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Major X #2

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Major X #2

Post by Cable » 19 Apr 2019, 14:11

So who is sticking with it?
Spoiler: show
The X-ential is making a speech to mark the celebratory anniversary of when they made their exodus into the X-istence. He recalls when mutantkind was on the verge of extinction, all being threatened by the being known as the Catalyst. X-ential held open an escape portal as long as he could, until finally the Atlanteans made it through and then with them he went and closed it off forever. In their new realm they worked together to create a paradise. The Atlantean representatives Nomar and Lora show up and request a council meeting. At the meeting Nomar complains that the Atlanteans are being ignored in favor of the surface-dwellers and that the ocean has become diseased. X-ential says he is struggling to hold this plane together. Nomar becomes angry but before he and Major X get into a fight X-ential says his work can continue in the form of another. We now fast-forward to when Major X and M'koy arrived on Earth Prime. The X-ential had disappeared and the X-istence fallen apart, with the duo barely escaping through a portal. But they are too far in the past and need to go forward. Cable confirms to Wolverine that Major X is his son, and then he and Alexander leave for the undersea Graymalkin. It appears someone has beat them to it though as it is heavily damaged. They are soon attacked by some Atlantean super-powered beings and Major X suspects Nomar is behind this. The Atlanteans soon reveal they have rigged the whole place to blow. Cable tries to utilize Professor to slide them through time just as Graymalkin explodes.
The first issue did seem a little over-the-top as far as trying to time machine back to early 1990s, but now that we are two issues in honestly this isn't all that bad. The X-ential and X-istence (did you know this is an X-Men book?) are actually a somewhat intriguing mystery. I assume since X-ential is masked head-to-toe it might be someone we recognize and/or related to someone we recognize. There is also Catalyst though his design looks too similar to Stryfe. As for Alexander Nathaniel Summers though he still feels like a total gimmick and will continue to unless his backstory is actually fleshed out in some way (Also Professor actually refers to him as Alexander Nathaniel Cable. Like Cable is Cable's last name now lol).

Basically Major X isn't very interesting to me but the world created around him is and I want to see more of how this came to be and how it will resolve.

Also for those not a fan of Liefeld's art, he only did the first issue and now hands over duties to Marvel newcomer Brent Peeples. The pencils are well done, though considering when this takes place the 90s throwback style is kind of missed :P
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