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Exiles #12

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Exiles #12

Post by Cable » 01 Feb 2019, 17:15

The final issue of this volume. So what did everyone think of this series?
Spoiler: show
The Unseen is still captive of the rogue Watchers but soon the Exiles show up to confront them. The Exiles demand to know where Khan and the others are and the Watchers say they have returned to oblivion. Now the Exiles must face punishment for all the realities they have crossed and messed up. The Exiles try to fight but they get cast into dimensional prisons. King finds himself in a Wakanda defeated by Klaw and Shuri is dead. Peggy finds herself in a world where Zemo captured her and created super soldiers to conquer the planet. Becky finds herself married to an abusive husband. Valkyrie is in an Asgard that has been destroyed by Surtur and Odin is dead in her arms. Wolvie finds himself on the X-Men Animated Series and everyone is too loud. Blink is back in the AoA, but then realizes she still has the Tallus and can still get to her friends. Nate finds himself as Kang the Conqueror, but Blink teleports to him. Nate theorizes that they have been placed in a loop and that if she frees everyone to face the Watchers then they will just repeat the events and live through their nightmare reality again. But if he puts the Tallus in his gauntlet and overloads it then the temporal particles will be scattered and all the Exiles can be freed. However someone must stay behind to close the loop from the inside. Nate says it is his tech and they are in his reality so it should be him; he will have to remain Kang. Blink protests but Nate insists and says being on the team made him a better person. He executes his plan and it works, the other Exiles are all free, and furthermore they find the real Watchers have shown up to take the rogue Watchers into custody. Their own principles of non-interference mean there will be no help for Nate though. The Unseen resumes his penance and the Exiles return to Earth to hold a tribute to their fallen comrade. That night Blink is visited in her dreams by Khan. She is now who she could have been if her family had lived, although she remembers still who she was. Her daughter has powers that mingle dreams and reality and this is how Khan as reached out to Clarice. Khan says Nate saved her somehow, she saw him for just a second, and he gave her the Tallus. She then passes it on to Blink. The next morning all the Exiles rededicate themselves to their mission of helping people across the multiverse.
I am not entirely sure any of this made sense, from Nate's theory and solution to Khan now being in a new timeline but remembering the old one, but I would have to understand how "temporal particles" and the multiverse in general works to be confident in that so I guess I will just accept it at face-value.

Looking back I would say there were some fun moments in this run (and in this issue with Wolvie's hilarious terrible fate!) You can tell Ahmed enjoyed stretching his creative muscles. Overall it wasn't really the Exiles squad I was looking for. He left it open for them to reappear again but if they do I would like to see some change in the line-up. Interestingly Rodriguez includes a sketch at the end that shows Valkyrie was originally conceived as Storm and Thor's child, a choice that I think actually would have been better than the version they went with.

Rodriguez by the way does some great layouts in this issue and he is an underrated talent at that (he also did fantastic things in the Sorcerers Supreme series).
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Re: Exiles #12

Post by Magik84 » 05 Aug 2019, 20:51

Late to this as I've just read it on unlimited. I would say this book never clicked with me, there was lot of character concepts I liked but just somehow didn't mesh together well, I found the pacing a bit too frantic. Maybe a re-read down the line would be better.

I will say this last issue has gorgeous artwork/ layouts each of the team trapped in the personal prison world was so well done.
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