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Krakoa Draft

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Re: Krakoa Draft

Post by Lavettye » 23 Aug 2020, 18:36

I have a list of still over 450 characters, but those are indeed among the biggest names plus Aurora, Boom-Boom, Caliban, Chamber, Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries, Namor, Pixie, Sabretooth, Franklin Richards and Typhoid Mary.

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Re: Krakoa Draft

Post by WorldWideWade » 23 Aug 2020, 18:44

All right here is my team of twelve from the leftovers:

Arrogant Men Up To No Good
Professor X
Shadow King
Kid Omega
Jaime Braddock
Sebastian Shaw

Beast was obviously a big part of this concept leading to the conclusion of the draft but I'm glad he caught a break and is enjoying the comforts of Nick's.

Here are other prominent characters no one picked:

Boom Boom
Pyro (John)
Mastermind (Jason)
Lady Mastermind
Madison Jeffries
Diamond Lil
Xorn (Kuan-Yin)
Xorn (Shen)
Stacy X
Silver Samurai
Morph (Ben)
Glob Herman
Shark Girl
Eye Boy
Franklin Richards

I know there are more than this but this is pretty extensive as it is. Feel free to post any other characters you were surprised were not picked. I think only about a dozen or so are genuinely surprising that they were left overs given their popularity in former drafts.
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Re: Krakoa Draft

Post by Cable » 23 Aug 2020, 20:06

There is a part of me that regretted not picking Karma for Psynapse instead of Hellion.

This was an interesting one. Some people took the obscure possibilities as a challenge I think lol. Thanks for hosting WWW
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Re: Krakoa Draft

Post by Blackcyclops » 23 Aug 2020, 20:13

Part 2

Cyclops’ next stop takes him to a newly opened bar on the island. He waits outside instead of entering, because a meeting is going on. This meeting, privy only to it’s participants is for young mutants who felt like their new lives on Krakoa might be aimless. The group is small, maybe 5 or 7 mutants, but there are two people that Scott is here for. The woman is Thornn, sister of the nefarious Feral, and the other is Bedlam, former member of X-Force. Thornn was depowered on M-Day but found her feline and animalistic appearance and attributes reinvigorated by Romulus during his plot against Wolverine. Since then she returned to the tunnels but was brought onto the island of Krakoa by Wolfsbane And Wolverine during their recruitment of the “feral” mutants. Since then she’s tried her best to fit in but she feels like a fake since her x-gene is still deactivated and she is too afraid to sign up for the Crucible.

Bedlam, meanwhile, was resurrected in the same group as Synch of Generation X. And while emotionally, he was much more stable, Bedlam had a sense of fomo for missing out on all the adventures he felt as though he should’ve been a part of.

Cyclops’ pitch is pretty clear cut: Bedlam is highly skilled, knows some spy stuff and has an itch for the lifestyle. While Thornn wants to feel like she belongs and Cyclops’ sees a potential in her (plus like he says “you always need a Wolverine on the team”). Thornn agrees to join, admitting shyly that she always kinda wanted to be a superhero. Bedlam, on the other hand, is at first hesitant. He admits he misses the thrill but feels that the X-Men brand of superheroing is different than what he’s used to. So Cyclops makes him a deal, he’ll keep Bedlam on the sidelines until it’s time for the more spy-like stuff and be there information-guy but points out that if the Black Widow can be a superhero than maybe he can too.

With those two down, Cyclops shifts his focus toward taking a shot at two former foes of the X-Men. His belief that anyone can be reformed and it’s better to keep those types close rather than far is what drives him. So when he recruits the newly resurrected Cyber and Sienna Blaze, Cable and Husk are initially skeptical.

Sienna Blaze has been trouble since the start but since being resurrected and spending time with Storm to better control her powers, Blaze is less maniac. Beast theorized that before, her wild and almost uncontrolled powers altered her perceptions of the world to such a degree that it altered her mind-state. Now with them tampered down in some regards (she no longer wrecka the Earth’s EM-field) and more controlled in others (now her destructive blasts can be more focused and multi-directional), Blaze’s view on the world have changed. So when Cyclops offers her a chance to make up for past mistakes and try something new, Blaze accepts. Although secretly, Blaze worries that her new found clarity could be shattered at any moment, so she wants to savory this new outlook.

