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Update on... DOMINO

Posted: 25 Aug 2022, 18:10
by Dean Clayton
Today's Spotlight Update covers the lady of luck herself, DOMINO. Following up on Neena's activities since AvX, we of course cover her working with many different versions of X-Force, alongside other mercenary endeavors like the Posse and the Mercs for Money. Domino tried to find love several times, such as her fling with Warpath, her complicated passion for Colossus, and making a pass at Shang-Chi. Presently, Neena is operating in service of Krakoa's "Force Protocols", running with Wolverine and Kid Omega performing black ops missions for the mutant nation. As an added bonus, today we're also doing a format update for Domino's former doppelganger, Copycat. Although Vanessa is still dead since last we checked, her introduction in the Deadpool movies and the Krakoan resurrection queue may change that at any time!