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Sony Marvel Shows

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Sony Marvel Shows

Post by Cable » 30 Apr 2019, 13:09

It is reported the Oscar-winning directors of Into the Spider-verse are now being involved in various Marvel television shows by Sony. There doesn't seem to be definite plans yet for what they will be.
Under the pact, Lord and Miller will create and develop their own comedy and drama projects for broadcast, cable and streaming as well as supervise other writers' projects. Additionally, the pair will also be involved in developing a suite of television series based on Sony's universe of Marvel characters. Those include Spider-Man (and all his villains, like Green Goblin); Venom (a sequel with Tim Hardy is in the works); Morbius (which has a live-action feature in the works starring Jared Leto); and Black Cat and Silver Sable (both in development on the feature side). Select TV projects related to Sony's Marvel characters will be produced in partnership with former Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal. Also possibly on the table: all the characters from Into the Spider-Verse.
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