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The Next Step in Evolution: X-Men

Posted: 26 Sep 2021, 17:35
by Red Strings
Okay, so that's not the real title. So basically about ten (fifteen? - longer?) years ago, I started planning basically my own Ultimate universe - there's been a lot of stops and false starts but I've actually finally finished writing the first arc (I started seriously writing it again over lockdown last year).

If anyone's actually interested in reading it, I've put it on (which in itself was a labour of love and reminded me fondly of my teenage years writing X-M and for the 617 if anyone here remembers that far back hahahaha).

Anyway, I feel like I should give more background to this but I feel that's for a later time so, instead, I present the first issue:

X-Men #1: Funny People (G is for Genocide part 1)

Re: X-Men: A labour of love

Posted: 26 Sep 2021, 23:56
by EphemeristX
Thanks for posting this. So far, it looks very interesting; more grounded in reality and certainly grittier, focusing on mutants having to live on the outskirts of society. Alot of moving pieces and it looks like we haven't yet met most all of the principle cast. Tony Stark as a (presumed) bigot is going to be divisive, lol.

Re: The Next Step in Evolution: X-Men

Posted: 16 Nov 2021, 22:57
by Red Strings
Ah I have been missing for a very long time and I totally forgot I'd posted this - which kind of sucks on me. EphemeristX! Thank you so much for the comments, and thanks for reading! I really appreciate it.

You're very right in that we haven't met most of the principle cast - we actually won't really much this arc - which is primarily world building and set up because I'm stupid and drawn out like that.

The thing is, yes, this arc is pretty gritty but my actual future plans are more akin to an updated (but also kind of not) version of the 90s cartoon, like that kind of tone and atmosphere but more... adult I guess?

Either way, I have #2. My intention is to release one a month (I'm a bit ahead at the moment) but we'll see how that goes because I am nothing if not forgetful.

X-Men #2: The Base Beyond the Pines (G is for Genocide part 2)
A young woman sees a future that she can't escape, a young man has a past he can't find, Jubilee can't stop setting things on fire and, deep in the White Mountain National Forest, a troubled man hatches a plan that could spell doom for mutants and human alike.

Oooookay, so synopsis' (synopsi?), teasers whatever, are really not my strong suit.

Re: The Next Step in Evolution: X-Men

Posted: 14 Jan 2022, 20:57
by das_boot
So catching up on this because I’m the worst at remembering to finish reading things— for reference, I read part one AGES ago, and part two now, so some things are a little hazy and I do apologise for that!

I really enjoy this. It’s your own little world with familiar but different versions of these characters. Everything here feels familiar, but with an edge to it that you know I love.

I think my favourite piece of this so far is the twist on Graydon Creed. Like… how dare you? How dare you try to make him a sympathetic character?

My favourite pieces of this are for sure the following things:

Destiny, I really love the manifestation and imagery of her powers here. I love the way you showed things getting clearer or more vague within that setting too just, UGH.

Jubilee/Graydon— really nice. Very nice. Very strange that I’m rooting for Graydon, but still. I enjoyed this a lot.

Brotherhood— right, so I think I got confused because I couldn’t remember if you’d stated previously or not whether Dawn (this uni’s Wanda) was a mixture of her father and brother’s powers but I caught up and whatever, I’m being dumb. I really like that there’s such a power struggle already within the Brotherhood, and it feels very much youth Vs experience.

I think the bit that’s maybe a bit of a slower burn for me (and this might just be me) is the Nate/Fagin (Sinister?)/Stacey stuff, even though I’m absolutely sure this is going to turn into some kind of gang war and I’m ready for Stacey Vs Fagin.

Overall I really like this, I like the use of “Marvels” for heroes, it’s really cute.

I think my only criticism is why is everyone smoking? I needed to go for a smoke at least three times during reading this because everyone else was and i'm SUPPOSED to be quitting