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Update on... TALISMAN II

That's right, News as in latest updates posted on uncannyxmen.net!
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Dean Clayton
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Update on... TALISMAN II

Post by Dean Clayton » 16 Mar 2023, 14:18

As one of the most powerful magic users in all existence, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen of the Sarcee Nation is a vital member of Canada's Premiere Super Heroes, Alpha Flight. It's been some 15 years since we last shone the spotlight on this young woman, and although she has maintained a relatively low profile, she has had some interesting adventures - from assisting the Avengers against the Celestials, to providing support to Dr. Strange during a magical crisis, protecting Canada from a Wendigo outbreak and even starting a bizarre relationship with a teammate. Read about these and more, in our update to the life and times of... TALISMAN!
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Re: Update on... TALISMAN II

Post by ultimatekey » 18 Mar 2023, 08:14

Would you all say the relationship with Talisman and Puck is similar to Rogue and Magneto?

Also, why were people taken aback and shocked and surprised of Talisman and Puck's relationship?

Chronologically, Puck is an old man but he is in a "youthful" body.

So (to me), their relationship is not that odd or surprising?

I thought Rogue's relationship with Magneto was very surprising and shocking but I learned that there was buildup towards it and Magneto is in a "youthful" body despite how long he has lived (Holocaust Survivor).

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