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Marvel Febuary 2024 Solicitations

Found some news out about the X-Men, Avengers, Batman or even? The monthly previews have been released ? Or perhaps there's a rumour you've heard, then post it here for the world to see.
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Re: Marvel Febuary 2024 Solicitations

Post by grief » 21 Nov 2023, 01:47

I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for Night Thrasher's inexplicable return!

I'm guessing that's Knowhere behind Lorna on that Fall Of cover.

Invincible Iron Man - ALWAYS glad to see War Machine back in action.

Giant-sized FF is right up my alley too. Atlantis stuff, Fabian Nicieza, Crees Lee drawing a big ole fight? Sign me up.

Love the cover for Punisher.
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Holland Oates
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Re: Marvel Febuary 2024 Solicitations

Post by Holland Oates » 29 Nov 2023, 19:26

Yay Night Thrasher!

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