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Profile on... ANIMAX!

That's right, News as in latest updates posted on uncannyxmen.net!
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Douglas Mangum
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Profile on... ANIMAX!

Post by Douglas Mangum » 26 Feb 2021, 00:18

When the mutant race started to repopulate after the Decimation, not all of them joined the X-Men. Blake Schiel was a petty criminal from an abusive background who reveled in the opportunity to use her new powers and strike back at her tormentors. Her tantrums drew the attention of the X-Men and other heroes before the foundation of Krakoa. Animax was invited to the island nation like other mutant criminals, under the promise of good behavior. Time will tell.

Read today our Profile on... ANIMAX!


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Re: Profile on... ANIMAX!

Post by WorldWideWade » 26 Feb 2021, 15:42

Thanks for the profile.

I found an error listing Shadowcat twice. Not sure if there was a different third character in the story.

"When Shadowcat, Prestige and Shadowcat were locked up in the Box,"
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Re: Profile on... ANIMAX!

Post by Monolith » 26 Feb 2021, 15:46

Storm. I got it. Thanks!
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