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Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Wings » 12 May 2015, 16:46

Without further warning, disintegration beams flooded the container of those dubbed Earth's Mightiest Heroes, reducing them to piles of ash. The container containing the X-Men slid open and slowly the captured began to come round.

Wolfsbane, Surge, Hope, M and Armor however, were far more concerned with the latest in a series of horrifying revelations. M clenched her fists tightly as she turned to face her sisters, her face filling with tears as Nicole and Claudette let her read the truth in their minds.

"Why?!!!!" She screamed as she barrelled towards them.

Monet stopped dead as her sisters merged into one being before her eyes, taking the form of a familiar red skinned razor sharp creature.

"Penance..." Monet whispered.

The twins shifted their form once again until they were a mirror image of Monet, smiling cruelly as they stared their older sister down.

"Yes! Penance!" the twins cackled. "We were happy, Monet. We sent you and Marius away, and Daddy loved us for once instead of you! But you had to ruin it, you had to come back! We tried helping you and we just got stuck in Penance ourselves! We got out by accident, Jubilee's mistake! We're tired of fixing your mistakes! We can't kill you..."

"Girls..." Monet began, her voice softening. "Please, you must listen-

"So, go away, Monet!"

With that, the twins opened a portal under Monet's feet, banishing her to the same dimension they had sent their siblings to years ago.

Wolfsbane growled as the portal closed, flinging herself at the twins as Surge raced ahead of her. Noriko cried in pain as the twins' gesalt form caught her wrist as she flung a punch. They turned her hand as she released the entirety of her electric charge on them, causing her to fire at Wolfsbane and Hope. A deadly electric charge stopped the hearts of both mutants, as they fell to the ground.

Armor stood firm, despite the deaths of everyone around her. Bravely, she ran forward expanding her exoskeleton, as she threw the twins into a nearby wall. The twins' gesalt merely winced as it freed itself from the structure, paying no heed to the enormous crack it left behind as it wrapped its hands around the head of Hisako's armour. It dug its fingers in until the psionic exoskeleton began to give. Hisako tried to jerk away, but it was no use. The twins laughed as they crushed her skull.

They were too busy laughing to notice the crimson beam of force that came flying at them, followed by a string of lightning bolts that finally separated the twins and sent them into unconsciousness.

"Goddess..." murmured Storm, as she gazed in horror at the corpses of her students. She could hear the students behind her already began to lose themselves to their grief, as her teammates tried to shield them from the horrific sight. "What happened here?"

"I don't know, Storm," replied Cyclops grimly, as he stared down at the downed forms of the St.Croix twins. "I'm not sure that we want to find out..."

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