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Domino Hotshots #2

Posted: 04 Apr 2019, 18:36
by Cable
Domino and Deadpool reunited!
Spoiler: show
As Deadpool confronts the team, Outlaw is struggling with some level of cosmic awareness and visions of Celestials. Much to Domino's annoyance, the others act aggressive towards Wade and a fight breaks out. She fears Deadpool is really going to kill one of them and she tries to talk him down. Neena gets Wade to open up about this object, the 'creation constellation': It can manipulate reality and Wade thought if he got it he may be able to finally heal his condition and live a life with Vanesssa. Neena tells him he is loved even how he is now and hugs him. Wade then confesses that it was Tony Stark who hired him to come after the constellation. Domino isn't going to let him have it, and she makes everyone promise that if they are to remain on this team they are going to have the goal of destroying the artifact. Widow, Atlas Bear, and White Fox reluctantly agree. They then start to theorize on how they could possibly get rid of it. They are interrupted by Stark trying to remotely hack into the systems on their ship, and also deploying armored suits to stop them. The team manages to destroy the armors but their aircraft takes damage and then Stark successfully locks them out of the controls and the plane is going to crash.
As much as I groaned last issue about Deadpool showing up, Simone does write a damn good Wade Wilson. (And Baldeon draws a damn good one. Look at the detail work on those swords!) Really all the dialogue and narration here is top-notch. (Interesting though that Wade dreams about being with Vanessa, who I don't think he has mentioned in quite some time. Though obviously he mind-wiped basically all of Duggan's run away). I guess what elevates this to a mini over the solo though is how many guest stars Simone is going to cram into this. We now get Tony Stark (who I don't believe is really going to let everyone die). The letters page weirdly features only one letter and its about Elektra, implying she might show up too! There are a lot of agendas involved here. Simone is doing a decent job of juggling all the characters and giving them a moment. I did like when they try to think about how to destroy a super-powered artifact (or think like a Hobbit as Neena says :P ). Drop it in the ocean? Namor would just rule the world :lol: Throw it in the sun? How the f#$* do you even go about doing that? :shock: lol (especially when they don't want anyone else involved). Overall I am finding this to be quite fun.

Last issue I noted the editors failed to notice the double spelling of Mazarov and Marazov. This issue we get a third spelling with Marzarov! And then Mazarov again, which must be right simply as the only thing showing up in both issues? I guess we will have to wait to see the official spelling on the Mazarov action figure box.