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Post PoX Mutant Death and Ressurection

This place is for any factual questions on the X-Titles or their characters. You want to know who the mystery person in some issue was or how a certain storyline ended - ask here.
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Re: Post PoX Mutant Death and Ressurection

Post by northy33 » 19 Jul 2021, 09:02

recently died and resurrected:

Pete Wisdom (Excalibur)

Also - SOMNUS (new character; PRIDE special) - although in some ways it is debatable:

As Somnus died of 'old age' - will ALL MUTANTS after 'dying of old age/illness - maybe' be resurrected again?

Seems to be a much more interesting question regarding the interactions with the rest of the world....
let the play begin.

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