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Nextgen #3

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Nextgen #3

Post by Magnus » 21 Apr 2019, 00:07

Look like everyone has really been giving up on AoXM... can't blame 'em.

Spoiler: show
Pixie expresses her concern with Armor's recent behavior while Rockslide and Anole discuss the missing fate of the Life Seed. Armor and Glob corner Anole and inquire about the fire the other night, but Dean Angel breaks them up before they can get an answer. Rockslide meets with Mr. Jeffries and expresses his concern over the Life Seed mystery, only for a book about the Life Seed to conveniently be delivered in the middle of their conversation. Sunfire gives a lecture on the dangers of Unveil, leading Pixie to worry that's what's causing Armor's behavior. Rockslide discusses the weirdness of the book incident with Glob, who tells him about his prior memories. Rockslide expresses disbelief but Glob says he can prove it. Pixie confronts Armor about her Unveil suspicions, and Armor brushes her off and confronts Anole again in turn. Pixie follows and first assumes the two are in a relationship, then sees the empty Unveil vial on Anole's desk. She tries to arrest him but Armor knocks her out. Angel discovers graffiti Anole has posted saying YOU ARE BEING LIED TO.
Average issue on the whole, gets the plot moving but can't say I'm finding it all that interesting. I do like the Rockslide plot (especially with the book just magically showing up, I really love the mental image of Nate constantly patching everything) but the Anole stuff feels like it's kinda spinning its wheels a bit.

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