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Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

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Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Wings » 15 Apr 2015, 21:53

Round 1
The mutants awoke to the shrill scream of the school bell. A sound that brought back many memories, both good and bad. Those who had managed to sleep through the bell were jolted awake by the ear piercing audio that began emanating from the speakers at the top of the room. A class presentation was underway.

The mutants saw images of blood and fire. A siege at the Jean Grey School, an attack on Avengers Tower that lasted mere minutes, the destruction of the lives these young men and women had built for themselves. Magik, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, M, the St.Croix twins, Husk, Surge, Armor, the Stepford Cuckoos, Hope Summers, Creep. Students of the X-Men, one and all, these mutants relived their capture.

The projector dimmed and the lights came on. It took the more bleary eyed among them a few moments to adjust but they soon realised they had been shackled to their desks. These shackles fell away as a feminine figure entered the room.

“Emma?” let out a startled Husk. “Emma Frost?”

The rebel X-Man was wearing an outfit reminiscent of her time as headmistress of the Xavier Institute, her expression blank and emotionless as she cocked her head at Paige, her movements too sharp, too clean to be human.

This was confirmed as Emma’s appearance shifted in a shower of holographic pixels until she was wearing an outfit from her time with Generation X.

“Yes, Paige?” The android answered, in a dull robotic monotone.

“That isn’t Miss Frost,” Armor exclaimed from the back. “It’s Danger, she’s gone nuts again, hasn’t she?”

“Name’s Teacher, Armor,” the robot replied, taking on the appearance and mannerisms of Wolverine as it turned to Hisako. “Though I make use of elements of Shi’ar hard light technology, my form is primarily constructed from the cannibalised remains of the robotic entity known as Nanny. I’m supposed keep ya here ‘til the lesson’s over.”

“Lesson? Why are we here?” demanded M.

“I am not at liberty to divulge that information, Miss St. Croix.” Teacher said, shifting back to Emma. “I can however confirm that this lesson is due to conclude…approximately 508 hours, 14 minutes and 5 seconds from now.”

“That’s it, I’m out of here,” proclaimed Hellion in response.

“Warning: If any of you make an attempt to escape by force I have been authorised to initiate termination protocols.” Teacher warned. “I have been uploaded with the personalities and abilities of a wide variety of your educators in an attempt to keep you comfortable. Please be seated so that I may fully activate my personality engrams.”

“Yeah?” replied Julian, his body glowing with a green aura of telekinetic energy. “Here’s how much I give a-

None of the assembled mutants, not even Surge, were ready for the swiftness of the robot’s reaction. Two bursts of fiery energy hurtled from its hand towards Hellion.

“Julian, get down!” shouted Husk.

“NO!” cried Surge.

Hellion was dead before he even hit the ground.

Surge and Wolfsbane rushed to Julian’s charred and lifeless corpse. The energy around Julian subsided as everyone stared down at Hellion in shock before their eyes returned to Teacher, the man whose face it was wearing giving away no sign that it had just murdered someone in cold blood.

“Rahne, Noriko, please” it said gently, in the form of the dead Charles Xavier. “Return to your seats.”

“You son of a bitch..." Nori whispered as she reluctantly complied.

“Why are you doing this?” asked Creep.

“I don’t know,” said Teacher thoughtfully, before its expression turned stern. “Personality engrams activated.”

“Silence in the classroom,” Teacher ordered, now wielding the authoritive figure of Emma Frost once again as it passed the desks of Nicole and Claudette St.Croix. “If you have a question, don’t hesitate to raise your hand."


Arcade's Live Action Assassination List

Academy X
das_boot: Noriko Ashida/Surge
hotknives: Phoebe, Irma and Celeste Cuckoo/The Stepford Cuckoos
Liquid Nitrogen: Hisako Ichiki/Armor

Generation X
Mastermind: Paige Guthrie/Husk
XtremeOne1: Monet St.Croix/M
Moytura: Nicole and Claudette St.Croix/The St.Croix Twins

The New Mutants
Abaddon: Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane
Marhawkman: Illyana Rasputina/Magik
MartijnB: Roberto da Costa/Sunspot

The Lights and the JGS
Gardien: Marisol Guerra/Creep
New girl: Hope Summers/Hope

Right folks! You’ve all been trapped in a classroom with a robot that takes on the form and personality of your mentors. It says you cannot escape by force, but has said nothing about escaping via other means! You must individually convince your “Teacher” to let you out of class, so that you can discover who wants you locked up! The one who comes up with the best excuse will receive immunity from the killer for this round.

Remember, this game uses hidden voting. You each have two votes per round, which must be sent to me via private message or via my email at fiachmide@outlook.com.

A PM will be sent to you all shortly informing you of the name of your group's power. You must send in a vote on whether or not to activate this power along with your votes for the killer. Once awarded to a player, the player must make use of the power during that round or the next round or the power is rendered useless.

I'll be away this weekend, so this round will remain open until 5PM Monday 20th of April. I'm aiming for the following rounds to take place in three day windows, barring any complications.
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by XtremeOne1 » 16 Apr 2015, 04:04

Monet had one priority and it was to keep her sisters safe. She eyed the twins, her heart beating a little faster as the image of Julian’s charred remains flashed in her mind.

She wasn’t sure who was behind this or even where they were but she knew however it was would pay. No one touched her family.

It didn’t help that this Teacher had taken on the form of Emma Frost, as if to goad her and remind her of the failures of those lovely formative teen years she spent time trapped as Penance, where she saw the boy she loved died, where she realized that heroes weren’t all they cracked up to be and those who were
supposed to care for you would let you down.

Yes, Emma and Sean had thought her a thing or two about self-reliance. In the end you only had yourself.

And that was who would get them out of here. She couldn’t rely on the other ‘adults’. Since graduating, Paige alternated etween batshit crazy and getting screwed ten feet above her own mother. Illyana was quite possibly worse. Monet wasn’t sure what the word was on her, whether she was evil or not. She sided with Scott Summers, so her judgement was impaired.

There was Roberto, a fellow ridiculously attractive rich kid but he was an Avenger and that automatically made him a pompous asshole. And of course, Rahne and her had been allies once but then Rahne somehow became even more emotionally unstable than she had been before joining X-Factor.

Yes, there was a common theme of Xavier graduates. A diploma came with a lifetime of trauma.

So it would have to be her.

But first she’d need to learn more about where she was.

She raised her hand and Teacher turned to her, “Yes, Ms. St. Croix?”

“I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the majority of us have graduated from Xavier’s School of Future Mangled and Mentally Damaged Children. So why has the person pulling your strings chosen us?"

Teacher gave her own of Emma’s most haughty half smiles, her lip curling at the corner, “Haven’t I told you darling? I don’t know.”

Monet’s eyes narrowed, “Okay, well, as a student, I’d like to explore my surroundings, have a guided tour of my new school. Can’t you conjure some little robot and hologram it as some chirpy overachiever brainwashed into thinking her student loans are worth her BA in Art History? I have a right to know where I’ll be the next three weeks, and I promise I won’t break any rule.” She eyed her sisters, “I have a vested interested in returning to this classroom.”

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Mastermind » 16 Apr 2015, 12:11

We need to get out of here!

This was the all-consuming thought that rain through Paige's head as the rest of her fellow inmates tried to calm themselves after the demise of one of their own.

As Paige looked around at her peers and back up to the mysterious alien/robot construct that was morphing into various mentors of the Xmen's young charges, she noted
the somewhat annoying sense of comfort she found at being back in the classroom again. A sense of familiarity and reassurance from the days with the real miss Frost and
Sean Cassidy.

It only took a second look at the charred remains of Julian Keller to quickly snap her back to a sense of the danger of her current reality. They needed to get out of here
or perhaps, overwhelm their would be captor. No, she thought to herself, best not risk any more lives with the latter strategy.

She recognized most of the current student body of the Jean Grey School seated in a small grouping in front of her. She wanted desperately to comfort them and tell
them that everything was going to be alright. But for some strange reason, one she couldn't entirely understand, she felt like they probably wouldn't feel the safety in her
presence that she might hope to inspire.

Then she recognised Berto and Rahne, friends of her Brother.. they seemed to be coming to a little slower than some of the others. Perhaps this 'teacher' had
thought to subdue some of the older and stronger members of the group. Then she noticed Illiyana Rasputin sitting in behind them. She too seemed to be looking sligthtly
hazy and unfocused.

Illyana! thought Paige she teleport's! She could get us all out of here in a snap

But, dang.. .. how to get her attention

She turned her head in the other direction from the New Mutants she'd been looking at

Ah she tutted to herself briefly

Monet, Monet dammit.. hear me

Pipe down Kentucky, of course I hear you replied M's mental response in her trade mark arrogance... Lets not waste any more time on your little
overzealous "game plan". You want me to make contact with Magik don't you


I'll take that as a yes,... continued M ....Ive already tried. It seems the little "Damsel of Darkness" has some sort of Psychic Magical defense. She either cant hear
me or she doesn't want to

Pagie scowled and thought for a minute

What about began Paige

No! replied M just as quickly

But, Nicole.. or is it Claudette .. Im sorry Monet, I cant remember which.. One of them can teleport. Ive seen them do it protested Paige

They are my Sisters Paige chided Monet in response and Ive done my best to keep them out of this X-men craziness. I will not endanger their lives

I dont want to want to put them in harms way either M. Truely I dont....so what about this?! replied Paige

Im gonna play up the little miss overachiever routine for "Teacher". I will try and distract her with an "educational question".. that should give your sisters a chance
to silently sneak off. Send them away.. get the other Xmen, you're father.. Anyone!

