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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by hotknives » 28 Oct 2013, 10:54

The bus was full, faces both eager and wary.

Sinister bounded up the stairs, and grabbed the microphone
from Sabretooth, who sat in the driver’s seat, chauffeurs cap stuffed atop his
grubby mane of hair.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, boys, girls, mutants, mutates,

I am Nathaniel Essex. You should all know me as Mr Sinister.

Over the years I have been responsible for some excellent
incidents – you may have heard of the Mutant Massacre, which I still count as
one of my top five best moments.

However, boredom appears to have caught up with me.

The Mutant world seems preoccupied with squabbling and
infighting, and frankly, I’m over it.

I wish to see how things could have been different had
mutants, clearly a superior race, been present at various historical incidents.

We shall be departing shortly.

But first, the register’

Sinister produced a clipboard, and ticked names off as he
read them aloud.

‘Hope Summers?’

‘Julian Keller?’

‘Mary Walker?’

‘Betsy Braddock?’

‘Emma Frost?’

‘Richard Gill?’

‘Megan Gwynne?’

‘Quentin Quire?’

‘Jean Grey?’

‘Rachel Grey?’

‘Wade Wilson? Wade Wilson? I invited you? Really? How odd’

‘Hector Rendoza?’

‘Evan Sabahnur?’

Satisfied that all were present, Sinister gestured to

The bus roared into life. It had no engine as such – a lot
of dissected mutants had been put together to form a device capable of
transporting them through both time and space. Sinister was rather proud of it…

‘Our first stop’ Sinister began ‘is to 66 Million Years in
the past. The day the dinosaurs were wiped out. Obviously the dinosaurs were
lacking any powers as such. However, the combined might of all here may well be
enough to stop the asteroid from hitting the earth, and thus wiping out the

It’s entirely up to all of you what you choose to do. I
shall merely be watching’

The bus ground to a halt, and as the dust settled, the
passengers looked out of the window to see a veritable paradise, lush ferns and
trees surrounding a crystal blue river, gentle dinosaurs supping from its sweet

‘Before you all leave, you should know that I have given you
all cloaking devices. These grant you complete invisibility, and also mean that
no-one outside of this group can hear, smell, or sense you. You may deactivate
them at any time should you wish to interact with people or animals outside,
but should you wish to move around unobserved; they will aid you in that’.

The passengers filed out. Betsy
Braddock looked distinctly unimpressed, and Sinister could overhear Rachel Grey
whispering into her ear ‘I was a dinosaur once. Why are we even here?’

After an afternoon of exploring, Sinister brought the group
back together in order to make a decision.

‘So, the time for a decision is upon us. Will we save the dinosaurs?
Or will they be left to die? It’s entirely up to all of you’

The votes were split between the group – it appeared that a
decision would not be made easily.

That is until…

‘Excuse me, Mr Sinister or whatever your name is. I’m Hope
Summers. Some call me the mutant messiah. I’m pretty awesome.

So, if I can save the mutants, I’m pretty sure I can stop
this little asteroid or whatever, yeah?’

Sinister nodded, and spread his arms wide.

‘Please, Miss Summers. If you think you can save the dinosaurs,
go right ahead. We’ll all be here, waiting’

Hope stepped forwards. ‘God’, she thought ‘Cable will be so

In the sky above, she could see a dark shape, heading
towards the earth.

It was the asteroid.

Summoning her powers, she borrowed telekinesis from Julian,
Rachel and Betsy, creating a large dome above them all that stopped the
asteroid in its tracks.

She turned back to the group, smirking.

She was baffled, however, to see the group stood completely
still, looks of terror on all of their faces.

‘What?’ she asked.

Her question was quickly answered as she glanced round to
see that 7 dinosaurs were now stood around her, sniffing her inquisitively.

Back near the bus, Sinister frowned. Somebody must have
interfered with the girls cloaking device…

Unsure whether to let the asteroid fall further, or to use
her powers to repel the dinosaurs, Hope froze.

Froze for just a moment too long, as one of the larger
dinosaurs stepped towards Hope, gave a brief sniff, and then promptly bit off
her head.

Several in the group screamed, and Sinister jumped to
action, as he realised that Hope’s death meant that the asteroid would soon be
hurtling back down to earth.

Ushering the group back onto the bus, they departed.

Their last image was that of the dinosaurs devouring the
carcass of the mutant messiah, unaware that their own destruction was just
minutes away.


Several on the bus were sobbing. The first trip had not gone

Sinister grabbed hold of the microphone

‘Apologies about that.

Apparently somebody here is trying to kill others off. I’m
sure we will find out who in due course…

Just a brief question though, will anyone miss that Hope

No hands were raised. Sinister raised an eyebrow, and

‘Anyway, next stop – Ancient Rome!’


