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Ewing’s Grand Plan: The Cosmos and Beyond

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Ewing’s Grand Plan: The Cosmos and Beyond

Post by Blackcyclops » 06 Sep 2023, 16:52

I’m trying yo weave together the grand narrative that Ewing has laid out across his Ultimates-Defenders run about the cosmos and the Engima and I just wanted some assistance.

How did the Loki in Defenders Beyond get separated from main Loki? Is that the same Loki that walked through the Door at the end of the series right before Secret War?

So I’m clear this larger (possible) story connects Infinity Wars (where Loki-8 saw Loki-7, during the time he was trying to figure out who was dictating this fate), Avengers: No Road Home (house of ideas), Ultimates by Ewing, Ewing’s Defenders series, Loki’s pre-Secret War series (really all the way back to Gillen’s Loki series since it all ties together), and various little connections between the Phoenix and the Tiger God. Am I missing anything substantial here?
So on one hand we have the existence of a being who can reset the entire timeline, destroying everything…, and on the other hand we have a few mind wipes and some gaslighting. You're right, totally evenly weighted.

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