It was clear to Paige that Monet didnt love the plan but after a few minutes, the super strong mutant replied

Understand this Paige, I love you like a sister... but these are my sisters and if anything goes south, I will be looking after them and them only

Understood replied Paige with a nod I swear it wont come to that

With that, Paige turned back towards the front of the class, took a deep breath and shuck the entire wrist portion of her right arm away, revealing a crystalline subtance

She then extended the shimmering arm towards the roof and said " Teacher, .. I was wondering.. "

"As well as all your holographic technologies, Do you have scanners that can help me analyse exactly what crystal structure Im forming right now?"

Paige shrugged in a sheepish way

"I think its Amblygonite... but Im going for Amethyst.... I just musn't be making the right neural connections with the elements when I shift." she looked at "Teacher"
with expectant eyes

" can you help me...."

Emma Frost's posture jolted upright slightly.

"Finally, Students pay attention.. Class is in session" replied the teacher " Paige, if you'd be so kind as to come to the front of the class here and we'll start analysing this
immediately. Pencils and papers out students!"

Perhaps by mental command a white board lowered from the front right hand corner of the room and as Paige walked over towards the 'Teacher', the robot moved to start
scrawling on the board.

Alright M... Distraction started. whispered Paige telepathically.

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by hotknives » 16 Apr 2015, 16:09

Despite their confusion, the Cuckoos were delighted that their new teacher had taken on the personality and mannerisms of Miss Frost.
If there was one person who the Cuckoos knew they had a hold on - it was her.

"We need to talk her into letting us out girls" Celeste telepathically communicated to her sisters.
"You mean twist her around our little fingers?" Irma asked
"Make her bend to our every whim?" Phoebe questioned
Celeste nodded. "I didn't think it would be a problem. First things first though - we need to change our outfits".

The girls all used their telekinetic powers in unison - their different clothes changing so that all were dressed in identical white dresses.
Irma and Celeste then used their powers to switch their hair back to it's natural colour - and all three girls were left with matching blonde bobs.

Irma raised a hand "Miss Frost? We have a problem we were hoping you could help us with"

Teacher hovered over to the group, particles shimmering as it changed into the "x" top and hot pants the girls so closely associated with Miss Frost from when she first started teaching them.

Miss Frost smiled, her cold face briefly warming as she spied her almost daughters.

"My Girls, What can I do for you?

Phoebe walked towards her teacher "It's Celeste, Miss Frost. She's feeling awfully stifled in here"

Celeste nodded, fanning herself with her hand as she spoke "It's true Miss Frost. I was hoping you'd take your girls out on to an excursion in the grounds"

"That's right, we could have a picnic, and bond whilst you help us hone our powers with your, immeasurably greater, abilities" Irma continued

Phoebe smiled, twirling a strand of her hair round a finger "And, well, we were sort of hoping..."
Celeste agreed "Well yes, although it seems silly to ask"
Irma continued "And what with all that you've been through with Mr Summers recently, you might want some time alone, but..."

Miss Frost smiled genuinely now, and her uniform changed to a white dress - almost matching that of the girls

"Yes? What can I do for you my dears?"

The girls held hands, speaking in unison "We were hoping we could be a family Miss Frost, outside, in the Sun. And you - you could be our Mother"

Teacher looked ready to cry - and as she tried to answer, started stuttering.

"I...I...Girls...My girls...Really?...Really?

Phoebe communicated to the girls "Try and get the others to leave - I think this is only a temporary glitch..."

Irma mentally projected to all in the room "Run - Now!"

As the others turned to the door, Phoebe saw that the Teacher was working through the glitch, and would be active again in seconds.

Time was running out...
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Liquid Nitrogen » 17 Apr 2015, 15:03

isako was snapped out of her admittedly bad attempts of gaining Surges attention by the cuckoos psychic call.

Teacher was glitching or something. She started but the door was too far.
"Armor! Sit down!" The rough voice of Wolverine called. She froze. "Get to your seat, kid."

She knew the consequences if she didn't.
Julian. Well they'd never been good friends but she'd seen enough of Academy X die.
They were going to pay for this.

Whoever they were.

She needed to get out of this class. Teacher turned into Wolverine for her, and the cuckoos had shown that it came with the personality.

So why would Logan let her out of class?
Injury? Nah. Quentin Quire broke his knuckle and Logan made him wait two hours until they were finished. The bone was poking out and everything.

Sickness wouldn't work either.

She'd only seen Logan let a student out on their own once. And she wasn't sure it was a good tactic.

She was going to have to piss him off.

Cuckoos, I got this.

"Why? So you can just fail us even more? You kill people. Why do you get to teach children?!! Why do we we listen?!!!"
Wolverine bot seemed stunned. "Hisako, I've done things I regret but-"
She stamped her foot, really going for it. "Don't give me your bullshit. You're a murdere and a failure. Every single student you tried to help suffered for it! You killed your own son. Rogue is so completely messed up. Laura joined Xforce! Idie thinks we're all monsters. And yknow what? Maybe she's right. "
Hisako caught her breath.

"You are NOT monsters." Teacher said through gritted teeth, his body tense.

Armor hated saying this but this wasn't Wolverine. This was the enemy.

"Maybe youre right. Maybe thats just what you make us!!!" She screamed at him

There was silence for a second.

Hisako was a bit stunned by her own words.
Teachers eyes were blazing

Hisako smiled over her desperation. "With pleasure." She said with more venom than she thought she was capable of
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Abaddon » 18 Apr 2015, 01:53

Rahne had kept her seat as the Cuckoos made their escape; she was still feeling the effects of the sedatives and there was no way she could have grabbed Roberto and Illyana and made it to the door in time. Years of experience had taught her to be patient and she took a moment to size up her situation as she continued to shake off the effects of the drugs. She noticed they were all seated in groups, New Mutants here, Gen X there, her old students....was someone trying to play them against each other? Whoever this was had a damn good grasp of robotics to have built this "teacher" out of what was left of nanny. That narrowed the field of suspects, but she didn't know enough yet to figure out who it was or how to beat them....she had to get out and find some more clues.

"Yana? Wha's wrong can't ye teleport us outta here?" She whispered as she turned to her still dazed, former teammate.

"We wouldn't be here if I could." Illyana hissed. "My magics nerfed too...there's some kind of barrier spell around this room." She said.

'Tech to block teleportation and magic?' Rahne thought 'Ok, this is bad....' She thought. She wasn't scared, yet, after all she was fate's pinata, the poster child for Murphy's Law and she'd been in worse situations. That said, she was about to let this maniac murder another one of her former students or teammates. She'd tried to leave her superhero life behind, but she was more than ready to die fighting if it meant she could save the others. She'd held Hope when she was a baby, she'd helped bring Noriko to the institute and she'd watched Paige grow up. 'Whatever it takes.' She thought as she looked around the room with grim resolve.

"Not exactly what I'd planned for our next New Mutants reunion..." Roberto muttered, trying to relieve some of the tension. Rahne bristled at the remark since they'd all been treating her like a leper for past few years and hadn't even contacted her when Tier died, but it gave her an idea. Hisako's plan was brilliant and masterfully executed, but anger wouldn't work on Professor Xavier....guilt though....that might work; he had a lot to feel guilty for.

"If ye want tae live tae see another one help me get out of here." Rahne said.

"How?" He asked.

"Th' professor here remembers a traumatized little girl...so that's what I'll show him." Rahne explained.

"Miss Sinclair! Stop whispering and pay attention." Teacher said sternly, assuming the form of Professor Xavier.

"Cut us some slack professor." Roberto said. "We haven't seen each other in forever....I was just asking how she's been." He said.

"I've been in hell!" Rahne yelled. "Ye were th' only family I had, but ye abandoned me! I screwed up! I admit it! But so did both of ye, so why am I th' only one who's still alone?!" She yelled as tears started to run down her cheeks. Roberto realized some of this wasn't an act and he really began to feel bad for her, but they had to get out so he and Illyana played along.

"Cause you're batshit crazy!" Illyana told.

"Shut up!" Rahne snapped as she got up and shoved her out of her seat.

"That's quite enough Miss Sinclair!" Teacher said as he grabbed Rahne's arm and pulled her away from Illyana. "Control yourself! You're not an animal!" He said sternly.

"Don't ye lecture me!" Rahne yelled. "I know how ye've been whoring around with muh mum's murderer! Have ye no decency?!" She screamed as she broke down sobbing.

"Rahne....I....had the best of intentions....really...I...." The professor said as he tried to comfort the sobbing werewolf.