Several seconds later, the bus stopped.

The group was in 44 BC, on the morning of the 15th
of March, outside the Theatre of Pompey in Rome.

Sinister stood up, reached for the microphone and began to

‘We are in Ancient Rome, outside the Pompey Theatre. It is
the Ides of March. Julius Caesar is outside, walking to his death. Should we
prevent it? Or merely watch? I leave this up to you all’

 The DepartedHope Summers






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hotknives2013-10-28 10:56:29

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by das_boot » 29 Oct 2013, 05:46

"I have a question," said Julian. "Was I somehow unclear?" asked Sinister, smiling a patronisingly saccharine sweet smile. "Oh, no, I meant for the guy who's legit so pale that he's see-through," said Julian, pointing a disembodied finger towards Hector. "I'm Wraith," said the boy in what Julian took as an approximation of a raspy super-hero voice. "Stellar for you," replied Julian. "Can you go all the way invisible? Or is it just your skin?""I can achieve full light-negative state," replied Hector. "Good. Do it now. I'm already in danger of losing my lunch, between time-travel and Deadpool taking his mask off. I don't need another freak show to look at." Hector grumbled something under his breath that Julian didn't care about. He got off the bus and took in his surroundings. The Pompey Theatre was pretty spectacular, but it was Sinister's suggestion that seemed weird. "Hey, Miss Grey," said Julian. "I've obviously got this," smirked young Jean. "Of COURSE I'll tutor you in telekinesis, and I'll do it out of the kindness of my heart, although I'm sorry for reading your mind." "Um... I actually meant your daughter, but good to know you're still around," replied Julian, turning his back on her and facing Rachel. "I READ YOUR MIND!" she bellowed. "I'M SORRY THAT YOU'RE MAD AT ME FOR READING YOUR MIND." "PROFESSOR Grey," said Julian, placing emphasis on the title. "YOU'RE RIGHT, I COULD BE A PROFESSOR ALREADY!" she shouted. Julian frowned, focussing his telekinesis and activating young Jean's cloaking device. "Better," he said before returning his attention to Rachel. "Okay, so you're our resident time-traveller. Well. One of them. The one that's still alive, anyway. So what's your take on fooling around with the time-stream?" Rachel started talking, and Julian had to admit that he spaced out a little. She kept talking about Quantum Strings, and the time that Professor Pryde had sent her back in time or something... "...so anyway, the upshot is, it can be dangerous," she said, finishing up. "I mean, for all you know, you could be a descendent of one of the people who killed Caesar, and by saving him, you end up not existing. Or not a mutant. Or blond. It's really tough to tell how these things work out..." "Yeah, but if we have the chance to change something for the better, shouldn't we do it?" asked Julian. "Sometimes, time travel isn't such a great thing," sighed Rachel, nodding her head towards young Jean, who had figured out how to turn off her cloaking device and was busy chastising Deadpool for his immoral thoughts, whilst simultaneously apologising for reading his mind and promising that she would never do it again. 

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Mastermind » 29 Oct 2013, 07:01

Deadpools Hand shot up almost instantaneously after Rachel had finished..

"We Kill Him!"stated Wade almost matter-of-factly


"He may have been something of a Tyrant Wade, by Cesar played a fairly

significant role in the creation of the Roman Empire. Besides, you just

heard Rachel, killing him could have all manner of unforeseeable

ramifications" chided Elisabeth

"What?! No,.. BRUTUS!!!!!"corrected Deadpool "I mean what kind of sneaky little backstabber is he anyway?"

"The Literal Kind Id say" chirped in Quintin snidely

"EXACTLY!" replied Deadpool "A TRUE FRIEND stabs you in the front!"

Most of the crew simply rolled their eyes...

..or strangles you with a seatbelt, or sets off grenades to blow up your junk, to guts you, or drops a piano onto you 12 stores below, or sicks squirrel girl onto you, or replaces your mouthwash with hydrochloric acid or...."

                      "Oh and by the way, Wraith.. you're adorable.. wanna be my new Mascot?!.. I think I killed the last guy... Either way, whats say you, me and Lady Braddock go take out the B Man"Mastermind2013-10-29 07:06:00

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by medium13 » 29 Oct 2013, 10:38

Wildside wasn't as familiar with most of the group assembled on Sinister's magic school bus through time. He'd run across one or two of them, but for the most part they were strangers and further examples of mutants too weak to stand up and fight the tide of human oppression. Of course, the MLF riff was important to Richard, but his reasons for staying with the MLF were more basic. He had to admit to himself that he was curious to see some blood shed after being forced out of the game for so long. The only reason he might ever consider saving Caesar was if Caesar were actually a mutant, which wouldn't come as that much of a surprise given his astounding accomplishments.  Still, this group reminded him that not all mutants were worthy and some would be a pleasure to kill. Richard looked at the insides of the mutant called 'Wraith'. Richard felt aroused watching the contrating organs, flowing blood, and pulsing beats. He thought of them stopping. It was delectable.

