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Deadpool: Assassin #5

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Deadpool: Assassin #5

Post by Cable » 16 Aug 2018, 14:05

Who is the better killer, Deadpool or the entire Assassins Guild?

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Deadpool has the mercenaries from the Hellhouse battle their way into the Assassins Guild, which is working until they run into Belladonna herself. Deadpool then steps in only to find she has a whole gang of bodyguards, such as Boomerang, Crossbones, Death Adder, Lord Deathstrike, Scorpia, etc. He kills Death Adder with a shuriken and then the battle is engaged; while he is fighting Belladonna tells him his distraction won't work because she has sent other assassins to kill Weasel. Deadpool already predicted this though and had explosives in the hotel room Weasel and Threnody were supposed to be staying in just in case. We see that his plan does not work though since there are more assassins waiting as Weasel tries to battle his way through the parking lot to escape. He ends up getting stabbed with a sword, though Threnody then uses her ever-increasing powers to rip the life out of all the soldiers. Weasel's wife holds him as he is dying and tearfully reveals he was going to be a father. Back at the Guild Deadpool has defeated all the assassins and Belladonna tries to convince him to join her. He says that people may think he is a joke but he has been killing for a long time and no one is better; he does not need her, and he slays her. Wade makes it back to the hotel where Weasel tells him that Threnody took his wife Clarice, then succumbs to his injuries. Threnody has Weasel's wife down in the sewers and Clarice asks what Melody wants with her. Threnody says it is not her that she wants; hanging around the Guild and Deadpool has given Threnody just about all the death energy she needs, but her baby is still hungry: we see a bassinet in the shadows.
Oh Bunn. Don't do it. Don't do it, man. In that bassinet is presumably Nate Grey's child right? That is who the father would be? Except I am thinking it may have been stillborn or something and Threnody is using her powers to animate her dead baby. Which would make this a true f#$%ing horror comic. We will have to see how dark Bunn is going to go next issue.

The rest of this comic was good stuff. We get random villain cameos aplenty and now the Assassins Guild is gone for good (or probably not, you know how these things go). Someone tell Gambit his former flame is dead. Would he be sad I wonder? I don't know but Wade's final speech to her was great. Deadpool is no joke. (well sometimes :lol: )
Also another nice nod to the Joe Kelly era with the inclusion of the Hellhouse here. And was this really the end of the line for Weasel? (maybe if Threnody is trying to bring her child back to life Deadpool could redirect this to Weasel somehow? Idk...)

This has been a surprisingly good mini so far. I say surprisingly because honestly Deadpool minis are a dime a dozen and there is only so much you can do. But Bunn had a solid premise with the Assassins Guild and Threnody.
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Re: Deadpool: Assassin #5

Post by EphemeristX » 16 Aug 2018, 16:36

I was shocked. And I don't know why I was shocked because something like that was right up Bunn's alley. I'm glad to see this storyline reference, but dude, Nate needs to know about this.

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