Cyber, though is a different story. Returned to his original body, Cyber has no interest in being a hero. So outwardly he’s antagonistic and exudes animosity toward everyone on the island. Inwardly though, Cyber feels lost. Before his life was directed by Romulus but now in this new world, he feels directionless. Thankfully, given his experiences, Cyclops immediately senses this and poses a challenge to Cyber. He can “play at superhero” by being a bigger and better superhero than Wolverine ever was. This challenge pushes at his ego and given an opportunity to show up Logan is just too tempting. But to make the offer even more sweet, Cyclops gives Cyber a new husk...skin made from Wakandan vibranium (Cyclops secured it from BP during a meeting they had at the new Avengers’ base).

With his team almost complete, Cyclops is on his way to his last recruit when he is approached by Amelia Voght. They’ve never really had a relationship so it surprises Cyke to be cornered by the former Acolyte. Amelia though, has come to Cyclops because she wants to be an X-Man. She admits that over the years a part of her has always wanted to be an X-Man but her feelings toward both Xavier and Magneto kept her away. Now, in a world where women are widely establishing themselves outsides the confines of the expectations of men in their lives, she thinks this is her chance to do it big. Cyclops, shocked by this reveal, welcomes her with open arms. Amelia has a valuable powerset, experience and the kind of temperament that can even out the more off-kilter characters like Kenji and Cyber. Before Cyclops departs grab his last member, Amelia says “Oh and it’s Myst for here on out.”

On his way to the Sextant, he runs right into the final member. Staring sternly at Cyclopa, Magik berates her former leader and fellow captain for not asking her to join his team. She admits that she likes hanging with her friends and thinks she is definitely the best great captain but she thinks it’s rude he left her out. She then recounts all the times she “saved” his ass and how she should go form her own team.

Cyclops smirks and simple says “You want to join up Magik?”...in a flash of light she transforms from baggy sweats and a tank to her uniform, fresh with a brand new X-emblem on the belt. “I guess you can join my team”...now the roster is complete.

The next day, a big gathering is called for all the inhabitants of Krakoa. They are called to the portal to Central Park. Everyone is whispering and guessing what the fuss is for...just then, Cyclops and Magik appear from a stepping disk. Cyclops motions to Jean, Emma and Rachel and the three psychics link up with Cyclops and project his thoughts across the globe.

“The X-Men are back.” -Cyclops
“Prepare to be astonished!!!” -Magik

And from 7 other stepping disks, Bedlam, Husk, Zero, Cyber, Sienna Blaze, Myst, and Cable appear. And the new X-Men are formed.

The roster would be formed in a double-sized first issue. Interspersed with the team forming, we’d see stories from superheroes around the world about times they teamed with the X-Men. Also mixed in will be this kind of short story of a woman assembling her own team of Deviants. This is a prelude to the Devianf War crossover for 2022 (the woman is the daughter of Maelstrom...half inhuman and half deviant, all megalomania). The issue ends with that last scene of Cyclops signaling the return of the X-Men but the epilogue introduces our other big bad: Tolliver. But not Tyler Dayspring Summers, no the actual Tolliver. A mystery man who was tricked by Cyclops’s grandson and found himself imprisoned. Now that he’a free, he has a vendetta against the Summers clan.

The team would crossover with the Champions during thr whole Outlawed situation. Afterwards, Husk actually leaves the team to lead the Champions. Zero will be inspired by these young heroes.

Bedlam is going to be the Hawkeye of the team and I want to spin him off into a solo mini-series where he goes searching for his brother and it has a reunion of The Crew.

I want to focus alot on developing Cyber and Blaze as heroes. We’ll play on the expectations that of course the powerful woman will go “crazy” but the entire time she’ll never go crazy. Instead, here growth will be helped along by Magik. I want to keep tbe slightly snarky version of her, she’ll call it “Emma rubbing off on me” but give her a chance to be a mentor for once. Cyber will have a whole Wolverine-esque redemption story.

I want to get to know Thornn as a character and explore her emotions as a former mutant. Along the way Romulus will return as a threat to them and Tolliver’s operations.

Meanwhile, after the first arc we lose Cable for awhile and pick up Threnody. She’s on the team as a way for Cyclops to help out his son’s former love, he’ll see jt as a chance to make up for how he failed Maddy.
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Re: Krakoa Draft

Post by das_boot » 25 Aug 2020, 00:02

Yep, definitely feel like Thornn and Feral would argue over what makes someone a mutant if Feral got fully re-powered and Thornn DIDNT
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