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Wings » 29 Oct 2013, 13:57

Megan was glad to be off the bus and though she loathed to admit it she wasn't all that sad Hope had died. She thought Gabriel might be upset when he found out but t maybe he'd just kiss her instead. That was always nice even if it was all he was good for.

Megan overheard Julian's comment to Wraith. Did Julian really have to be so mean all the time? Since he'd gone back to the school he'd really regressed. Megan knew he could be angry but taking it out on a kid like Hector? Megan fluttered upwards and let her trademark pixie dust shake loose over Julian, smiling and waving at Wraith as she did so. She doubted the dust would reach Julian as he'd probably use his telekinesis to shove it away but someone needed to let him know he was being a bit of a jerk. She briefly entertained the idea of sprinkling some over Jean too but decided against it. She'd probably be lucky if she didn't get a reprisal for thinking about it.

Wings2013-10-29 16:35:40

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Kipe » 29 Oct 2013, 17:35

"OMG I should totally sprinkle Jean! That bitch will probably make me join Mr. Summers bomb shelter school or something if I do tough."

Jean heard these thoughts creep into her head. But only because she allowed them. Unlike the myriad of telepaths that come before her and would come after, Jean had no trouble controlling the den of voices that constantly surrounded her.

Jean looked up at Pixie hovering over her. “Shoe fly, don’t bother me.”

Jean simply reached up her and made a flicking motion with her middle finger and thumb. Like that, the annoying Tinkerbell girl was sent flying. "Perhaps you'd like an in-flight movie?" Jean teased.

“Here’s what your future looks like, little bug.”

Jean telepathically projected an illusion as real as could be into the girl's mind.

Pixie landed against a column with a splat.

“Although I suppose you won’t be so little then,” Jean giggled as she turned her attention to Julian.

“And you,” Jean glared with her fierce green eyes. “You clearly need a tutorial.”

Julian rolled his eyes before smiling smugly at Jean. He imagined Jean naked a virginal, unbanged by Mr. Summers.

Both his smile and his fantasy vanished as he felt several hard slaps across his face. He backed away to see his own disembodied hands attacking him. “What the-“

“How long have you been at this school and you still can’t out TK me?” Jean questioned the young boy with a scoff. “Pathetic. I’m better than you. I’m better than anybody. Don’t mess with me, or I’ll make you think your Hector’s love slave. I can do that, you know, because I’m better than any telepath you’ve ever met.”

Julian’s right disembodied hand gave him one more bitch slap across the cheek before returning to his control. Julian glared as Jean walked away.

Jean came upon the group discussing the fate of Caesar.

“You’re a fool, Deadpool!” Jean laughed at her own clever little rhyme. She really was so clever. “We can save Caesar and imbue him with a love for mutants. We can change the tide of history by showing a positive portrayal of what god-like beings can accomplish thousands of years before the first Sentinel is built.”

“Maybe Caser’s ancestors build the Sentinels!” Deadpool countered.

"That would be descendents." Jean’s face went grim. “And maybe I’m done talking to you.”

Deadpool felt the buckles on his belt loosen as his spandex trousers fell around his knees. Oh, what a day to go Commando. He should have listen to his mother when she told him a clean pair of underwear on a trip is always important.

“Oh dear,” Jean gasped. “It’s even more shriveled than your face.”

“You haven’t seen my face in the morning,” Deadpool giggled as he bent over to pick up his black and red spandex pants.

Suddenly he froze. Everyone froze.

Jean smiled. Even the really experienced telepaths and those with great psychic resistance easily fell under the power of her awesomeness. After only a month of training, Jean Grey had managed to stop the entire group in its tracks. She was like Jean-Bomb to the brain.

Jean lifted herself telekinetically and flew away from the group. She landed beside Caesar, still cloaked. He was walking alone but a group of men were gaining ground on him a few paces back.

”You’re about to be stabbed in the back,” Jean telepathically whispered into Caesar’s mind. ”I’d turn around if I were you, my beautiful Caesar.’

Caesar stopped in his tracks. He rubbed at his temples. Was he going insane?