"Leave me alone!" Rahne cried as she turned and ran for the door. Just as she hoped, Professor Xavier's personality engrams overrode Teacher's programming for a split second and he didn't stop her as she burst through the door. She used to have emotional outbursts all the time when she was younger and the professor always gave her time to cool off and collect herself before he went to counsel her.

"Damn....that was messed up..." Roberto said as he turned to Illyana.

"I kinda liked the last part." Illyana said with an evil grin as she watched the phony professor try to process what had just happened.
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by das_boot » 19 Apr 2015, 17:50

Surge stifled down the bile that was threatening to rise as she tried to pay attention to everything else around her, but how in the hell was she meant to do that, with the corpse of Julian, still smouldering in the same room as her?

Her disgust turned to anger-- not grief. There would be time enough for that later... Right now, all she knew was that she had to get her head back in the game. She needed to get out of this room where she could do something-- anything-- without being forced to be in the same room as Julian... Yet another person she had failed to protect. One by one, she noticed that Teacher was allowing her classmates to leave, almost as if excusing them.

"Screw this," she muttered. Normally she would just bust out some massive arcs of electricity and try to blow Teacher's motherboard, but Arcade knew who he was kidnapping. He must be aware of the capabilities of everyone in the room, herself included. She had to start thinking like she listened in Cyclops' tactics lessons and do something that the enemy wasn't expecting... But what?

Her previous mutterings had started a plan formulating. She removed the power regulating screw from her left gauntlet and hid it in her boot.

"Teacher!" She called out, raising her hand. She could already feel electricity building up within her as she absorbed it from nearby sources, lights beginning to flicker and dim. "Oneofthecontrolscrewshasfallenoutofmyfauntletandineedtotryandfinditbeforeiexplodewithelectricalenergyandhurteveryoneintheroom"

Teacher's features melted into those of Forge, who nodded at her curtly.

"Dismissed", it said before returning to directing the studies of the other students.

Nori left her chair and exited the room, finding herself in a hallway, where the previously excused students were beginning to explore their surroundings. She reached into her boot and retrieved the screw, replacing it on her gauntlet.

"Turns out sometimes subtle gets you places after all," she said with a smirk. Monet gave her a dismissive glance. Nori resisted the urge to punch her in her smug face.

"If we're going to get out of here, we need to learn from the YouTube videos Arcade uploaded of the last Arena," she said to the rest of her fellow captors.

"Having just seen one of your team mates die in front of you, wouldn't that make you Hazmat in this scenario?" Replied Monet snootily.

Nori glowered at the Generation X graduate. "With your sisters being able to merge bodies, wouldn't that make them Apex?" She replied, ignoring the dark look that Monet responded with.
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by MartijnB » 19 Apr 2015, 19:58

Abaddon wrote:"Damn....that was messed up..." Roberto said as he turned to Illyana.

"I kinda liked the last part." Illyana said with an evil grin as she watched the phony professor try to process what had just happened.
"I have no time for this... I have Avengers to lead." Roberto said to Illyana.

"You make it sound like the Avengers are better than the X-Men.", Illyana noticed.

"Avengers girl, of course I do. Now watch how a pro does this.", and he walked up to Teacher, who turned from Forge back into Professor Xavier. "Professor, Charles", he put his arm around Teacher's shoulder, "don't think I don't appreciate this little reunion, I do. I have fond memories of my time as a student here with Rahne and Illyana, and it pleases me to see that the niche of young aspiring mutants is still covered, but you must understand I have grown beyond this corner of the superhero business and really have more important matters to attend to right now. Owning A.I.M. and leading the Avengers in their fight against the end of the multiverse consume all of my time right now. And you mustn't think that my time as an Avenger has made me forget my roots either. In many ways, Charles, being an Avengers made me the personification of your dream. Well, Sam's there too, I love the man, but he isn't the visionary I am. I still can't believe you made him lead the New Mutants instead of me. No offense Paige. A mutant, Charles, leading Earth's mightiest heroes. The premier defenders of all life in the multiverse. The Avengers. I'm doing the interviews. I am appearing on the magazine covers. I'll be the one all the girls root for..."

"I don't see what that has got to do with anything.", Teacher said.

"Alright, forget I mentioned the girls rooting for me. I won't. What I'm getting at Charles, I need to be out there, saving the multiverse. Just imagine how much good it will do for mutantkind when the world realizes that the multiverse was saved by a mutant-led team of Earth's mightiest. I'm gonna be that mutant Charles, but I can't be as long as I'm stuck here in this classroom, so what do you say?"

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by gardien » 20 Apr 2015, 08:38

Creep came to with the familiar sight of Storm standing over her. "Wake up Marisol. You're letting value information pass you by," Teacher lectured. Creep grabbed her dphead as a headache slowly crept into it. "I'm not even back at the school for a day and here I am. In the exact position that prompted me to leave." The decoy Storm gave her a stern look. "You left because you wished to help people." "I left," Creep said with her voice rising, "so I could avoid the life and death situations that has become the norm of the X-Men!" Creep reached out into Her surroundings. There wasn't very much plant life around her. The fellow who took her must have known to keep the green stuff to a minimum. "So tell me Ms. Sell Out. Why was I chosen? I Hardly know any one here and those I do don't like me." The Storm Teacher "consider his a baptism by fire. You are going to learn how to play nice with others. Whether that be with words or fists is up to you." Creep gave a sly smile. She knew she had to find a way out and given her gifts it was going to have to be subtle. "Truly now? Well I suppose I could learn how to throw a jab or two. Would you care to show me how? You know, since you have years of expirience in the areana."
The small seedletts in Creeps hair turned sour creating a foul odor. It was one that she was accustomed to. Others however found the stench to be the equivalent of finding an Easter Egg from two years ago stashed behind the worlds nastiest toilet brush. Some said it was like finding a pack of dead animals beneath a massive pile of cow manure. None the less, her plan was working. Those left in the room were beginning to make 'vascas'. The Teacher turned to the others with a puzzled look since apparently it did not have olfactory senses. "What is wrong with all of you?" Robert continued to dry heave along with Husk. Eventually it was the combined efforts of The M Twins blowing chunks for the teacher to dismiss everyone from the room. "Out! Out!" It yelled, "if there is one thing I cannot stand it is vomit!" Oooooouuuuuuutttt!"
With that Freep gladly rose from her chair, letting the moss in her hair slowly die out into petunias. "With pleasure Sell Out."
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by moytura » 20 Apr 2015, 14:03

Nicole and Claude the sat hunched, leaning on a wall outside the class room.The teacher must not have even considered separating them. That was its mistake. Perhaps it thought they were one.
The two felt a deep pride at being the ones to have broken the banks of the tide. At least everyone was out now although probably not safe.
Claudette the was scared for her sister, fearing what would happen to herself were she is die. The two had to move carefully. They knew their closeness could be considered weakness in some fields but it had saved them more often than not.
They were silent. Talking to each other in glances and nods and of course, their psychic link. The first thing they had to figure was whether they were seen as one or two.
The liklihood was that their was something else watching them.
Nicole spoke up
"Everybody, look for cameras, we can't have been left alone"
Roberto seemed annoyed for a second that he hadn't thought about that. Nicole and Claudette just beamed.

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by New girl » 20 Apr 2015, 22:48

"What the hell do we do now?!"
Hope glanced around the room, looking for a solution. Everyone seemed shell shocked. "No wonder" she thought to herself, eyes pausing at Julian's chared corspe. She tore her eyes away and tried to focus. Her eyes however kept returning to Julian. As she stared at him, an idea came to her. Hope's mind rebelled against the idea, but what choice did she have?
Glancing forward, she saw that while her mind was occupied, someone had the foresight to distract the teacher with an academic question. It currently had it's back to the class as it drew a diagram, happily explaining some concept that Hope didn't take the time to identify.
Absorbing the powers of nearby husk , she quickly shed the skin on her finger so that her entire finger was flame. Fighting back bile and proffusly apologising under her breath, Hope touched her now smoking finger to the tattered remains of Julian's clothes. His clothes started to smoulder, then burn in earnest. Between Hope's finger, which she had started waving to waft smoke around, and Julian, there was soon so much smoke in the back of the room that it set off the fire alarm.
Quickly returning her finger to normal, Hope started to fake panic.
" oh god there's a fire, there's so much smoke" at this she started to cough "we need to get out!!"
Hope wasn't sure if the others had caught on or were actually worried that there was a fire. Either way the sound of the alarm and the distressed students made the teacher leap into action and do what any teacher would : order an evacuation.
"Out out!! Go to the assembly point." "Where?" Hope screamed over the sounds of panic, trying to sound scared and confused. It wasn't hard to do.
"Just go down the hallway quickly!"
At this the teacher cocked its head as if confused by its own words.
"We'd better get out before it realises it's supposed to keep us here!" Hope thought frantically to herself as she and the other mutants ran out the door.

