of the Cuckoos, who find that Tenia is in Portland but scheduled to be moved next week. They arrange for Nightcrawler to do a "P.R." appearance in a mall in Portland, where they are confronted by Regan and Mastermind studios and a fight breaks out.
This one is fine enough on the surface, but just really lacks any impact for me. I definitely found myself with eyes glazing over at points (like Meggan's long speech on the rooftop). The plot also feels a bit disjointed to me (Mystique showing up and leaving suddenly feels like a plot device more than anything, as well as an unneeded fight scene) and the two studios brawling in the middle of the mall is beyond silly.

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Re: Amazing Nightcrawler #3

Post by Milkshake08 » 24 Apr 2019, 06:03

Yeah this book is....not for me. I do like Kurt's stylish new haircut, though. Is this gonna be weird when they come back and Meggan still has feelings for Kurt but also remembers she has a baby? Like did they actually f*** or is it just in their minds? Does it count as an affair?

That said, I like that this book is using some of the "forgotten" characters. But I'm very confused over who is actually there and who isn't. Like is this the real Mystique? Real Moonstar? Real Lady Mastermind? Why would Nate have taken them too as they would not have been present at the battle?

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