Suddenly, a beautiful red-haired woman appeared at his side. Caesar was stunned. Her hair was pinned up and she wore most dive green tunic. “You’re not going insane,” Jean said as she continued to manipulate how she appeared to Caesar. “And we’d better do something fast. If you die now,” Jean smiled at Caesar as she took his cheek into her palm. “You’ll never have me as your beautiful Queen.” Kipe2013-10-29 17:40:07

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Mastermind » 29 Oct 2013, 18:02

Impressive as the young Mutant thought she was, the moment Jean turned her attention to manipulating Caesar, the freezing hold she'd put on the rest of the crew dissolved.

Most of the members looked on at horrified disbelief and irritation.

"So just to be clear, we're totally leaving her here right?!" said Deadpool as he pulled up his pants.

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by marhawkman » 29 Oct 2013, 18:23

Mary moved quickly as soon as Jean lost her psionic grip. She positioned herself behind Jean with ninja speed. Her Bloody Mary persona would probably have tried to kill both Jean AND Caesar.

Mutant Zero however was able to give Jean just a single, tiny telepathic delusion, causing her to mistake a servant for Caesar when she attempted to warn Caesar of his impending assassination.

"Amateur." is all Mary thought as she leapt back into the shadows as quickly as she'd arrived.marhawkman2013-10-29 18:26:35

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Wings » 29 Oct 2013, 18:38

Megan rubbed her head and used the column to support herself as she got up, dazed and confused.

She focused just in time to catch the tail end of Jean's outburst an watched as she telepathically influenced Caesar.

"So just to be clear, we're totally leaving her here right?!" Megan heard Deadpool say.

She couldn't help but agree. And people used to think she was the annoying one?

That's when she noticed the people staring at her.

Megan swore, something she tried her upmost to avoid. Jean sending into that column had knocked off her cloaking device. Megan sprang up into the air and doused as many people as could with pixie dust. That's when she realised that her cloaking device wasn't just off it was broken, forcing her to send even more people into delusions.

"Crap!" she yelled, hoping one of the telepaths would hear. "Somebody hide me!" Wings2013-10-30 16:13:00

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Kipe » 29 Oct 2013, 18:41

Mary hopped away into what she had mistaken for shadows, actually bushes, like quite the satisfied toad.

Jean continued to gaze into Caesar’s eyes, confident that her trick on Mary had worked.

Mary, it seemed, was the actual amateur. She had thought too loudly, fueled by her anger, and broadcasted her plan to Jean’s astute omega level telepathic mind. She turned the illusion back on Mary with little effort. Mary instead saw a servant as Caesar. It was so simple, really. Jean just let Mary believe she had gotten what she wanted.

Mary returned to the others. They were unfrozen now, but hidden by a storm of pixie dust unleashed onto the locals. Mary leapt right into the pixie dust, which she again confused for shadows.

Jean noted she should probably stay away from that scene.

As Brutus and his men approached the Caesar, Jean lifted her finger to accuse the betrayer.

Brutus was suddenly lifted into the air as his compatriots stared in horror.

“What is the meaning of this?” Caesar bellowed to Jean.

“This man,” Jean proclaimed, “shall betray thee, my Caesar!”

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by das_boot » 29 Oct 2013, 18:50

Julian watched with a smirk. Did Jean REALLY forget that he had worked with Megan for a while? That he would know her "tell" that she was about to unleash her pixie dust? That he would be totally able to gather the substance in a telekinetic sheath and release it right in her face?

Why, even now, she was totally under the thrall of Megan's hallucinogenic powder and whilst she thought that she was talking to Caesar and Brutus, she was actually hitting on a marble statue of Vulcan, the misshapen god of the forge.

Julian smirked, however he realised that his prank had more impact than he had imagined-- not only had Jean been dosed, but so had Megan herself, as well as Typhoid Mary and Deadpool (or at least he thought Deadpool had. Perhaps he was really just as insane as people said he was and he was playing along).

Regardless, Julian was really enjoying watching the stuck-up tramp open-mouth kissing a statue, under the delusion that she was about to become a queen.

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Kipe » 29 Oct 2013, 18:57

It really was no wonder almost all mutants in the future had died.

They were so gullible. Jean wasn't surprised their only school was named after her future self. She was clearly the only smart one in her species.

Julian grinned to himself as the drool dripped off his chin.

Again, it was really so simple.

"Just let your enemies think they've won. It's a piece of cake after that."

Wise words from Jean's Expert Telepathy teacher, Kitty Pryde. Her instructor had taught her well. Julian continued smiling like a fool, believing his plan had succeeded.

Jean continued to hold Brutus before Ceasar. "Caesar, I implore you-" Jean began to shout. Suddenly she winced in pain.

"Oh!" Jean screamed as she went to her knees. Caesar stood before her with a knife in his hand. "Oh, Scott, the pain!" Jean squealed.

Brutus fell to the ground.

"How dare you try to turn me against my brother?" Caesar boomed. "You insolent witch! I will see you burned!"

