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Update on... MAGMA

That's right, News as in latest updates posted on uncannyxmen.net!
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Douglas Mangum
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Update on... MAGMA

Post by Douglas Mangum » 09 Sep 2021, 22:41

It's been a long time since we touched base with this fiery lady and in that time she has certainly been through the ringer. After tragically losing her boyfriend on M-Day and getting attacked by a former teammate, her luck started to turn around when she snagged a date with the devil (spoilers...that didn't work out well either, shockingly enough!). So read our updated spotlight on the New Mutants' hottest member...MAGMA!


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Re: Update on... MAGMA

Post by Cable » 09 Sep 2021, 22:59

I've always thought Magik was the hottest of the New Mutants but...oh wait..oh wait I think I misunderstood.
Best Comics of Week 36

X-titles: X-Force #23 by Benjamin Percy (6) and Martin Coccolo (1)
Non-X titles: Defenders #2 by Al Ewing (7) and Javier Rodriguez (1)

In parentheses number of times creator has had best comic this year

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