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X-23 #7

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X-23 #7

Post by das_boot » 12 Dec 2018, 23:02

Okay, SO
Spoiler: show
This continues the theme of cloning in this series, and it’s more of an intrigue/mystery arc, I feel. Laura and Gabby the angel child are alerted to a third dead scientist, and they head out to prevent a fourth. Laura fights the assassin but is thrown back by a magnetic pulse. She suspects that the assassin is a robot, and Gabby, my sweet, sweet princess, jumps from a roof and knocks out the robot with a stomp to the head. NICE.

They take her mask off to discover she’s a clone with cybernetic enhancements and Beast is studying her in a lab. Gabby, the delicate flower of delight that she is, feels bad for her and wants to help her. As they’re debating what she is and that she’s a killer/but so are they, the lights go out and a team of armed people get into the facility. Gabby, the queen of all things good and light in the world, tells Laura that they need to protect her.
After a random filler issue, I really enjoyed this issue. The art remains stunning and in case it’s unclear, Gabby is the best at everything ever and I love her.

The writing feels like a step backwards in terms of Laura’s inner monologue compared to the (dare I say) softer side of her that we became used to in her previous title, but it also works well here— someone is gunning for genetic researchers and as living works of genetic engineering, it makes sense that Laura’s not only invested, but perhaps compartmentalising in order to stop what’s happening efficiently.
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