Kipe2013-10-29 18:58:31

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by QDLux29 » 29 Oct 2013, 19:11

Emma Frost knew better than to manipulate time so far back as Ancient Rome. Who knows what exactly might change in the future. It was the simpler, more recent, and let's face it, personally advantageous things Emma wanted to change.

As Teen Cow and her motley crew played mind games, Emma just watched until the heifer got herself stabbed. With her now limited, though still cunning, telepathy, Emma gave herself a psychic toga and ran to Jean & Caesar.

"By the Gods! Caesar has wounded this innocent girl! She has done nothing to invoke this rage. My lords, is Caesar himself above the law?"

She tried to influence Typhoid or Rachel to get Brutus into his position. The men gathered around Caesar, daggers drawn. With Caesar now distracted by Emma, he was an easy target.QDLux292013-10-29 19:12:25

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Kipe » 29 Oct 2013, 19:34

Jean was relieved that Emma had saved her. That relief turned to horror as Emma used the opportunity to rile Brutus and his men against Caesar.

Now she would never be Queen, she'd never usher in a golden age for mutant kind by having Caesar's babies, and she'd never forgive Emma. Kipe2013-10-29 19:58:20

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by marhawkman » 29 Oct 2013, 22:53

Mary snuck up next to Brutus and telepathically nudged him to take offense at what Julius had done. Brutus pushed one of the guards aside as he ran towards Julius with a dagger hidden in his robe.

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Kipe » 30 Oct 2013, 15:20

Teen Jean's head went light. She gasped as she watched Brutus descend upon Caesar. She fainted before being able to call out either Scott or Hank's names.

........and then..............

All Jean could see was a bright white light. It burned through her eyes with its intensity. Jean tried to close her eyes but there was no reprieve.


The voice was strange and alien. Jean thought she heard a bird of prey's cry somewhere.

"A few weeks in the future and you became...this?" This voice was human and far more familiar.

Teen Jean squinted and finally the light abated somewhat. She could make out what looked like a crystal throne. Upon the throne sat a woman in white.

"You know, I went to the future myself. I was a bit older than you, I admit. Still, I managed to deal with being in a post-apocalyptic future raising my husband's son from another woman who happened to be my clone while on the run and I still wasn't anywhere near as pompous and impetulant as you have become after a few weeks in what could basically be called the New Golden Age of Mutants."

Teen Jean blinked. The woman had remarkable fiery red hair much like her own. Her eyes were green and twinkled with poise and confidence. She wore white with gold trimmings and a beautiful golden sash. On the woman's chest was the symbol of a raptor.

"Do forgive my run-on sentences," the woman gestured gracefully. "I was a professor in my past life and it is such bad form."

"You, you-" was all that Tean Jean managed to get out.


"are the real Jean Grey? Yes, I am." The woman stiffened her back and showered Teen Jean with the most grim of countenances. "You, young lady, are a very serious mistake on my darling Hank's part. He should never have brought ANY of you forward and endangered the timelines so."

"You just don't want to get wiped out!" Teen Jean shouted.

"I'll always be here, little spark," The White Phoenix of the Crown smiled. "Here in the White Hot Room, I am beyond rewritten realities."

Teen Jean started to sob. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll be nicer to the lesser mutants!" If there were a floor in the place she would have gotten on her knees.

"The way you've been behaving, young lady," Phoenix sat forward as she cast total shade with her arched eyebrow, "there are no mutants less than you."

"Excuse me?" Teen Jean was incredulous.

"Unfortunately I can't put you right back in Charles' study where you should have been all along," Phoenix mused as she removed a long golden glove from her right hand. "You should abandon this sinister trip, you should abandon the follies of Scott, Logan, and Hank. You should return to your true time. We have universes to knit back together in our future."


Teen Jean cowered as Phoenix stepped off the crystal throne and floated towards her in the empty white space.

"Shape up," Phoenix commanded. "Little spark."

And with those deafening lines Teen Jean witnessed Phoenix's ungloved, open-palmed hand racing toward her.

There was a big bang, and the force of it all felt like creation coming across Jean's cheek.

Everything went dark.


Jean came to on the ground. Staring up, she once again saw Brutus racing toward Caesar with blade brandished.

"Psylocke! Pixie! Hector! Somebody please save Caesar!" Teen Jean pleaded with her thoughts.

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Wings » 30 Oct 2013, 16:32

Megan knew she couldn't keep this up much longer. Luckily most of the crowd seemed to be falling prey to the usual illusion of singing bunny rabbits but even that was sending some of them into a tizzy and agitating the rest of the crowd. She had to get away before someone got hurt.

"Sihal Novarum Chinoth!"

