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Warhawk's "Master"

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Warhawk's "Master"

Post by nathanadler » 08 Jan 2019, 09:00

In Uncanny X-Men #110, Warhawk, pretending to work for the phone company, zaps Moira MacTaggert and begins working on Cerebro to plant a bug for the Hellfire Club. But while he is working away, some psychic entity assaults his mind. The unseen speaks this in Warhawk's mind:
"The pain will pass, Mitchell Tanner. It is merely a reminder of my power. I saved you from death, my friend, and made you a sane man once more. All I require in return is that you serve me. I will be with you always, Warhawk. Fail me -- or worse -- betray me, and retribution will be quick, agonizing...and final!"
Then Warhawk thinks to himself: "I understand. Curse your nameless, faceless soul! But someday, I'll be free of you. And then, "Master", you'll pay for this. I swear it!"

At first, I thought this was Sebastian Shaw speaking through Emma Frost directly into Warhawk's brain given the later suggestion in #129 that Tanner was in the employ of Shaw on behalf of the Hellfire Club when he killed the original Atom Smasher (in Black Goliath #2-3). But the more you read the dialogue, and knowing the differences between the Shadow King and Sebastian, the more it seems this might be the first semi-appearance of Amahl Farouk, especially with the term "Master" being used (Sebastian may have had a huge ego, but not even Tessa referred to him as that).

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