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Domino #7

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Domino #7

Post by Cable » 11 Oct 2018, 14:15

With the opening 'origin' arc behind us, we now begin a new one

Full Spoilers:
Spoiler: show
Police in Barcelona are investigating an incident where some people were killed and partially eaten, while a large box was seen being taken and carried off to the sea...After that bit of foreshadowing we turn to Domino and friends, who are approached by a young Wakandan girl named Shoon'Kwa. She is willing to pay the mercs a lot of money to retrieve a box for her that they are not to open. They agree to the mission and travel to Norway. They meet a creepy little girl who babbles about her missing mother before running off into the forest. Diamondback warns that her grandmother used to tell her creepy tales of these lands. They head in anyway and soon are attacked by a bridal party of vampires! The trio are having trouble killing the undead creatures until finally Domino lands upon an idea of having Diamondback blow up all the surrounding trees: the burning wooden shards pierce the evil women and finally defeat them. The dying bride suggests that vampires attacked her wedding, turned her and her bridesmaids as a joke, and then drained all other guests dry until they were dead. But the vampires have never been globally organized until now when they have someone to rally behind. They stole him and now he will lead them into making the humans into cattle. The ladies decide to open the nearby large crate, and inside they find an unconscious Morbius! They are debating what to do, whether to kill him or not, but little do they know they are being viewed from afar by a man named Tighe. He concludes that the pale Domino must be a vampire with two human thralls. He radios in to send Blade, the Harkers, and anyone else with a grudge against vampires. They need to kill them all!
This is a very Halloween-appropriate issue! I am looking forward to this arc. Funny for Gail to play off of Neena's paleness lol. I do hope Blade shows up as I am a fan and it is nice to see him pop-up in different titles since he doesn't have his own these days (fix this Marvel).

I did find the writing a little uneven though to be honest. The scenes in Norway were creepy and there was a horror vibe, but then the vampires were actually kind of playful it seemed. I mean playing with their prey so still horror, but then there was a tragic moment with the bride as a victim, only to be followed by her stated desire for people to be cattle. It just seemed tonally off to me. But I don't know the complexities of emotion involved with turning from alive to undead I guess.

Still as I said I am excited for this arc and the guest stars that are coming.
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Re: Domino #7

Post by Gremlin » 11 Oct 2018, 17:41

Yeah I did find it weird the bride vampires were almost in some kind of fugue state at the start, kinda reliving the wedding. But all of a sudden they were cognative enough to explain the ultimate plan.

Also, Domino was surprised at seeing vampires and had heard that Jubilee was one. They served on the same team together on Utopia and Domino even helped Jubilee deal with a vampiric sect during X-Men 3rd series.
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Re: Domino #7

Post by das_boot » 12 Oct 2018, 12:35

I kind of enjoyed this. I liked that it was a bit silly and didn’t take itself too seriously, which? With a character like Domino, is a real risk. Although i DID think that Morbius had been de-vamped...
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Re: Domino #7

Post by manuel_mc89 » 14 Oct 2018, 23:27

This is a very fun book, i caught up with it, i really like what Simone is doing, i have like no complaints at all.
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