As Megan said the words, she felt herself begin to port as she slipped into the gap between dimensions. At the last possible moment she heard Jean's plea for help. Her concentration slipped and Pixie was suddenly yanked back into reality right above Caesar and Brutus. Disorientated, Megan tumbled towards the ground and shaking some pixie dust over the Romans as she went. They went glassy eyed as they were affected by the hallucinogenic powder, pacified for the time being as Megan hit the ground hard.Wings2013-10-30 16:33:37

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by sixhoursoflucy » 30 Oct 2013, 18:41

Quentin Quire donned his shades and laid back in his seat while his overzealous peers rushed off the bus and tried to centrally plan the next two millennia. Although his experiences transcending space and time taught him that chaos was a more powerful force than even the most powerful mutant, he excused his classmates for not intuitively understanding this. After all, not everyone knew everything like he did. Sensing that Jean's movement to save Caesar was gaining momentum, however, he groaned and decided to intervene. Guys, he fired into their minds, Julius Caesar was a total DICK! Why would you want to save an authoritarian despot like him? I hate that I have to be the one to say this, but we should totally just kill Caesar! Brutus, kill the motherf**ker already, he said directly into Brutus's mind. He didn't want to intervene in the timestream but someone had to try to clean up the mess the others were creating. Hopefully Brutus would just mistake the message for his conscience. Now, when you guys are done playing Hogwarts, he said, turning his attention back to his fellow travelers, can you get back on the bus so we can visit an era that smells less of human feces?

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by Savant » 31 Oct 2013, 05:33

"Quentin's right, we should leave before your damage to history is irreversible."

Rachel floated to her teen mother's side. "Come on..." Rachel helped the shaken teen stand while struggling for the correct word. Jean? Mom? What does one call your bratty alternative mother from another timeline? Rachel's relationship with her mother had always been an awkward one but this was ridiculous.

Best to not think about her at all, Rachel surmised. After all, Jean would likely soon return to her telepathic prying ways and an errant thought might let her in on the truth: Rachel had created the vision of Jean Grey, the White Phoenix of the Crown, inside this Jean's spoiled rotten little mind. For all her vaunted superiority and high marks in Kitty's telepathy classroom, this Jean was vulnerable to one fatal flaw: her gigantic ego. Rachel had understood immediately that the only way to control her mother was to impersonate her.

As she headed back to the bus, Rachel kept her mental shields high. She had other worries that she didn't want shared. Like the spark of the Phoenix force she'd felt at Hope's death. Yes, the Phoenix had been reborn, Rachel was certain of it, and their passage through time had enabled the universal entity to regenerate.

But now, in Rome, even Rachel could not sense the force. Where had it gone? What was it doing? Rachel didn't have the answers but she knew that the death of Hope had given her a new mission.

The Phoenix Force was sure as hell not going to get another chance to possess her mother.

Alea iacta estSavant2013-10-31 05:59:14

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

Post by XtremeOne1 » 31 Oct 2013, 13:00

It an easier decision that she could have liked; letting Julius Caesar die, but it was a decision she had to stand by. They could not damage the timeline to save the life of a dictator. She was not surprised to see the young and insufferable Jean Grey wanted to save Caesar. The girl had no respect for the timeline, or humanity for that matter. She and Jean might never have gotten long on the best of terms, but she at least respected the woman. "We can't and won't save him Jean," she responded telepathically as she strutted beside Rachel, "Julius Caesar must die. That wench Kitty Pryde might have let you get away with this sort behavior, but I won't." She wanted to smack the girl, to grab her and shake her but she knew Rachel wouldn't stand for that. No matter how horrible she was of a Jean Grey, she was still, in a very complex way, Rachel's mother. Instead Betsy showed images of another person she knew with great power and no responsibility. Her brother Jamie."I know your type," she said as she forced the images of Jamie's destruction, his perverse wrapping of reality to fit his own selfish and twisted wants and needs, "You can prattle on all you want, you can think yourself the new Goddess of telepathy but let me tell you, you are nothing compared to Emma and I. If I feel you're endangering the timeline, I will do to you, ,what I did to Jamie," a vivid memory sprung into Jean's mind. Brian Braddock wrapped his fingers around Jamie. Jean could feel him fighting to let go, fighting to turn his back but Betsy urged him forward. Betsy made him kill their own, "If I can do that to him to protect the multiverse, think what I will do to you."She quickened her pace, but took one last look back at Caesar as the Senate council closed in on him."Beware the Ides of March," she muttered to herself, unable to shake off the image of Brian snapping Jamie's neck.