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by marhawkman » 20 Apr 2015, 22:59

Illyana sat in her char with an annoyed look on her face as she tried to think of a way to bypass whatever sort of magical barrier was keeping her locked in the room. She chuckled a bit as Rahne made up an amusing distraction, but wasn't any closer to a solution. Then when Roberto started talking about the Avengers she got an idea. what would the Scarlet Witch do? Sure Wanda Maximoff can cast spell, but she usually lets raw chaos magic do the bulk of the work for her. Illyana did not have the ability to wield chaos directly, but she was studied well enough to know how to create a little.

She took out a piece of paper and a pencil, then started to draw. She started by drawing a ten-pointed star and drawing Teacher's face in the center, her robot face, not the disguise she was currently wearing. She then started to draw glyphs at each of the points. At the top, she drew a glyph for Denak, a demon lord with countless armies and insatiable greed. At the bottom she drew a glyph for Ikthalon, Lord of Boreas, and wielder of the eternal frost of stagnation. Next to Denak she then drew a glyph for Krakkan the jailer, creator of Conquest the living embodiment of battle. Opposite Krakkan, and next to Ikthalon, went Raggadorr, creator of Stonecutter the artificer. Next to Raggadorr went Valtorr, creator of Decay the walking force of entropy. Opposite Valtorr, and next to Krakkan, went Watoomb, creator of Tempest the force of nature. Next to Watoomb went Ikonn, creator of Bedlam master of the mind. Across from Ikonn, and next to Valtorr, went Farallah of the hunt, creator of the deadly hunter Carnivore. Next to Farallah went Cyttorak the destroyer, creator of the unstoppable Juggernaut. Across from Cytorrak, and placed between Ikthalon and Ikonn, was Balthakk the burning, creator of the living Inferno.

After she was done, Illyana placed the paper on the edge on the desk and blew on it gently. As it started to glide off the desk onto the floor, 10 colors of mystic energy started to flicker from the paper. The soul-less machine suddenly took notice as the paper starting to twitch in mid-air as the sparks of magic bounced off each other.

"What is the meaning of this Miss Rasputina?" Teacher said angrily.

"Oh, sorry. It was homework for a different class." Illyana stammered.

"Remove it from this room IMMEDIATELY!" Teacher yelled at her.

"Yes, of course," Illyana said as she grabbed the paper and turned to leave.

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Wings » 21 Apr 2015, 17:40

Round 2

As the last of the young mutants escaped Teacher’s grasp, Hope piped up.

“Alright,” she said, “We’re out. Now where the hell are we?”

“Oh my god,” exclaimed Wolfsbane, raising her hand to her mouth in shock as she took in her surroundings. “We’re back at the mansion, this is Xavier’s. This is the school.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Surge. “This doesn’t look anything like the Institute. And the Institute got trashed. With us in it. It’s gone.”

“This is from before your time, Nori,” replied Wolfsbane, turning her head towards her former charge. “This is the original Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Before it got blown up the…” Rahne trailed off, glancing at her fellow New Mutants.

“Don’t look at me, Rahne,” Sunspot replied. “I’ve honestly lost count how many times the place went sky high…”

“Real reassuring,” Creep said sarcastically.

“Guys,” said Armor, beckoning to the rest of the group. “I think you’ll want to see this.”

Armor stood at a door and through that door was a green expanse filled with trees and an assortment of exotic and colourful flora and fauna. The area was contained within a glass dome, and a treehouse could be seen on the far side.

“Damn,” Husk cursed. “This is the Bio Dome from Massachusetts.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Magik. “I don’t remember a Bio Dome.”

“Paige is right,” M confirmed. “This is where Generation X trained, before the school in Snow Valley was blown up.”

“Well, I don’t want to be a pessimist, guys,” said Armor uneasily. “But I’m sensing a pattern here…”

“Alright,” said Sunspot. “I think it’s best if we find out exactly what we’re up against.”

M nodded in agreement.

“I want you all to split up into groups, take a room and then report back,” Roberto ordered, “Illyana and Rahne, you’re with me. M, can you and the creepy blonde girls keep us all in contact?”

“Of course.” Monet replied, rolling her eyes. “My sisters will remain with me as well.”

With, that the group split up, each new room stirring up more old memories for the mutants. They recognised old dorm rooms, living areas, hallways. The place was a mishmash, a mix of various different structures that had housed the X-Men’ students, from the original Xavier’s school to Cyclops’ rebel New Xavier School for Mutants. The mutants continued to explore, until the lights went out. This was followed by a sonic attack that rattled throughout the entire building and left the mutants on their knees, as their ears throbbed painfully.

The noise subsided and Sunspot rose to his feet, activating his solar powers. “Everyone, Bio Dome! Now!” he said, as he rocketed off.

When he and his companions reached the Bio Dome however, a terrifying sight awaited them. The other mutants had arrived at the rendez-vous point, but throughout the Bio Dome, holographic images were flickering into view, hard light constructs wearing all too familiar faces. Nimrods, Purifiers, the MLF, the Acolytes, the Brotherhood, Magneto, Mystique, Apocalypse, Selene…. foes who as soon as they materialised began to advance menacingly on the group.

“M?” Roberto asked, as Illyana manifested her Soulsword, and swung it around, creating a portal to the other mutants with eldritch fire. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, Roberto,” Monet replied angrily. “Whomever of us triggered all this, the Cuckoos and I lost contact with everyone briefly when the first attack hit.”

“Attention Students: Your Danger Room Examination has begun.” A voice said, calling out to them over the speakers. “Courtesy of Arcade. You can thank me if you manage to survive. Have fun down there!”

“Just what we need…” muttered Armor.

“There’s something else, Mr. da Costa” the Cuckoos chorused.

“What?” asked Sunspot.

Noriko stood aside to reveal a small metallic device fixed into the ground. There was a timer on it and it had already started counting down. “I’ve tried disrupting it and we tried moving it, but it won’t work. We’ve got ten minutes before this place blows up!”

“Great. Stand aside,” said Sunspot condescendingly. “I haven’t tried yet. But keep me covered, I may be strong but I’m not invulner-

Roberto gagged as a shard of glass came out of nowhere and struck him in the throat, and he fell to the ground reverting to normal, as it tore through his throat and shredded his windpipe. The other mutants barely had time to register the Avenger’s death, before the Danger Room holograms began to attack in earnest…

Arcade's Live Action Assassination List

Academy X
das_boot: Noriko Ashida/Surge
hotknives: Phoebe, Irma and Celeste Cuckoo/The Stepford Cuckoos
Liquid Nitrogen: Hisako Ichiki/Armor

Generation X
Mastermind: Paige Guthrie/Husk
XtremeOne1: Monet St.Croix/M
Moytura: Nicole and Claudette St.Croix/The St.Croix Twins

The New Mutants
Abaddon: Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane
Marhawkman: Illyana Rasputina/Magik

The Lights and the JGS
Gardien: Marisol Guerra/Creep
New girl: Hope Summers/Hope

The Dead
Julian Keller/Hellion (NPC)
MartijnB: Roberto da Costa/Sunspot

The killing begins! The school is about to blow up, but that’s nothing new to students of the X-Men! Use your knowledge of the various schools that have housed the students to find evade the foes dogging you and find escape routes. You may work together or alone. The writer of the best written post will receive immunity.

This round will end at 7PM Friday 24th. Don't forget to send in your votes for your group power along with your votes for the killer!
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Mastermind » 22 Apr 2015, 06:19

Paige only moments to absorb the shock of the demise of one of their most senior members (and someone Paige had personally known for the bulk of her adult life), she quickly turned her focus to the very imminent and real threat to her very own survival

The group had yet to fracture and scatter and she could sense that each individual was going through the same process of shock as she was.

Paige tried had to push down the image of Bobby's still gurgling throat and willed herself to focus on the task of identifying the various threats that were materializing
around her. Most she recognised, having either faced off against them during her time with the X-men or from the scowering of the archival database in her off time at the
Massachusetts Academy. One thing became alarming clear to her... They were all formidable in their own ways.

Just then her train of thought was broken by the sound of an explosion behind her. She swivelled instinctively and caught the last seconds of a Nimrod exploding under
the influence of Magik's arcane abilities.

She also caught glimpse of Monet ushering her sisters in a protective fashion back down a corridor that would lead them to the living areas of the old Xavier Institute.

Good Instincts M thought Paige as she looked around to find the younger students of the Xmen We've got to get these kids out of the fight

As if to announce their location a streak of electricity flew past Paige and struck the Scarlet Witch, who had been advancing towards the group. Following the surge back
to its Source, Paige discovered Noriko, the Cuckoo's, Armour and a young girl Paige wasn't sure she'd met all standing together in a form of defensive arc.

...Okay, think Paige... Wait.. this is the Bio-Dome. We used to spend hours running training drills here with Sean. He'd always be on at us about using our surroundings! Hide, evade .. survive.. all those lessons. recollected Paige Wait..... THE CUBBY HOUSE!!!!! Sure sometimes more strange things would come OUT of it than would go IN... But it's a defensive strong hold. Why else would Emma and Sean send Artie, Leech and Franklin there when things went crazy at the school!

