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Old Man Logan #49

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Old Man Logan #49

Post by Cable » 18 Oct 2018, 14:15

Preparing for the rubber match between OML and Maestro

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
We open with a dream Logan is having of his family, blaming himself for being a coward and allowing their deaths. He awakens in a pile of frozen dead bodies. He stumbles back to town but collapses. Joshua and a friend find him and though Josh helps Logan his friend bails out on him. Meanwhile the two men, Caleb and Aaron, who brought in Logan are put on trial and found guilty of either malice or incompetence and sentenced to death. Joshua gets Logan's pack to him; OML finds the Regenix still inside and knows he will need it to win. He is then surprised when the boy says Logan has been unconscious for a week. OML then asks Joshua if he has seen a big machine that Maestro has, but the boy has not. Outside they notice the commotion as a gallows is arranged for Caleb and Aaron. Caleb's wife pleads for mercy for the sake of Caleb's children, but Maestro threatens to have her killed too if she doesn't shut up. Maestro used to kill the people himself but now makes the townsfolk execute each other and they are too afraid to fight back. Logan leaves his bag with Joshua and decides he is going out to stop this. Josh's friend from earlier then comes in with a gun and shoots the kid for helping Logan and endangering everyone. Caleb and Aaron are executed as Logan is also gunned down before the Maestro. The unused Regenix is still in his jacket...
Brisson does a good job of creating that post-apocalyptic Western vibe even with OML inhabiting our modern world. But I wasn't a big fan of his Maestro storyline the first time around (though maybe it just paled in comparison to Lemire's excellent work before) so I am not exactly thrilled he has decided to revisit it for the finale of the series. But it probably is time to wrap this up because honestly about all that can be done has been done I think with OML and his survivor's guilt. You can feel the emotionality still of the scenes where he is haunted by this, but at the same time have a sense of treading water as all of it has been addressed before. It is time to give the character a proper ending and I hope it is a worthy one.

Also was there an error here when Caleb's wife cries out for Aaron? Or is that intentional and implying something? It was weird.
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