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Eric the Red and the Dane Curse

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Eric the Red and the Dane Curse

Post by nathanadler » 06 Jan 2019, 10:03

Why did Davan Shakari seem more interested in Lorna Dane, than Alex, a Summers, and did it have something to do with Mister Sinister’s later suggesting her to be the "unchanging pole star”? Did Shakari name her Polaris after the binary star in the constellation of Ursa Minor knowing Malice was her twin and that they were eventually destined to be bonded?

And is Malice named from the siren minionette from Piers Anthony’s first published novel, Chthon, and were she and Lorna therefore born on Mount Wundagore and somehow connected to the Elder God imprisoned there (which Claremont referred to during his Spider-Woman run)? Is this the so-called "Dane Curse"?

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