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X-Marks the Spot on...UTOPIA!

That's right, News as in latest updates posted on uncannyxmen.net!
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X-Marks the Spot on...UTOPIA!

Post by Gremlin » 04 Oct 2018, 12:31

Today we bring you a double-feature with a new X-Marks the Spot article as well as an update to an older one. When the X-Men left New York for a better life on the West Coast they never envisioned they would end up using one of Magneto's old bases as their new home. Years after Asteroid M crashed to Earth it was risen from the depths of the ocean and turned into it's own island nation. So we invite you to read about Utopia, one of the X-Men's most popular bases, as well as to catch up on its origins as Asteroid M.

Utopia X-Marks the Spot

Asteroid M Update

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Re: X-Marks the Spot on...UTOPIA!

Post by Jazzkantine » 04 Oct 2018, 16:41

Wow, thanks so much for these entries!
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Re: X-Marks the Spot on...UTOPIA!

Post by EphemeristX » 04 Oct 2018, 16:51

X-Marks are some of my favorite articles. Thanks so much for the hard work, guys.

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