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Deadpool #3

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Deadpool #3

Post by Cable » 20 Jan 2023, 00:17

This issue features Deadpool going on a date to the zoo! I'll wait while you go buy it now.

Full spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Lord Deathstrike informs his younger sister Yuriko that she can have another chance at joining the Atelier if she now kills both Deadpool and Doctor Octopus. She accepts. As for our titular hero, he is at Valentine Vuong's house. Valentine made breakfast for Wade and says he is cute. The smitten Deadpool can't believe it but then gets freaked out when attention is drawn to the symbiote growth coming from his abdomen. Valentine used their ability to synthesize a chemical that keeps the growth at bay but further study is needed before it can be safely removed. Valentine suggests they embark on a field test. Meanwhile Harrower and Doc Ock are at a restaurant together. After using their powers to dispatch some other rude customers, they share drinks while Harrower explains that the symbiote has been modified to seek her out while she also is able to innately detect where it is. And where it currently is happens to be the zoo since that is where Valentine took Deadpool. They wanted somewhere crowded to get a sense of how the symbiote reacts to different stimuli. Valentine also says they wanted a cute date with Deadpool. Deadpool is head-over-heels with this flattery while they spend a day together. Unbeknownst to him Harrower and Ock have arrived and the former mutates a giraffe. We also see a brief interlude of Lady Deathstrike in pursuit but getting attacked by giant bugs. Back to Wade and Valentine, where Vuong suggests that perhaps Wade could learn to live with the symbiote. Deadpool moves in for a kiss but the mutated giraffes attack. Deadpool starts fighting the giraffe but then Harrower and Ock arrive with a whole menagerie of mutated critters!
This issue is fantastic in a twee sort of way. Wong and Coccolo take Wade's infatuation with Valentine and just run with it, creating the cutest little Deadpool comic you will ever see. Great use of data pages too with a display of adorable zoo mascots that happen to be named Tini, Vita, and Leah (can't image where Alyssa got those names) and another page with a legit recipe on how to make a smiley face breakfast. There is marginal plot movement and while there is a little action, this one is mostly just about having fun.
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