"Kids" yelled Paige, simultaneously shucking her arm to a more rock like substance " Follow me!!!"

Surge shot out another blast at her opponent and without turning to focus on Husk replied " No Offence Guthrie.. But I don't think we're any safer with you.. You went
a little loco there for a bit"

"Exactly" said Irma as she psychically attacked Toad " The last time we were in a classroom with you"
" - You nearly burnt the School down" replied Celeste enhancing her sisters attack

Using her enhanced arm to land a solid punch on Mastermind's jaw, a wounded Paige replied .." Girls? ...I don't.... Well ah don't remember all that...At any rate, I'm sure I had your best intentions at heart... Look, no.. this aint the time for us to be divided.. Ah have somewhere safe I can take you"

"Sorry Ms G.. You're super sweet and all. But we've got this. We can take these losers out any way" stated Surge with a slight twinge of arrogance. " Cmon Cuckoo's ..
there are some Purifiers butts Id really like to kick"

As the four young mutants ran off towards their enemies Paige hollered (in vain) " Well, please... see if they have the Toilets of the Jean Grey School. You know they have
inbuilt Danger Rooms.."

"Keep Safe!!!!"

Deflated, Paige had almost failed to notice that Armour and the other young lady had remained behind..

Registering Husk's surprise the young Marisol answered " Look, I know I was only there for a week or two, but it became pretty clear that you should always do the opposite to what those kids do!.. I control plant life.. mostly I make flowers grow... You got a plan to keep me alive. I'm all ears"

"Noriko can be a bitch sometimes, but she means well " said Hisako weakly

Paige tried to hide the gratitude from her face. She did her best to channel Emma or Scott Summers.

"Right Girls, Follow me!"

Skirting around the various groups of enemies scattered around the grounds, the three mutants shortly came to the huge Cedar tree that had provided the frame for
the Cubby House.

The two younger mutants looked from it to Paige and then back up again

"Well now I'm glad Noriko didn't come with us" said Armor snidely " I'd have never lived this down"

"Well.. it's my pleasure to teach you a valuable lesson today girls " said Paige as she started to climb its rope ladder "People like us should know better than to underestimate appearances"

"Right cause a child's play house is much more menacing than its swing set and square windows may imply" said Creep, matching Armors mocking tone

When all three girls were on the Balcony, Paige waited a moment, getting a sense of if the cubby was already occupied. When she was satisfied there would be no unpleasant surprises waiting for them on the other side. She gently nudged the door open.

Ignoring the slight groans and disbelief of the younger women as they surveyed the scene of childlike heaven within the room. Paige ushered Creep aside and pulled up
the rug that covered the center of the flooring.

To her satisfaction, and the other two mutants surprise there was a small trapdoor built into the flooring.

"Ah HA" said Paige smugly.

"You probably haven't had the good fortune to meet Franklin Richards, but I've no doubt you've heard of the Name. He's the son of Richard and Sue Richards.. That's right,
of the Fantastic Four. Additionally, he's a mutant..one of the most powerful mutants we might have in our number at the moment. If I'm correct.. and I think I am.. he
created a little pocket universe behind this very trap-door for him and his friends to muck around in and escape should the need be necessary."

"I'm gonna put you in there" said Paige triumphantly

"Okay Woah Ms Guthrie" said Armor putting her hands up " I get it, great plan but.. Pocket universe.. ... universe to where? what? when?".. Do I really have to be the one
to point out how dangerous this sounds"

"You only have to go in and sit close to the entrance" said Paige in defence.

"Alright...Look, it's a plan....so, Paige is it?.." said Creep " 10 points to you.. How do I get in?"

Paige unlocked the latch and slowly pulled back the door. All three held their breath momentarily, waiting to catch a glimpse of the strange world that lay beyond the door.



There was NOTHING behind the door. Just more floor.

"Wait no?!.. ah know Franklin did this. He told me so" said Paige frantically, as she tried to close and reopen the door numerous time.

Armor threw her hands on her head letting out an irritated noise " Husk?!..... this isn't THE Massachusetts Academy. It's a Facsimile!

"I'm Sorry" replied Paige with Guilt. "Ah should have known Arcade couldn't be that thorough!"

"Ya Think" berated Armor back

"So... Not Safe" replied Creep unhelpfully

Just Then they heard voices and a thud on the Balcony outside. The Door was opened and four bulking men from the Sapiens League entered. Brandishing their knives and
guns they looked at the three young women with glee and evil intent.

"Well Looky Here fella's.. Three little girls in the doll house!!... Can we play?!" replied the biggest and ugliest one...

"Looks like we will be fightin today girls" said Paige calmly "I did hope to avoid this"

As the men began to motion towards the three mutants, Paige shucked her entire body into Steel and Armor engaged powers

Noticing a look a slight panic on Marisol's face, Paige touched the girl on the shoulder

"Marisol.... don't forget you're in a treehouse

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Abaddon » 23 Apr 2015, 03:13

"Arcade ye bastard!" Rahne cried as she watched the life fade from Roberto's eyes.

They'd had their differences of late, but he was her friend and she loved him. Anger forced grief aside, but Rahne fought back against her savage impulses; she had to help the others escape. She'd been positive it was Arcade's work since she learned Illyana's magic was stifled and Monet and Noriko had figured it out even before she had. Nori was right, they had to use their knowledge of his previous crimes against him. She knew that meant he had someone on the inside aiding him and she was sick at the realization that one of her fellow captives was a murderer.

Rahne snapped back to reality and tore into a group of purifiers advancing on her. They seemed solid enough and she realized this whole place a Danger Room simulation. 'He must have scavenged it from the ruins of the institute!' She thought as she dodged a blast from a sentinel. She saw Paige making a run for the tree house with Hisako and Marisol and she wanted to follow, but she'd lost track Illyana. As she looked around frantically, she caught sight of Hope and rushed to her aid.

"Come on! I might know a way out of here!" Rahne yelled as they fended off another sentinel.

"Great, let's get the others!" Hope yelled as they ran toward Noriko and the Stepford Cuckoos who were busy battling purifiers.

"Nori! Lets go!" Rahne yelled. "We're runnin' outta time!"

"What's your plan?!" Hope asked.

"We might find a way out through the Danger Room!" Rahne explained. "If not, maybe it'll shield us from th' bomb!"

"I don't know about this plan..." Noriko said warily.

"Yeah..." Hope agreed.

"He willnae kill us all in th' first round, he wants tae give those bloody sadists on th' internet another show! There has tae be a safe zone here somewhere!" Rahne said. "Look, if the two of ye can come up with somethin' better I'll gladly help ye, but right now, we have tae do somethin' besides give these fools targets tae shoot at!"

"Ok, I'll round up the Cuckoos and the family M and catch up, you two try to clear a path Noriko said, stepping into her leadership role again.


"Did you mean what you said back in the classroom?" Hope asked as she and Rahne dispatched two Sapien League thugs guarding the door and checked for more booby traps.

"Some of it..." Rahne admitted.

"I'm sorry." Hope said.

"Dinnae worry about it." Rahne told her. They were suddenly jumped by more purifiers as they made their way inside and another fierce battle broke out. Rahne and Hope were separated as they fought from room to room and suddenly Rahne was confronted by the last person she'd ever hoped to see.

"Hell spawn!" Reverend Craig snarled as he stepped from the shadows. Rahne immediately flashed back to her captivity and torture by the purifiers and sank to her knees in front of him shaking. She'd only joined X-Force for a chance to get to him and try to save him from himself, but in the end his hate had destroyed him and very nearly her along with him.

"I shall cleanse the world of your evil." He hissed as he drew a pistol out of his coat and aimed right between her eyes.

"Wolfsbane! Fightback!" Hope yelled, snapping Rahne out of her flashback in time to strike her father, knocking him out cold.

"Who's that?!" Hope asked as she stepped over Reverend Craig to comfort Rahne.

"He's.....he's muh....muh father...." Rahne choked out as her eyes filled with tears and leaned against the wall to collect herself. "Hope, be careful....he must know everything about us and he'll use it all against us..." Rahne gasped.

"Sick freak." Hope said with disgust.

"Aye....I hear th' others...lets see if they have a better plan, or if we're still goin' tae th' Danger Room." Rahne said as she forced herself to regain her composure. She and Hope had cleared the way for the others, whatever they were going to do, they had to do quickly. She knew the timer on this bomb was counting down and they had to make a decision quickly.
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by gardien » 24 Apr 2015, 05:32

Panic didn't even cover the emotions running through her mind. Marisol had never used her powers against another human being. The worst she ever did was make the room smell or look bad. But this, this was a whole new ballpark. Paige gently tapped Marisol on the shoulder to remind her of where they were. Treehouse.

