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Dead Man Logan #2

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Dead Man Logan #2

Post by Cable » 20 Dec 2018, 17:18

Continuing the final story of Old Man Logan
Spoiler: show
The story opens with Neo-Hydra goons gunning down Spider-Man and killing him. Except it isn't really Spider-Man but rather some random prisoner and this was a demonstration of Mysterio's illusion powers. Ms Sinister explains to Sin how she saw in Logan's mind what happened in his world, and that they can do it here while avoiding mistakes Red Skull made. Meanwhile Hawkeye and OML are searching for Mysterio themselves. Clint asks if there isn't just some way to prevent what happens and Logan says there is a failsafe that will take him out if need be but he is worried someone else might be used this time instead. He then gets a phone call from Glob. Back at Neo-Hydra base, Ms Sinister is getting annoyed with Sin who isn't taking the plan seriously enough. Sin says she realizes the severity of this, doing what her father was only able to do by cheating with some fake rewrite of history, but there is no reason they cannot have some fun doing it. Crossbones though drags Mysterio into the bathroom and threatens to end him if he gets the slightest sense Mysterio is using his powers against them. Mysterio tells him off but afterwards is anxiously left asking himself what the hell he has gotten into. Over at Forge's laboratory, Forge explains to Logan that he has fixed the time machine that Maestro had. They step through into OML's timeline, but Logan says "not yet" and returns to 616. Cut to the villains and Ms Sinister is again scolding Sin for being childish, as Sin wants to immediately go out and use Mysterio's powers. We then see several scenes of Logan and Clint beating up low-level villains, looking for anyone who has info on Mysterio's location. They eventually are approached by Slyde, who says he is owed money by Mysterio and if they get it for him he will rat Beck out. They learn Mysterio is going to attack Time Square and indeed they find him there with several other villains. Clint tries to tell OML it's a trap but Logan attacks; he sees Mysterio but he is really fighting Captain America and the Avengers.
I can't believe I am saying this but I am glad this is twelve parts long.

So far I still much prefer the ending of his solo series. But remember when the way home was tragically destroyed? Oh it was just broken. And now he can go home. But he won't. He wants to prevent Mysterio from tricking him. Spoilers: this issue ends with Mysterio tricking him.

This just seems so unoriginal and uninspiring right now. But that is why I said it is actually good there are so many more parts because there must be so much more to it than this in the end. There are some interesting elements at play (for example Beck's reluctance) and hopefully Brisson can ultimately bring this story to a conclusion in an interesting way. You would think it would have to be a decent pitch to justify such a substantial final mini. I still don't really understand why Ms Sinister was brought back already to be the main villain so soon after the Mothervine story. There has been no mention of that. But maybe she is just a personal favorite of Brisson. The idea of trying a successful villain plot from an alternate reality but with knowledge of how it ended is actually a good one though. And I wonder if OML specifically bringing up the failsafe will mean in the end that the X-Men kill him instead of vice versa. That would be messed up.
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