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

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Hector didn't feel comfortable here. To be brutally honest he never really felt comfortable. Not back in Boston where an angry crowd tried to kill him, nor trying to rid Genosha of Magneto with a ragtag team of X-Men, none of them being present here today. Well... that is not entirely true... Jean Grey was here... a seemingly very very young Jean Grey. Hector had become too cynical about the X-Men to be surprised by it anymore. Truth was though, Jean Grey was one of the kindest people Hector had ever met, and Hector walked up to her, when someone supposedly called Julian Keller started taunting him.

"I will teach you..." Hector began, but Julian walked away and towards Jean Grey as if he could not see Hector anymore. And this was probably the case. Since leaving the interim X-Men Hector had become capable of reaching full invisibility, but his control over this was poor. Agitation over Julian's taunts had caused him to go completely invisible. "Go me", Hector thought.

Whilst trying to regain his visibility... well, of his internal organs at least... Hector took in what was going on around him. He saw young Jean and Julian talking to each other and discovered this Jean may be an even bigger ass than Julian was. He had to thank Julian later for preventing him from walking up to her. Giving it everything to gain some sort of visibility, Hector managed to flash a kidney and his pancreas, catching the attention of Deadpool.

   "Oh and by the way, Wraith.. you're adorable.. wanna be my new Mascot?!.. I think I killed the last guy... Either way, whats say you, me and Lady Braddock go take out the B Man"

"Not right now Mr. Wade!", Hector replied with his newly visible tongue and teeth."

Pixie then tought Julian the lesson he wanted to teach him before turning so inconveniently invisible, nicely waving to Hector, of whom over 50% of his internal organs were now visible. "What a nice girl", he though, much like he thought of Sunpyre back on Genosha, only this one was a lot less bitchy. Hector's eyes followed Pixie for a bit, until she eventually seemingly completely randomly fell on the ground and started yelling.

"Crap! Somebody hide me!"

"On my way! I can turn people invisible on my best of days! And slightly transparent on off-days!" Hector yelled, losing his visibility again in his excitement.

"Sihal Novarum Chinoth!"

And Pixie teleported away. Seemingly not noticing the invisible Hector

"Curses, I should have learned by now I make one lousy hero." He muttered to himself, but he was not gonna give up so easily... the adrenaline rush made him long to do something cool. Much like when he managed to actually hurt Magneto back on Genosha... yes...


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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

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Genesis had found himself in yet another crazy situation with the dysfunctional group called the X-Men. He looked around and sought out the advice of the sanest, most mature member of the group.

"Wade! Glad to see you here," Genesis said as he hugged his favorite hero tightly. "If anyone can get us out of this mess, it's you!"

"Evan! That is it!" Deadpool shouted as he ran over to Rachel Grey. "I have had it with this school of yours! I never signed up to let my wee baby Apocalypse go on this field trip and I surely did not volunteer to chaperone! Betsy, did you hear about this? I will sue for custody again, don't think I won't!"

Genesis sighed and walked off as Deadpool continued to rant and rave.

The situation with Caesar reminded him of his own origin. People taking matters into their own hands to murder someone potentially evil. It wasn't right and it wasn't fair.

"Caesar must be saved!" Genesis shouted.

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

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With everyone safely back on the bus, Sinister reached into
the glove compartment, and pulled out a large, dusty tome titled ‘A Complete
History of the World’

Turning to the chapter named ‘A History of the Roman Empire’,
Sinister smiled

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, you have changed History’.


He began to read


‘The Final Confession
of Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger

I write this true
confession of that fated day, in the hope that it may be read after my short
lifetime, and lessons learnt from my mistakes.

I loved Caesar. He
was a good man, and a noble ruler who had led us through strife to a happier

But the peace was
fragile, and made even more so by Caesar’s increasing lust for power. His
declaration of himself as dictator perpetuo meant that I had no choice but to
join with those already whispering in the senate.

We had to destroy
Caesar, for the good of our empire.

My wife was
determined to stop me – fearing for my life. I wish now that I had heeded the
warnings of that strong woman, but they went unacknowledged.

We gathered on the
morning of the Ides of March, awaiting Caesars arrival.

His delay meant that
we almost left, almost went home and left Caesar alive.

But, eventually, he

We prepared to
attack, but a strange and mystical vehicle, containing travellers with powers
that could only have been granted by the gods, arrived.

Their distraction of
Caesar meant that he had enough time to call for soldiers.

We were arrested.

I am truly sorry for
what occurred, and my attempt on the life of Caesar.

Do I regret what we
did? That I do not.

The Roman Empire will
never rest with just one man.

It is in all of us,
and will beat in my heart in the Underworld. I am not afraid.


Brutus was put to death the following morning, along with
the fellow Senate members.

Over the next 700 years, the Roman Empire continuing to
grow, absorbing all of Europe, the Americas, and parts of Australasia.

