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Dead Man Logan #6

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Dead Man Logan #6

Post by Cable » 11 Apr 2019, 16:07

OML finally goes home

Full Spoilers:
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OML meets up with Captain America and apologizes for what happened in Times Square. Steve of course forgives him. Logan walks away knowing he will not see Cap or the Avengers ever again. He then goes to Canada where Mariko Yashida is now living a normal life. He explains to Mariko about his future wife Maureen who is right now just a child. He has put aside money and wants Mariko to look out for the girl and make sure she doesn't have to live the life of hardship that his wife did. Mariko questions why he is asking her and not the X-men and Logan replies that once they were in love and she knows better than anyone the price that is paid for that. She should know why someone should be kept from that grief. Mariko agrees and tells Logan he is not as terrible as he thinks he is. As OML is leaving he senses he is being followed by someone. He goes to a bar and there the tail is revealed to be his younger self. Wolverine asks OML how the future goes for them. OML grapples with whether to answer the question and ultimately tells the younger Logan that his future will not be the same and nothing he tells him will be able to help him. OML has accepted that there will not be another world where he meets and falls in love with Maureen and where his children are born. He tells Wolverine to return to the X-Men because they need him. He tells him to never stop fighting because when he tries to settle down and deny who he really is, that is when he will lose everything. They then end up getting into a barroom brawl with some other rowdy customers. The next morning OML is in Forge's Lab preparing to return home. He notes Maestro is in suspended animation and thinks this is a bad idea but Forge wants to study him so they can develop anti-Hulk weaponry. He then opens the portal to the other dimension, and OML makes Forge promise to destroy it after he is through. OML in turn says goodbye to Jubilee, Cecelia, Hawkeye, and Glob, and then steps through into the Wastelands again.
So this is a nice interlude issue, OML saying goodbye to basically everyone featured in Brisson's run, and finally going home. I am glad that the latter half of this series is going to be tying up things in the Wastelands (though do we still need another six issues?!) and not OML lingering in 616. (Though this could all be an illusion by Mysterio. It woulnd't be the first, second, or third time ;) )

I don't know if an issue of goodbyes was necessary but there were some interesting moments. I still don't like Yashida's resurrection, but what OML did for his future wife was sweet. Also kind of creepy because time-travel, but also sweet. I like that Brisson is correctly handling the time-travel elements in this series by noting this reality is not OML's and never will be. But yet there is still a sadness to OML insuring his family never happens here.

I like reading OML's conversation here with his younger self in the context of knowing what Wolverine does during Uncanny X-Men. It is nice to think this played a factor.

There is also a sort of comparison here with Glob that works well, with characters assuring Logan that he is a good person despite the violence that surrounds him. It relates to fans who question Glob's recent hero turn in relationship to his past actions in the Omega Gang.

With Age of X-Man going on, whatever happened to Maestro?! :o
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Re: Dead Man Logan #6

Post by Blackcyclops » 11 Apr 2019, 22:30

That was strangely satisfying and emotional...
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