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Site design ideas

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Site design ideas

Post by Nu-D » 22 Apr 2019, 12:20

Y’all have built a wonderful website, and I know a lot of work goes into it. I’m sure your focus is on maintaining the site and adding new content, not on design revisions and upgrades. I’m just putting these ideas out there in case someone is already working on something where this would slot in easily, or in case you do get around to design changes someday.

I use UXM.net principally as a research resource. That functionality would be greatly increased by these functions:

(1) In the issue summaries, or from the list of issues, if I could click on a month/year and get a list of all of the comics with that same cover date that are in the database, that would be awesome. It would allow me to quickly find which issues of a particular title were being published simultaneously with the story I’m currently reading.

(2) The current issue lists have title, issue number and publication date. If a column was added with story title, that would also make it easier to hone in on a particular set of issues. Even if the column wasn’t comprehensive, putting some of the story titles in would make it easier to narrow down which issues you’re looking for. For example, I was trying to figure out which New Mutants issues were published right after the Mutant Massacre, and from the current list I had to guesstimate based on cover dates, and click on a bunch to find exactly the right set. If the Mutant Massacre issues were noted, and the FOTM issues were noted, it would have been easier to zero in on the ones I was looking for from the list. If this was done in conjunction with the suggestion above, you could have a link from the story title for a crossover that generates a list of all of the related articles and issues.

(3) If the pages of spotlight and character profiles were listed as A-F, G-M, N-P, Q-Z, instead of 1,2,3,4, it would be easier to zero in on a particular character.

(4) Lastly, if a character was cross-listed under each common name s/he uses so s/he could be found by looking up “Marvel Girl” and “Phoenix” and “Rachel Grey” that would be useful.

I don’t know anything about site design, but I imagine all of these ideas would be pretty labor intensive. I totally understand this kind of thing may just not be of interest to anyone else. But I wanted to put them out there if anyone gets the bug to do this kid of thing. #2 wouldn’t have to be rolled out all at once, but could just be bit-by-bit. I’d even be able to contribute by providing a spreadsheet of some of the Uncanny issue/story titles.

Thanks for listening and for your hard work.

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