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Domino #5

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Domino #5

Post by Cable » 10 Aug 2018, 14:02

Domino and Shang-Chi team-up fight!

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Shang-Chi and Domino are surrounded by villains, led by Shang-Chi's adopted brother M'Nai the Midnight Sun. Shang-Chi tells Neena she must find her lost powers if they are to win this fight. She begins fighting the villains though there is an overwhelming number of them. Meanwhile over at Halcyon Labs, Diamondback blows up Topaz with a grenade. A distraught Desmond tells them they do not understand his suffering: when his connection to Domino was discovered in the labs he was tortured to try to make her powers better and because Dr. Rossini hated mutants like him. Until one day Domino's mother came and broke her out, and then it was decided to discard Desmond. But the Doctor's daughter Topaz loved him and ran away with him. Outlaw tells him they don't have to be alone anymore, there are other mutants who will help them. Topaz gets up and snarls that her "community" of mutants wasn't there for them when Desmond was being tortured, and then she smashes Outlaw. Desmond runs Diamondback through with a blade. Topaz and Desmond tell Outlaw she can save Diamondback's life right now or run to Domino to stop them from killing her, but not both. Diamondback tells her to fight and Outlaw gets one good hit on Desmond before they teleport away. She then picks up her gun and executes Dr. Rossini. Back to Hong Kong where Domino is finding there are too many opponents for her to win. Shang-Chi tells her that her powers are dependent on her emotional state and her fear is just causing chaos. He tells her to go make him a drink at the bar. She calmly does so and seems to thwart several villains out of sheer luck while doing so, intimidating them into backing off. On the last page we see Topaz and Desmond have teleported to Hong Kong, but Desmond's face is a mangled disgusting mess.
So this sets us up for the ultimate showdown. The villains' backstory has been filled in. Domino has powered up again. They have all made their way to Hong Kong. It's the Final Countdown! Though it might be a one-sided fight now that Desmond is falling apart as Neena gets her groove back...I wonder if he will perish. If not we have quite the conundrum given their connection. How can she keep doing superheroics while knowing what it does to him?

There is a guest artist Michael Shelfer this issue but they may have picked him for his similarity to Baldeon because their styles are very close.
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Re: Domino #5

Post by das_boot » 12 Aug 2018, 11:06

This is confusing me slightly now— for whatever reason I assumed Topaz was the magic user, Topaz and not a new character (magic users interfering with probability seemed to fit and i’m pretty sure Topaz’s ethnicity has changed a couple of times in the comics anyway...).

Either way, I’m intrigued. There’s nothing but victims in this situation, between Desmond and Domino, and if this is truly a scenario where only one can thrive whilst the other dies, that’s really sad. Knowing Simone though, this seems an awful lot like it could be a similar situation to the Black Canary/Savant story that she did in Birds of Prey, and I’d be okay with Domino getting some brand new supporting cast, frankly.
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