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Wolverine Annual 1

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Wolverine Annual 1

Post by Jindianajonz » 28 Feb 2021, 23:35

There's a note on the backpage of Wolverine: Bloodlust (Dec 1990) that it's Wolverine Annual 2. What was Wolverine Annual 1? The Jungle Adventure would be my best guess, but it doesn't say so explicitly and is also dated 1990. Rahne of Terra is dated 1991.

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Re: Wolverine Annual 1

Post by Magnus » 20 Apr 2021, 19:33

The Marvel fandom wiki says it's Jungle Adventure, though without citation.

JA had a cover date of Feb 1990 and release date of Dec 1989, and Bloodlust had a release date of Nov 1990 and cover date of Dec 1990, so it does fit the timing to both be annuals.

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