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Team Swap! Draft

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Re: Team Swap! Draft

Post by Magnus » 03 Jul 2022, 20:16

Those are some good hooks!

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Re: Team Swap! Draft

Post by Cable » 03 Jul 2022, 23:22

It was obvious you were doing a cosmic theme Lavettye but tying it that closely into the stories is awesome!

A lot of good ideas all around in this draft.
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Re: Team Swap! Draft

Post by Lavettye » 04 Jul 2022, 06:49

Thank you, initially I was stumped for ideas, but things clicked just about when I made my first pick. The unknown cast list was a nice change, and not nearly the impossible challenge I assumed it to be. After all, every character had to be used, no pool of left-overs here.

Being nearly on the end of the line, was an advantage in this draft, as it gave me two picks almost back to back. IMO, my Guardians group turned out to be somewhat too powerful, but the others I had in mind forr it (Wiccan or Sister Grimm, to be closer to their partners in space) were picked before I could. Also I would have liked to toy with Anti-Body's shadow selves in a space setting, but working in Twilight instead was easy.

Regarding the other concepts, I agree that Kamala Khan getting sucked into the poker game as the out of her depth "odd-man-out" and point-of-view character makes it a perfect pitch. Monster Rehab and the halfly done Carninval theme are also intriguing themes.

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Re: Team Swap! Draft

Post by das_boot » 05 Jul 2022, 08:55

So I present…


Jamie and Layla decide to leave Krakoa and start looking out for the mutants who chose not to live on the island. Setting up in their old office in Mutant Town, they’re joined by Nightcrawler, Hellion and Sway, as well as newcomer Anti-Body (not quite a mutant, but close enough 🤷‍♂️). Their first case? Approached by Hela, who wants to know why her carefully curated collection of would-have-been mutants have been taken from Hel, they have to carefully arbitrate between Hela and the woman responsible for stealing her souls— The Scarlet Witch! Discovering she’s now banned from her own realm and her powers greatly diminished, the goddess of the damned decides that the only logical thing to do would be to join X-Factor, with Wanda sticking around to keep an eye on her. But what happens when an amnesiac Ike Harris turns up on the doorstep of X-Factor Investigations, saying that he thinks he might be a mutant?
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