"Ok. This is goin to be interesting," she thought to herself. As one of the men pulled out his gun Husk quickly jabbed him in the throat. The Sapien Leauger flew through the small planks of wood that were the wall of the clubhouse. She turned to face her next opponent but Before she could go after the other, a man holding a rod iron pipe struck Husk behind her neck. A small hum emitted from the rod and felled Paige. "See ya nasty gene freaks," the tallest man started. "Now that most of us have found religion Stryker gave us some new little toys to put you down for the count." He pulled out a small disk no bigger than a cd. " this is my favorite one." Armor, dressed in her pretty little red exoskeleton, took down the Rod Man and was making short work of the other one. "This is a little person smoke screen for you Eggroll." The Sapien League brute threw the disk under Hisako. The disk hissed allowing grey smoke to emit from it. It penetrated Armor's defenses swallowing her up in it. All that could be seen under the exoskeleton was pitch black. Armor tried deactivating but her anxiety was getting the best of her. " I prefer my food smoked instead of fried little girl."

The man made his way to Marisol. "As for you? Your so pathetic I'm keeping this old school. A good old fashion bullet in your head." The man pointed his gun. Marisol could smell the gun powder starting to smoke. "I can do this. I can do this." Just as the mans finger was going to pull the trigger, a sharp branch pertruded thought the flooring. It pierced the mans arm growing into the roof causing him to drop the gun but also become trapped. He screamed bloody murder. Not even meaning to another branch came and pierced his hip. "I'm so sorry!" She screamed as she scurried last the bleeding man. She came to Armor,s side. Hisako had finally came to solid ground and released her armor. She was coughing wildy. "I----can't------brief-----"

Marisol reached into her hair and pulled out a small seed. "Listen to me, put this between your teeth. I need you to breathe deep. At least ten good reps. And whatever you do, do not swallow it!" Hisako was a bit hesitant about it. She tried to question her but coughed wildly instead. "Just do it already!" Marisol screamed. Hisako did so. Creep's eyes went white as the seed became darker with every breathe Hisako released. Finally, Armor's breathing was normal, her coughing gone with it. Creep took the said out of her mouth and placed it back in her hairl "What did you do?" Creep answered her cooly. "At my home there have been fires that rage for days infecting everyone in my town with smoke inhalation. I lost my grandma to it. And I swore that I would help my people out in any way I could. So when I was given this gift I started studying herbology. It's common sense plants thrive off of carbon dioxide and provided us with oxygen. All I did was foculize this within your body thus removing the toxins from your body."
Hisako's attention was brought to the man that Creep protected herself from. "That was the first time I ever used my powers that way," Creep bashful said. This puzzled Armor. "so you can work on molecular levels bit you can't control plants? You do realize how ass backwards that sounds right?" Creep pulled out another plant to bring Husk out of her daze. She waved it in front of Paige's nose and it brough her back. "Yes I know it's ironic. But I'm a healer not a fighter."

Soon the three mutants were on level ground again. Armor looked around and knew that Thier enemies would be coming for them soon. "We need to either find the others or find a better position to protect ourselves. Here we are wide open for an attack from any direction,"Husk Stated. once more they were on the move. Suddenly an idea ran across Armor's mind. "Creep, I'm sure you don't know this but Julian was a powerful mutant." Creep rolled her eyes. "Of course I did. He wouldn't stop mentioning it to me when he was hitting on me." Armor continued, "The thing is he didn't get that way on his own. Emma Frost had to open his powers up. If the Cuckoos could do that for you, you have more of a chance of fighting with your gifts." Creep was interested but didn't want it to show. "And why would I do that?" "That way You'd be able to heal and defend others," Armor finished.

Marisol stopped in her tracks. Husk slowed down and asked if she was ok. "I'm fine. But I want to meet the Cuckoos. If I can get a better grasp on my chlorokinesis then I can keep us all safe." husk smiled. "The. That's our plan. We find the Cuckoos and get you roaring." Marisol looked around her environment and plucked leaves, roots, branches and other miscellaneous plant life and out them into her hair and pockets. " I'm ready. Let's do this."
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by hotknives » 24 Apr 2015, 10:21

The Cuckoos weren't entirely sure why everybody saw the Purifiers as such a threat.
The silly, ignorant men were no match for the combined might of the Cuckoos.
12 approached them, leaving the Cuckoos with nowhere to run, and little room for maneuver.
"Girls?" Phoebe asked, a smirk crossing her face. Her sisters joined her, holding hands and facing outwards towards the approaching Purifiers.
Their hairstyles and dresses still matched - and Irma wondered if the other girls would mind staying like that. She quite enjoyed matching with her sisters again, and felt more herself than she had done in months.

A quick psychic blast from the girls quickly knocked all 12 Purifiers unconcious.
Celeste smiled. "You know, I guess it is good to be working together. Plus I quite like how our..."
She was abruptly silenced as a Purifier hand tightened round her throat.
"Godless heathen. Your kind are a plague on our world and will be smitten from this place of Gods creation. You will repent, and you..."
He was cut off as roots sprung up from under the ground, wrapped around his legs, and slammed him to the floor - the force making him release Celeste and knocking him unconscious.

A girl appeared - "Hi, I'm Marisol" Husk and Armor walked up behind her "And I could really do with your help"
The Cuckoo's looked at each other.
"Sure" Phoebe began. "Are we talking help with your powers, or help with a makeover. Because we can do both. And, like, you need both"
Marisol shrugged "Whatever you think will help - and whatever will let me help everyone else"
The Cuckoos agreed - they could definitely do with someone as potentially powerful as Marisol. Focusing intently, they attempted to show the girl the extent of what she could do with her powers.

The makeover could wait.
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by das_boot » 25 Apr 2015, 14:23

"GAH!" Surge bellowed as she punched a Purifier in the face at super-speed, the satisfying crack of a broken jaw ringing in her ears. She noticed the Cuckoos, Armor, Husk, and that creepy plant girl being advanced upon by another wave of Purifiers. Noriko grimaced as she prepared to hurl electric blasts at her foes.

She snarled, dashing forward with a burst of speed, allowing arcs of electricity to flow behind her in her wake. The Purifiers were hurled backwards by the force of the blasts, their flesh smoking from the intense heat of the bursts.

Smelling it brought back mental images of Julian's charred body-- she suppressed them: there would be time to grieve later.

"We need to get out of here," said Surge. "We're giving them too much room to manoeuvre here, we need to go to guerrilla tactics".

"We see what you're thinking," said Irma.

"But there's still the small problem of the bombs," continued Celeste.

"Not to mention that Monet's already gone to hide her sisters somewhere," finished Phoebe. "She's a bitch at the best of times, annoying her now would probably be tantamount to suicide".

"Monet doesn't like bombs," offered Paige. "She lost someone really dear to her because of bombs in our old school. This must seem a bit close to the bone for her..."

"Okay," sighed Surge. "New plan".


Five minutes later, Paige was running through the stream that meandered through the Danger Grotto, her pace was heavy, causing loud splashes with every impact.

"We've got one!" cried out a Purifier from the bank of the river, just as a swarm of Friends of Humanity arrived at the adjacent bank.

"She's our kill!" Bellowed one of the FOH.

"Not likely," smirked Paige, grabbing the back of her head and tearing off her skin. "NOW!"

The river bank began to crumble beneath the feet of the mutant hunters, Creep having used her powers to make the plant life erode the soil on either side. Paige stood in the water, her insulated rubber form revealed, as Surge burst from the bushes nearby, cascades of electrical energy pouring from her body, as she electrocuted the twenty or so armed men who had thought to attack Paige. They fell to the river bed, subdued.

"Nice plan, Nori," said Paige. "Even if I'm a little melted around the edges".

"No problem," she sighed, her reserves momentarily depleted. If she was going to survive this, she needed another charge... Soon.
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by moytura » 26 Apr 2015, 17:18

Monet is keeping them safe. Wandering down corridor after corridor has left the three with a state feeling. Like they should be normal and thankful and enormously grateful for the pleasure of not being the fight they can hear far behind them. But it's dirty. Monet feels it the most.
She should be back there. She doily be fighting for her kind and for her feels. Keeping her family safe is the only comfort but even she begins to question her motives when her sisters shift into one. That's how they feel safest, when they are close.
To Monet, it plants a stone in her stomach to see how literally selfish she is being.
She turns and runs to the fight, faster than light. Leaving herself behind her.

