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Kingdom Hearts Series

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Kingdom Hearts Series

Post by Cable » 11 Mar 2020, 17:53

I am the type of person where if I get into a new fandom or series I am going to seek out every single entry and media involved. Thus I have always been intrigued but avoided Kingdom Hearts as its games are spread out over numerous consoles/handhelds and it was difficult to follow. I now no longer have this excuse however as a ten-game collection will be dropping for PS4 this month for a great price. So now I have to take a hard look at it.

So for those who played it, how does it hold up? Is it worth jumping into them all? I specifically am not a fan of Final Fantasy (though I have played a few of the early entries) but am a fan of Disney. How is it on getting to interact with those various NPCs and more importantly use those characters in your party (as spoiler-light as you can be please)? Also I am much more a fan of turn-based or pausable command type combat systems in RPGs but my understanding is this is more hack and slash? Is it more fun than just mashing buttons? Also I play games more for the story than for a challenge so is there difficulty levels and/or are they games that won't be frustrating? How is the plot overall? Are there interesting turns or is it cliche JRPG?

Thank you very much to anyone who takes time to answer my many questions!
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Re: Kingdom Hearts Series

Post by EphemeristX » 11 Mar 2020, 20:24

If you have any sort of motion sickness issue, do not play the first game. Jesus Christ. The camera swings around so much I barely got into the second world before having to quit due to nausea.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts Series

Post by Milkshake08 » 17 Mar 2020, 07:36

I love KH, but I have yet to play KH3. Birth By Sleep is my personal favorite, though the original is also great (tho Ephem is right, the camera didn't really know what it was doing, but they did fix that issue somewhat with the most recent PS4 rerelease)

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