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Weapon X and Final Flight

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Weapon X and Final Flight

Post by Cable » 20 Jun 2021, 11:53

Alpha Flight gets a Heroes Reborn tie-in!

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
A couple years ago Alpha Flight fought Squadron Supreme and Wolverine killed Hyperion. The SSA had led the invasion of Canada in which the US annexed British Columbia and Alberta. Canada's defenders had fallen with Blur killing Northstar and death soon following for Guardian, Vindicator, Puck, Snowbird, Talisman, and Marrina at the hands of the Squadron Supreme. After Wolvie kills Hyperion, Shaman teleports the group away and they spend years on the run from the Squadron's wrath. Those that help them hide are rounded up and imprisoned. Claire, the ten-year-old daughter of James and Heather Hudson who now pilots the Guardian armor, wants to free the prisoners and Walt Langkowski the Sasquatch agrees. The Squadron is likely hoping Alpha Flight shows themselves so Wolverine simply says their allies knew what they were getting into. Walter accuses Logan of continuing to fight just out of revenge for the Squadron killing Jean Grey. Walt's lover Aurora manages to talk the furious Sasquatch down and the group rests for the night. The Professor runs some tests on Wolverine and they have a discussion about why the Professor and James Hudson founded the Weapon X program and developed Alpha Flight. The next morning Wolverine decides Walter is right, though in the night Sasquatch already abandoned the team because he was tired of living a life of running. Wolverine leads the team on a mission to take the fight to the Squadron's goons. The Squadron itself is not present but Logan leaves the defeated soldiers with a message that the prisoners will be released or next time Alpha Flight won't leave anyone alive. The next day Walter returns and says he managed to find where their allies are being held but after Alpha Flight's attack all the prisoners are to be hanged for treason. They must launch an attack tonight. The team does so but inside the prisoner transport they find the Squadron Supreme waiting including a revived Hyperion; Sasquatch himself defeats Shaman before the spell can be used that allowed Wolverine to kill Hyperion before. Alpha Flight is defeated and Wolverine is incinerated in revenge. The Squadron then releases the prisoners and the rest of the team; Sasquatch had given up Logan in exchange for all of them. The other members are furious but Walter believes he did what he had to do because the Squadron would have never stopped until they were all dead. Doctor Spectrum then takes Wolverine up to a planet where there is no oxygen and leaves him there where his healing factor will be useless.
Well this issue sure is a bummer.

As Heroes Reborn has progressed the Squadron Supreme has slowly been revealed to not be the heroes everyone thinks they are. In this issue they jump the shark to make them cartoonishly evil as the SSA destroy Canada because they want its lumber. Or something like that. But if you are an Alpha Flight fan you do get to see an interesting alternative version of the team (Brisson actually manages to give them some character despite the very small amount of space he has) though you mostly just get to see them be useless. I wouldn't say this was a bad issue, but I also don't know if I would recommend it to anyone (in terms of writing or art).
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