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by New girl » 26 Apr 2015, 17:34

Hope and Wolfsbane ran back towards the voices, aware that they didn't have much time left. As they ran, Hope kept seeing the agonised and utterly defeated look on Rahne's face when she saw the simulation of her father,Roberto's throat being punctured by the flying shard of glass and of Julian's corpse on fire. Hope trembled with anger. "I'm going to kill the cowardly shit who caused all this" she growled under her breath, tears welling up in her eyes. She took a deep breath." Survive first, cry later" she muttered.
They skidded to a stop before the others.
"We cleared the way to the danger room. Ah think we'll be safe in there" Rahne said.
"That doesn't sound too safe" Creep said sceptically.
"Well if anyone else has a better idea you better talk fast. We only have about a minute left until that bomb goes off" Hope snapped.
They all glanced at each other.
"Let's go." The cuckoos chimed simultaneity.
"Wait we're missing some people." Hope realised suddenly.
"We just have to hope for the best" husk said as the group started running for the danger room.
Hope hesitated, torn. It didn't seem right to leave the others to fend for themselves but there was no time. She ran after the other, but only after using the cuckoo's powers to send out a mental shout of "TAKE COVER".
Hope was nearly in the door when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She whirled towards it, settling into a battle stance. Her eyes widened. "Nathan? NATHAN."
Hope could see Cable, standing there right out in the open,smiling at her, seeming not to notice the purifiers at his back coming his way.
Hope started to move in his direction when a hand grabbed her shoulder.
" Hope snap out of it! It's just a simulation, like mah father! They're trying to mess with you!" Wolfsbane tugged her back towards the door, and Hope let her, realising the true of what rahne said but unable to tear her eyes off him. She kept her eyes on the fake Cable until the door closed. She pressed her back against the nearest wall before sliding down, wrapping her arms around her knees, shaking. She knew it wasn't him, he was smiling and standing out in the open not noticing someone behind him for gods sake!! That didn't make it any easier to leave him out there knowing a bomb was about to go off. She clenched her eyes shut, a single tear leaking out when she heard the boom of the bomb going off.
She drew a deep, shuddering breath before opening her eyes and asking in as even a voice as possible asked "so what's next?"

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Liquid Nitrogen » 26 Apr 2015, 18:36

All things considered, their situation could be a lot worse.
Hisako was glad to have the Cuckoos and Nori with her.

Ever since the Schism things hadn't been the same for Academy X. They chose sides. They split up. Even with everyone at the Jean Grey School, some of that divide stayed.

They weren't Academy X anymore. They were just a bunch of kids with crazy powers and anger issues.

But they were still like family. And if Hisako learned anything from Lilo and Stitch (her favourite movie) family means no one gets left behind.
They were getting out of this.

A plan started to form in Hisako's mind

They were in the patchwork of school's and the St Whatsits were AWOL.
Best thing to do would be regrouping in the grounds. Open spaces. Perfect for guerrilla tactics.
All they needed was an exit point, preferably without three dozen bad guys sprouting from the place. All the usual exits weren't there or just doors that led nowhere. The windows were reinforced.

So they neede to find the ice part of JGS.
"Surge, you still have enough juice to get through 4 feet of ice?"
Nori caught on quick "Always."
Cause Physics!

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Wings » 26 Apr 2015, 23:22

Round 3[

Murderworld Control Room
The mutants had managed to remain calm, even as a bomb was about to go off in their midst. That much was hardly a surprise. Even more so than their mutate counterparts, the mutants had been hardened by their experiences, facing discrimination and threats to their lives on a quasi-daily basis. But Arcade was determined to make this one count.

The greasy haired man smiled as he observed the mutants speedily dispatch their foes and make their escape. It seemed this group would be harder to divide, and unluckily for Arcade, he couldn’t use that lovely Trigger Scent that turned Laura Kinney into such a killing machine to quickly add to the chaos.

He turned to his companion.

“Regan, if you would? I’ll need at least one more of them dead, before they start tearing themselves apart, and I want them in the dark about who could betray them.”

“I thought this was meant to be my Murderworld,” Regan Wyngarde, the deadly Lady Mastermind complained. “You’re being one hell of a back seat driver, Arcade.”

“I fake my death for the umpteenth time, blow my cover to free you from prison and this is how you repay me?” Arcade replied in mock indignation. “A boy’s entitled to have a little fun in the slaughter house of his own creation, no?”

“Maybe,” shrugged Regan, before she clasped her fingers tight over Arcade’s temples. “I might just let you have that.”

Regan smiled as Arcade fell pray to her illusion, and slumped forward in his chair. Regan kicked it over and took Arcade’s place at the Murderworld’s controls. She observed the X-Kids from the various camera feeds streaming in from across the island.

She began broadcasting a telepathic message.

“Killer, this is Wyngarde. I’ve got the kill covered, just get the **** outta there.”

5 minutes later
The grouping of X-Men students got as far as the beach before the structure behind them exploded, showering them with dust and ash. Armor and Husk shielded the other eight mutants from debris. Coming out relatively unscathed, the group let out a collective sigh of relief, before they noticed the Cuckoos had gone missing in the chaos.

“Hey kiddies!” Lady Mastermind announced as she popped into existence before them. “And Girl Cannonball.” She added, casting a knowing glance to Husk. “I thought you might like to know this fun little game is coming to you courtesy of yours truly. For all the fun times we had, when you were leering at me in the hallways, and stabbing me in the gut and leaving me to die.”

“I swear to God-“ Husk began, powering up.

“I’d stop right there, farm girl. I don’t think Mama Guthrie would appreciate the words about to come out of your mouth. Not that I don’t know your family are perverts. Next time? Make sure your brother’s girlfriend hijacks someone else’s brain,” Regan said, smirking. “First off, because I know you’re all thinking it, this is an illusion, dumbasses. None of you can lay a finger on me. And before the psychics start trying their mumbo jumbo, I’ve got that covered. Your minds are laden with post-hypnotic suggestions, so you’re all just better off just playing along, ‘kay?”

The mutants just glared.

“So,” Regan continued, “Let’s have some fun, shall we? In about two minutes, I’m going to activate one of those suggestions, and you’re all going to start spilling your deepest darkest secrets. You can try and fight it if you want, but don’t blame me if you break your brain. If there’s anything you want to get off your chest, I’d do it now…” Regan smiled darkly. "It’s all about to come out anyway. I mean take Kentucky for instance..."

A quick click of her fingers, and Regan formed the illusion of dozens of neon signs floating over Paige.

"This girl, had sex in the sky in front of her own mother. Like I said, the Guthries are frisky, like jackrabbits but y'know, Paige hasn't shyed away from her exhibitionist tendencies. She knows how important it is to feel safe being yourself. And I think we can all appreciate that, right?"

Regan looked to each of her captives in turn.

“No takers?” She asked. The group remained silent. “Alright, let’s have us a party then…” Regan snapped her fingers once more and waves of psychic compulsion washed over the group.

Regan let her mind wander back to the control room, and grabbed the popcorn Arcade had left nearby. This was going to be fun…
Lady Mastermind's Live Action Assassination List
Academy X
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Liquid Nitrogen: Hisako Ichiki/Armor

Generation X
XtremeOne1: Monet St.Croix/M
Mastermind: Paige Guthrie/Husk
moytyra: Nicole and Claudette St.Croix/The St.Croix twins

The New Mutants
marhawkman: Illyana Rasputina/Magik
Abaddon: Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane

The Lights and JGS
New girl: Hope Summers/Hope
gardien: Marisol Guerra/Creep

The Dead
Julian Keller/Hellion(NPC)
MartijnB: Roberto da Costa/Sunspot
Hotknives: Phoebe, Celeste and Irma Cuckoo/The Stepford Cuckoos

You’ve all been placed under the mental command of Lady Mastermind! You must each reveal your deepest secret, and also admit your suspicion of one of your fellow mutants! Bear in mind that this suspicion does not have to match one of your votes. Voting remains private. Remember to vote for your group powers. Best written post will receive immunity.

I forgot to mention that hotknives was the winner of the first round's immunity challenge!Unfortunately this round's winner had to be Mastermind! Anyone who hasn't submitted their votes for Round Two please do so as soon as you are able. This round's deadline is Wednesday the 29th of April at 9 PM Greenwich Mean Time.
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Mastermind » 27 Apr 2015, 05:49

Red faced and unable to meet the eyes of any of her surrounding captors, Paige turned on her heel and walked briskly down the beach and away from the others. When she felt she'd put sufficient distance between herself and the group, she turned towards the ocean and thew herself into a seated position miserably.

Arms folded, she sighed and began to stare vacantly at the waves crashing on the shoreline.

She sensed movement behind her.

"Go Away" Paige declared, not bothering to turn around to see who had approached her.

Silently, Monet floated down to take a seat next to her. " Look... we can do this one way, with you channeling one of Jubilation's famous tantrums. Or.."

Monet took Paige's chin and gently turned it to meet her cool but gently warming expression " You can let me fix this"

Paige threw her hands up in the air and slapped them back down on her thighs " .Of course you can fix this! You're the great Monet St Croix! What wrong cant you right?!" said Paige in a huffed tone.

"Please.. Monet will suffice hehe. The "Great" bit is kind of Tautology dont you think?" replied M in her trade mark snide.

"No really Monet..." said Paige building in frustration " do you ever stop to spare a thought for us "Lesser folk".

"All Mah life!, from as far back as ah can remember.. Ah wanted to be Someone!. Ah saw Sam leave the farm in the fancy X-Jet with the professor and Ah couldnt wait for my turn. Then Ah got my powers and Ah thought ...This is it!! Its time to make a difference! Ah'm going to stand up there one day, shoulder to shoulder with the men and women who saved mutantkind!!. "

Paige picked up a handful of sand and let it run threw her fingers

"So Ah tried to lose ma accent. Ah set to the books.. Night after night, doing the extra readings, striving for the A+.Ah pushed my powers, He'll Ah even tried to lead us on one or two occasions! .. Ah kissed Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy's be-hind whenever the damn opportunity presented itself."

