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X-Men Blue #32

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X-Men Blue #32

Post by das_boot » 26 Jul 2018, 00:43

Spoiler: show
Magneto comes for Emma. The X-Men try to talk him down but he reveals he’s seen a future after knocking out Beast so he can’t use magic. Emma’s about to be shattered when Jean summons a Bamf to teleport Emma away.
That’s seriously kind of it to be honest. A lot of MAGNETO DONT DO THIS and his response of BUT I MUST.

For a Magneto who placed a lot of emphasis on Jean eh al trusting him at the start of this series, it felt a little off.
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Re: X-Men Blue #32

Post by Magnus » 26 Jul 2018, 01:33

Magneto was definitely off the rails here, but he's taking MGH so I'm willing to chalk it up to that.

I agree that this felt like half an issue at most of plot stretched over a full issue. Aside from Jean and Scott's combo shot there's not much interesting combat here either. I feel like Angel and Bloodstorm have gotten to do nothing recently except shoot fire and lightning at people.

I did like that Jean was the one who ended up facing down Magneto and making him retreat, though. One thing I've definitely appreciated with the O5 is Jean being the leader of the group instead of Scott. Says a lot about how Professor X's leadership influenced the team, in a way. Not that Cyclops doesn't deserve it (he certainly grows into being the leader) but I can see how this group, when young, especially with Jean using her powers more, would go in a different direction.

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Re: X-Men Blue #32

Post by ev82 » 26 Jul 2018, 03:58

Yeah this was just meh.. hopefully Bunn has one or two more tricks up his sleeve before this series ends. I have enjoyed him.
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Re: X-Men Blue #32

Post by Fenix » 26 Jul 2018, 15:39

It looks like Bunn has lost his inspiration and he is just filling the remaining issues not giving his 100%, not even his 50%.
He is good and he knows the characters and what he wanted to do, but this issue was not exactly what I expected.
Most of the teen Xmen have been shown far more useless than they should be or that their original selves when they are, by far, more resourceful and powerful than ever plus Bloodstorm who can do feats not even our Storm can with her vampire powers.
This could have been an epic fight, but it just wasnt.

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Re: X-Men Blue #32

Post by InsipidLust » 26 Jul 2018, 16:10

Honestly this issue just made me curious about what the hell Emma Frost thought she was about to do to "take care of Magneto by herself"? Sis looks like a whole moron here, even if the reviewers are saying she was a "delight" to read.

Also, yeah, going to chalk Magneto's crazy behavior up to the MGH because even if he was absolutely hopping mad this all seems needlessly extreme and childish over ONE life that will eventually be vulnerable regardless.
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Re: X-Men Blue #32

Post by Blackcyclops » 26 Jul 2018, 17:16

I thought Magneto was pissed because he was forced to kill all those new mutants that he had under his charge (plus the horrible future he saw)? I do think he’a going a bit far but not much, considering what happened and how Magneto has positioned himself.
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