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Marvel Team-Up #57, Ms. Marvel #8, Marvel Team-Up #62, Ms. Marvel #10-12 and New Mutants #6

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Marvel Team-Up #57, Ms. Marvel #8, Marvel Team-Up #62, Ms. Marvel #10-12 and New Mutants #6

Post by nathanadler » 22 Oct 2019, 10:04

In Marvel Team-Up #57 (May 1977) we're first introduced to the Cavourite (contained in the clay statuette Silver Samurai had set out to steal), then 3 months later in Ms. Marvel #8 (August 1977) Grotesk resurfaces to steal a second Cavourite Crystal from ?NASA?, getting blasted into another dimension as a result of his efforts to tamper with it.

Chris Claremont then returns to the plot from MTU #57 in Marvel Team-Up #62 (October 1977), where Super-Skrull breaks into the cabin of antique dealer for AIM, Josiah Rubin, and steals the clay figurine containing previously shown to contain the first introduced Cavourite Crystal, leading to Ms. Marvel getting it. This crystal was refined and perfect, the second crystal in NASA's possession was cruder, Ms. Marvel noting this difference in MTU #62 when the original is in her possession after it has caused the Skrull to be warped away.

In Ms. Marvel #10 (also October 1977), NASA appears back in possession of the Cavourite Crystal, as AIM is shown preparing to assault Skylab to steal it when Carol's fight with the Elementals in Ms. Marvel #12 (December 1977) releases energies that triggers the crystal in the shuttle to almost open up a hole in reality as was shown doing with Grotesk and Super-Skrull respectively, killing Salia Petrie in the process.

I’m assuming the crystal back in NASA's possession by Ms. Marvel #10 was the same one Grotesk had earlier stolen and Ms. Marvel had retrieved after his disappearance. If so, what did Carol do with the one from the clay statuette she managed to procure from Super-Skrull, and how did AIM end up in subsequent possession of it what with it later revealed to be installed in their Black Mesa facility in Colorado? While AIM were shown to be attempting to steal the second one Carol returned to NASA (in Ms. Marvel #10), we know Viper and Silver Samurai were unsuccessful in their MTU effort to steal the first introduced version (in the clay statuette), and AIM's antique dealer, Rubin, had it stolen from him by Super-Skrull before he got a chance to smuggle it to his employers. So did Carol take this version to NASA as she had done with the second one, and AIM had stolen it when NASA was distracted with the destruction of Skylab? This still beggars the question of where they were holding the first one if Carol handed it over to them, since it would appear to not be similarly affected by the Ruby Scarab energies released by the Elementals in Ms. Marvel #12!?

Or was the version AIM was shown in possession of, and Viper was attempting to steal, in New Mutants #6, a third fragment of the Crystal and the location of the original, purer, crystal is still a mystery?

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