Only the Chinese Empire maintained autonomy, resulting in
constant mistrust to the present day, the last major conflict being the Second
War of Antarctica, in 1972.

Latin is spoken by 80% of the world’s population.

Togas are still worn as a matter of course, and the Roman
religion is law.’


Closing the book, Sinister looked around.

The uniforms and outfits worn by the group had disappeared,
replaced instead by Roman dress on all.

Deadpool   looked
puzzled  â€˜Quid infernum fit?

Emma groaned
‘Sumus loquentem Latine, excors!’


Sinister clapped his hands together.

‘Enough! We may visit this timeline again
later. However, enough of this’

He waved his hands and the timeline changed
back to how the group had known it, Caesar killed by Brutus, and no longlasting roman empire, togas, or latin tongue. Other timelines Sinister may keep around - but he found latin tedious.  The group pleased to find themselves in their normal garb and
in their natural tongue.

Apart from Deadpool. ‘I thought we were having
a toga party!’ he sighed.


The bus ground to a halt, and all departed.

The smell was overwhelmingly fresh, one of
sea salt and wood.

‘We are in off the coast of what we know as
America. It is 1492. Tomorrow, Christopher Columbus will find land, and begin
the colonization of these lands. We can help him, guide him to the shores and
help create the nation of America. Or, we can attack the ship, and destroy it.
It is up to you all. Off we go’

The group left the lower decks and walked
upstairs, the open air and seas a welcome change from the cramped confines of
the bus.

Breathing in the sea air, Betsy looked
around. They all appeared to be there. However, Typhoid Mary was acting oddly.

Climbing up the rigging, she reached the
crows nest swiftly. Her face betrayed little emotion, but Betsy was unable to
tell if she was being controlled or not.

Without a moments pause, Mary stepped out of
the crows nest.

Seconds later, she hit the deck, her neck
and spine snapping upon impact.

Sinister frowned. ‘This is beyond my
control, I’m afraid. Someone appeared to be controlling Miss Walker though – I’m
assuming one of us. Explore the boat, and find this killer before they strike


Typhoid Mary

will be going out shortly to each of you containing a choice. First one to
respond with the choice that ends up being picked by the majority of the group,
will win immunity for the next round.

ends Wednesday evening, 06/11/2013.




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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

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"Killing Columbus?" spluttered Julian, grateful to be out of the toga. "But America is AWESOME! Land of the free and all that stuff! Burgers, hotdogs, the Fourth of July! Why would we NOT want him to find America?""Perhaps avoiding the consequent destruction of indigenous culture and wholesale slaughter of the majority of a population?" asked Betsy. "Oh please," snorted Hellion. "You live here too! You can't claim to be against our way of life and then spend most of your adult life living here.""I read his mind, he's telling the truth!" said Jean smugly. "Didn't realise that was ever in question, but try staying out of my head," he retorted. He turned to Emma. "You agree, right Miss Frost? I mean, c'mon... you're really trying to tell me that you can live without New York fashion week?""So long as I have Paris couture, I'm sure I'll survive, darling," she said non-comittally, clearly trying to weigh up her options."This is ridiculous," sighed Hellion, levitating himself into the air. He reached out with his telekinesis and began forming a large structure out of surrounding rocks. Genesis looked up towards him, studying what Julian was building before cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting to him. "Hello? Julian?" he shouted. "I think I understand what you're doing, but I think you've overlooked one small problem!""Oh, really?" asked Julian, lowering himself to the ground again. "And what's that then, Junior Apocalypse?" "Well," said Evan. "I think if you paid more attention in history class, you'd know that Columbus spoke Spanish..." Evan gestured wordlessly towards the structure, in which Julian had constructed giant letters spelling out "HEY COLUMBUS, THIS IS AMERICA. GO TO TOWN ON THE PLACE AND DISCOVER THE HELL OUT OF IT". "Oh," said Julian, realising his error. "Okay, Evan, I'm going to need you to find me a Spanish to English dictionary. Go. Now."

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BG #69: A Sinister Trip Through Time - Game

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Megan soared away from the ship as Julian began to construct his message. She felt the wind beneath her wings and she marvelled at how natural it felt. Long gone were the days when had worn a helmet to mitigate her many crashes.
Despite the freedom she felt Megan couldn't escape from the clutches of what she had just witnessed. Nor could she seek comfort from one of the others given that her cloaking device was still broken. She hadn't dared to ask Sinister for another one. She doubted very much that he cared whether any of them lived. Well maybe if he hadn't gotten a DNA sample or had discovered that their offspring they would produce would be super powerful like Professor Grey.
Megan sighed as she continued to dart and weave, failing to lose herself in the simple joy of flight.

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