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Post HoX Mutant Appearances

This place is for any factual questions on the X-Titles or their characters. You want to know who the mystery person in some issue was or how a certain storyline ended - ask here.
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Re: Post HoX Mutant Appearances

Post by Monolith » 15 Oct 2020, 22:45

Yes, my read of the Handbooks' final page was a general confirmation of membership EVER, not reflecting Krakoa's current population. Every former mutant member is probably alive and probably on Krakoa, but this Handbook does not, per se, confirm they are.
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Re: Post HoX Mutant Appearances

Post by Dartalon » 19 Oct 2020, 15:51

Spike (Gary Walsh) should either go on list or unconfirmed list from House of X #5


Me personally i would go unconfirmed just on the lack of hair.

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