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Deadpool Black White and Blood #4

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Deadpool Black White and Blood #4

Post by Cable » 11 Nov 2021, 19:09

I knew I had to get this when I saw the stories were by 1) Chris Yost, 2) a manga duo, and 3) Michael Allred on writing and art

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
In the first story Deadpool is being paid a large sum by AIM to kill someone who is attacking their base. It turns out that this someone is actually "some thing" created by new AIM director Karl. It is an giant intelligent dinosaur-shaped drink pitcher full of red Kool-aid drink mix and it is killing everyone as it smashes through walls. Karl cherished how Devil Drink Dino sugar packets were always there for him as a kid when he needed to quench his thirst; now with AIM at his disposal he has made Devil Drink Dino a reality. Deadpool battles the giant dino-drink until eventually it reveals the truth: Devil Drink Dino just wants to quench his own thirst for violence so that he may know peace, and then may teach the world how to get past its own violent ways and live in harmony. As he says this bombs go off that Deadpool threw inside him and Devil Drink Dino is annihilated.

In the second story Deadpool is confronted by a villain named Disposer. This villain is defeating Deadpool until Sakura-Spider comes to his aid. Deadpool is then able to slay his foe.

In the third story Deadpool has fallen asleep while watching X-statix. Someone then places a set of goggles over his eyes. Deadpool awakens in a strange dimension where a giant alien slug is trying to steal a baby. Deadpool springs into action and, after commandeering a giant spider, manages to catch up to the slug. The beast spits out a substance on him that causes him to have visions of many times that he pranked Doop. After that confusing turn of events the giant monster then eats Deadpool alive! Doop then removes the VR goggles from Wade and reveals he has now gotten his revenge.
It is so nice of Christopher Yost to step away from his busy Hollywood lifestyle and return to write us a lowly comic book story. And I wish he would do it more because it allows us to again see his talent. The first story is the best and while the premise is the dumbest thing ever and you think it wouldn't work, not only does he make it hilarious but he also ends up making it actually rather clever.

The second story is a let down. While we do get some manga art, in the end this story is an advertisement; this may be a Deadpool review but I am not making a joke when I say that. I mean Deadpool literally holds up an issue of Deadpool Samurai at the end and tells you to buy a bunch of copies. Though I have never even heard of Deadpool Samurai so this may have been necessary.

The third story is great because it is just Allred having fun. The premise is a really amusing one and the page of pranks is a delight! Also I see Michael and Laura have the kind of clout that allows them to break the rules since she uses other colors in the framing sequence ;)
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