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Domino #9

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Domino #9

Post by Cable » 21 Dec 2018, 16:49

This issue confirms what we have all known: Longshot will be the end of everything

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Domino refuses the mission to kill Longshot. Shoon'kwa says she will pay tons of money but Domino wants a reason why they would even be doing this. Shoon'kwa instead demands that they combat and if she wins the mercs have to take the mission. She puts on a bear cloak and explains it is an Atlas Bear, the last African bear that went extinct in the Roman gladiator pits. She and Domino fight and Neena eventually emerges the winner after throwing the teen girl into the ocean. Shoon'kwa is then obliged to explain herself. She was the child of a Dora Milaje, but she got deathly sick. She was approached by a demon Atlas Bear and she strikes a bargain with it that she would live on with its spirit in her: this gives her the ability to foresee when extinction is going to occur for her people, just as it happened for the bears. Her wild predictions ended up getting her exiled from her homeland though. But now she has seen that Longshot must be taken out to prevent this extinction event. Domino says they can contain him without needing to kill him. She knows Longshot and he is not bad. Shoon'kwa questions this by pointing out Longshot was made to be a machine of war that killed for entertainment. Shoon'kwa has been unable to find him with sensors and needs Domino as she suspects their luck powers might link them. Domino is indeed able to tell where he is. Shoon'kwa then allows Domino to see a vision of the future where Longshot is at the command of Mojo and his incredible luck allows him to overcome and kill all the heroes. The world falls under Mojo's domination and becomes a world of daily carnage in the name of television ratings. They arrive at their destination and Domino approaches Longshot and says they know each other: he calls her a liar and seems to see her as Spiral. They end up fighting each other. Mojo demands that Longshot kill Neena, though Longshot seems to be resisting the commands. It is then that Domino tells Longshot that Mojo isn't really here; he is hallucinating. Longshot says he is sick and dying, and then he stumbles off the roof of the tower.
I like this issue. Simone appears to be doing something interesting with Longshot and I like the thought behind having some of these probability-affecting characters encountering each other. Shoon'kwa has also been fleshed out into a much more intriguing character, I like the tie-in to the bears, and there also appears to be more to her than we are currently getting. A good mix of characters and questions and I am again looking forward to wear this arc is going.
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