Paige threw the sand violently towards the ocean

"And for what?!........ Damn Nothing the ways Ah see it!"

"..What the hell are you talking about Paige?!" replied M to Paige's outburst. " You're are an X-man! Hell, you're one of the ones alive?! That has to count for something?!"

"Ah'm Invisible Monet!!!" said Paige as tears welled up in her eyes "I'm the one they call if they need someone who can take a hit.. I'm just a 'bruiser' to them, a shield.. They don't respect me.. Don't value me! ... Ah think Storm sometimes forgets Ah'm even there anymore!"

"I'm sure that's not the case Paige" replied M " I think you've let Lady Masterminds stupid little tinkering get the best of you"

"Well you can say that cant you.." said Paige " They need you. They called you in to save the day!!!. That's what you do right? that's your thing, You're perfect! So you're straight to the A Team"

"They call me when they want a damn Babysitter!!!!!. And even then those little monsters want nothing to do with me" said Paige Bitterly

"Well firstly, ... I pity the fool who doesn't take you seriously ( Sorry, you left yourself wide open there)" said M, attempting to bring a little levity to the conversation " Secondly, cut yourself some slack girl!"

Monet tried to put her arm around Paige "We live crazy lives and we've all taken some hits at one point or another "

Paige shrugged her hand away " Mmmmn, Look. Ah'm sorry Monet. Ah'm sure you mean well. But this is all just cold comfort from the "Princess of Perfection"

Paige got up and started to walk back towards the group. She steeled herself for the judgmental stares and soft whispers. Most gave her an awkward glance but Hope holds her gaze with Paige. Such is the intensity and look of mistrust in Hopes eyes that Paige felt the need to break contact and look away as she continued walking past

P.S. Why is my amazing VICTORY from last round ..Unfortunate?! :shock: :? :lol:

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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by Abaddon » 27 Apr 2015, 06:36

Rahne felt like giving up as she sat down in the sand and shook the dust and ash out of her hair. The last few years of her life had been filled with nothing but defeat, disappointment and tragedy. Now four of her former students were dead as well as one of her oldest friends and she hadn't been able to do anything to save them. 'I can't save anyone...' She thought as she wiped away her tears.

"That BITCH!" Paige yelled. She was absolutely mortified and M's insufferable smirking face didn't help matters any. "What th' hell are you lookin' at St. Croix?!" She snapped. "You won't think this is so damn funny once we see what yer're hidin'!" Paige yelled.

"SHUT UP!" Rahne yelled, startling everyone. She wasn't usually one to take charge, but the look on her face was enough to given even M pause for a moment. "Tha's wha' they want....fer ye tae turn on each other like poor Cammi and Laura and those others did." She said. "Makes fer better ratings." She added, contempt dripping from every word.

"Big talk, you want to go first?!" M asked in a condescending tone.

"I've had tae watch muh whole family die in front of me....muh best friend still hates me and willnae even speak tae me....everyone else pretends I dinnae exist.....do ye really think I give a damn if ye know muh "darkest secret" M?!" Rahne yelled angrily.

"Lets get this over with." Rahne said she stood up. "I joined X-Force tae save muh father once I found out he'd joined th' purifiers." Rahne admitted. "I hated tha' man....he abused me fer years, he perverted God's word and he even tried tae kill me." She said. "I hated him....but he was still muh father...and I couldn't just leave him tae die without tryin' tae save him." She said as she wiped her eyes. "I wanted tae forgive him, but part of me was stupid enough tae want him tae love me....he was a monster, he was all I had left...." She told them.

"It didnae work and I got captured." She said as she took a breath. "They brainwashed me tae attack Angel....which I did...and Josh...and Laura...and then I brought his wings tae them like a good dog." She said as she struggled to keep her composure. "Once I got back....he tried tae kill me...because he never saw me as his child....he called me Satan's daughter." She said as he voice broke.

"And you killed him to get away?" Noriko asked, trying to save Rahne from anymore pain.

"I ate him!" Rahne yelled. "I ate muh father! He stood up in front of Angel's wings screaming blasphemy at me and th' mind control kicked in....I ate muh father...." She said as she hung her head and began to cry. The others were beyond shocked and Marisol looked like she might be about to throw up. "I went mad after tha'....I spit on Hrimhari's memory...I lied tae Rictor and I abandoned muh baby..." She said as she sat back down in the sand.

"Ye cannae beat me like this Wyngarde, because I dinnae have any dignity left." Rahne said as Regan wadded up her empty bag of popcorn and threw it at the screen. Rahne had ruined her fun by owning the situation, but she still had one trick left. As determined as Rahne was NOT to play she and Arcade's games, Regan could use her powers to force her to openly admit that she suspected someone was a mole. Now who should she force Rahne to accuse she wondered as she stared gleefully at the screen full of potential victims. Yes, this would be great fun despite Rahne's stubbornness.

"GAH!" Rahne gasped as she put her hands to her temples and tried to fight back against Regan's sinister influence. Despite her training from Jean; Regan was just too powerful and Rahne could feel her control slipping away from her. "NO! Get out! I won't do it!" Rahne yelled as collapsed on the sand.

"She did what you wanted! Leave her alone you bitch!" Noriko yelled as Hope tried to comfort Rahne.

"Noriko..." Rahne hissed as she sat up and gave her a look that could have burned adamantium to ashes. "Care tae explain wha' happened tae th' Cuckoos? They were wit' ye th' whole time and now we dinnae have enough left of 'em tae bury in a matchbox." She asked as Noriko gave her a look of pure hatred. How dare she accuse her after everything she'd been through already?!

"What happened to not playing their game?!" Monet asked incredulously.

"Mastermind made her say it!" Hope yelled as she stood up and got in M's face. "Back off!"

"It's a fair question." Illyana said.

"Go BACK to hell!" Hisako yelled. "Nori's not a murderer!"

Rahne slammed her fist down on the sand and wept as she heard the others start arguing. This was exactly what she was trying to prevent, but she hadn't been strong enough to stop it. 'I can't save anyone...' She thought as her tears fell to the sand.
Mastermind, how the **** did you manage to get your post up ahead of mine?! :shock:
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Re: Betrayal Game #74: X-Men Arena

Post by XtremeOne1 » 29 Apr 2015, 18:47

From high tension captive situation to an after school special. How quickly life can turn. As Rahne and Paige laid their emotional turmoil on the table, revealing baggage filled with sexual repression, self-loathing, and angry. Hell, she was even getting some lesbian undertones from Paige, not that Monet was surprised. Girlfriend did love her flannel.

As the thick accented women shed their dignity like Paige sheds her skin, Monet did her best to fight Reagan's psychic compulsions urging her to join Rahne and Paige, to let it all out, because it would be good for her.

But it wouldn't. Monet had crafter had an image to maintain; both to herself and to her peers. She wouldn't allow them to see through the facade.

She found dealing with Paige's drama made dealing with the compulsions easier. She let herself be softer with Paige than she normally would have been, supporting her through the demons that Lady Mastermind dreaded up. Paige thought herself invisible, and to be fair, Monet did often forget she was still at the school, but that's only because Paige was so basic.

Yet deep down, Monet did value Paige. They had been through so much together that even though she tried to downplay Paige's importance, to even fool herself into think Paige was nothing but a redneck farm girl, she knew that was't the case. Paige was smart, fierce and strong, woman enough to not only admit her flaws, but to show them. In some ways, Monet was jealous.

Everyone started to run on each other and Monet was finding it harder to fight the whispers in her head that pushed her to 'speak her mind'.

That was until Hope Summers got in her face.

"Excuse me," Monet said poking the so called Messiah hard on the chest, "But don't ever get in my face you third rate Jean Grey. You're the worst thing to happen to the X-Men since Kitty Pryde wore shoulder pads and hijacked some guy's funeral with one of her famous racist rants. And yes, I do think the shoulder pads were more offensive than the rant."

Hope was about to speak but Monet put a finger in front of her mouth and cut down with a withering stare.

"Don't you have dare ever tell me what to do little girl. I can crush you and no one hear will even blink. You've done your part for the mutant race. You're finished, yesterday's news and tomorrow's trash. Why wouldn't you want us all killed?"

Hope's lip thinned and her fists curled into two fists.

"Fine, you all want a secret. I'll tell you mine but it's fairly obvious," She threw up her hands. She was giving up and giving in, "I was suicidal for a time, and sometime I still am. No one here could ever realize the hell I've been through."The corner of her eyes burned but she held her emotion in,"For years all I knew was pain and fear. I didn't think each day would be my last but I hoped for it. My own brother, the things he did to me," Monet closed her eyes and a tear escaped, curving down her cheek, "I keep trying to find some escape from it. Partying, money, fame, none of it worked. I tried an actual job but that fell apart. I tried being in relationships but every man I'm with becomes a ruined husk of his former life, as if some Kardashian. I'm an X-Men now, I'm living the so called dream but I think to myself, is this what I want or is it all I have? I'm smart and beautiful, but on the inside I'm just feel empty. I'm hollow."

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