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Despicable Deadpool #292

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Despicable Deadpool #292

Post by Cable » 12 Jan 2018, 23:00

The next person Deadpool has to kill happens to be another member of the X-men...

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Deadpool contacts Stryfe to receive the next name on the kill list and receives Irene Merryweather. Wade dresses up like Stryfe and goes to her workplace, though she can clearly tell it is Deadpool in the costume. He stabs her to death anyway. Stryfe gives him the third name: Evan Sabahnur. Deadpool angrily refuses, but knows he has no choice if he wants Ellie to live. He decides to occupy his mind doing something else he has been meaning to get around to: he breaks into prison to confront Hydra-Steve-Rogers. He wakes up Steve by placing a deadly snake on his chest. He demands Steve tell prosecutors Deadpool's order to kill Coulson was an official government act; Steve says he will be pleading the fifth. Deadpool doesn't know why Steve hasn't just been killed and Steve says maybe Maria Hill is the one that should be dead since her tampering with the Cube caused all this. Deadpool has a bottle of acid but says he has decided not to kill Steve and dumps it down the toilet. Instead he will let him rot in jail as long as his super-solider serum allows, but will keep returning over and over to rob Rogers of something, like maybe an ear or an eye. He doesn't want to kill evil Steve Rogers because the good one might take solace in that, and Wade hates the other Rogers even more. As he leaves he says what he is taking this time is his toilet, as the acid now has eaten through and destroyed it. Deadpool then escapes but during his hot-air-balloon getaway is shot down. He still manages to avoid capture, but Rogue hears about it on the news and decides she has to confront Wade.
This arc is looking like a good one for X-Men fans. I really wasn't expecting that name to be the next on the hit list. Stryfe is one evil bastard. And now we have the extra wrinkle of that last page reveal. How is Deadpool going to get himself out of this situation? I hope she can help him find some redemption instead of him continuing on this downward spiral. The murder scene in this issue was pretty terrible to watch. But there were some good laughs too. The combination of tragedy and comedy is what is great in Deadpool, as it was in the scene here where we must mourn Caleb. If only he had worn the roller skates... :(

I was surprised by Wade's comment about how much he hates Steve Rogers. Does anyone know why he feels this way? Does he blame him for Secret Empire even while knowing about the doppelganger?

Out of the two artists who have been alternating on this book lately, Koblish and Lolli, I much prefer the latter. I am glad he is back and doing this arc.
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Re: Despicable Deadpool #292

Post by Wings » 13 Jan 2018, 12:55

I think Wade just resents him being such a good guy, and that he gets redemption for his actions of Hydra Steve, and that Wade didn't after being manipulated by the trust he had in Cap.
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Re: Despicable Deadpool #292

Post by Anna Raven » 13 Jan 2018, 22:14

Wings wrote:
13 Jan 2018, 12:55
I think Wade just resents him being such a good guy, and that he gets redemption for his actions of Hydra Steve, and that Wade didn't after being manipulated by the trust he had in Cap.
I think he actually had a lot of respect for Cap before Secret Empire. So I'm guessing it's primarily about the betrayal.
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