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Young Justice:Outsiders

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Young Justice:Outsiders

Post by das_boot » 07 Jan 2019, 18:56

Summary of the first three episodes. Spoilers abound!
Spoiler: show
We open with a teen girl being locked in a tube and a substance called “tar” poured into it and it caused her meta-gene to activate. She then turns up on Rann where Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Ice, Superman and Black Lightning are fighting some aliens. Black Lightning zaps the girl (she looks like a monster, not a girl), and she dies. Scans show she was human and 14 years old.

The team are talking outside of the League’s meeting room. Aqualad (now Aquaman) is the leader of the League. He calls Miss Martian into the meeting room as leader of the Team so that she can witness what happens. Aquaman basically explains how they’re limited to what they can do due to the UN. Batman says this isn’t good enough as kids are going missing and being trafficked due to being metas. He resigns from the league, along with Katana, Plastic Man, Batwoman, and Green Arrow. GA asks Canary to join them and she chastises them for setting this up to undermine Kal’dar’s leadership. Black lightning also leaves the League due to him having killed that girl.

Batman leaves the room and says “let’s go”. Robin (Tim), Spoiler and Arrowette leave with him, but BL refuses saying he doesn’t want to be part of Batman Inc. The rest of the Team are very confused.

Nightwing is in Moscow and saves some kids from a facility with tubes and tar. He talks to Oracle and she tells him that she thinks they have a mission but he’ll need help.

Nightwing turns up at Tigress’ house where she seems to have a child with the clone of Roy (I think, Dick calls him Will 🤷‍♂️), and they ask which of them he’s there to recruit.

There’s a scene with the UN where the publicist to the League publicly denounce the defectors. The representative for Atlantis (Garth) criticises Lex (chair of the UN) for hamstringing the League from even humanitarian missions, and the delegate for Themyscyra (TROIA!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️) also slates Lex.

Nightwing then turns up to recruit Superboy, who proposes to M’gann (who, also, in her Martian form, is taking more of a White Martian form nowadays).

There’s a news report about the royal family of Markovia, whose daughter went missing about two years ago (Tara/Terra). We also meet her brother Brion, and the king and queen say that they’ll welcome refugees from a nearby country, and will also not tolerate any meta trafficking. They then get killed by an assassin with super speed, who is, in turn, killed by the uncle of Brion and his twin brother, the latter of whom is now King-in-Waiting with his uncle as the regent until he turns 18. Brion is also aware that he carries a dormant meta gene, leading him to suspect that Tara had the same gene and that’s why she was abducted. He asks the family physician to help him activate his meta gene.

Nightwing also recruits BL who says that he’s no good to the team because he can’t generate electricity anymore... Dick says he didn’t come for the powers, he came for the man.

The team meet up and use a boom tube to go to Markovia, with Tigress and Nightwing infiltrating the Markovian coronation party and Oracle tells them to watch a guy called Ecks, who is massively over qualified for his current internship at a children’s hospital. BL and SB inflitrate the hospital and eventually come across a few tubes containing children, and also Count Vertigo and his newest goon, Plasmus. BL freezes up due to Plasmus’s similarity to the girl he killed, and SB has to save them. They escape and BL jumps from a sewer grate, but SB is caught by Plasmus and brought back to the lab.

Meanwhile, Brion talks to Ecks who says he can activate Brion’s meta gene. Brion goes with him to the hospital but they’re tailed by Nightwing. Tigress is elsewhere getting their gear when she comes across some goons burying a pile of dead bodies, when one of the dead teenagers comes back to life and has some kind of energy power (it looks a lot like an alt-u version of Halo). The girls escape, and get into the Super Cycle where Tigress sees BL’s location but can’t find SB. She finds BL unconscious but as he comes to, he tells her what’s happened.

Brion is knocked out and put in a tube. Vertigo tells Ecks that it’s his fault that they have unauthorised people here and that Bedlam won’t be happy about it. He leaves Ecks with an unconscious and tubed SB and Brion when the female scientist turns up and floods Brion’s tube with the Tar.

Nightwing makes his way to the lab just as Tigress and BL make their way under it, and Tigress and BL are attCked by Plasmus, but the new meta/Halo protects them with her powers. Vertigo is mad at the female scientist and turns his powers on her. Bedlam is revealed to be the twin’s uncle and he leaves before Nightwing et al attack. Brion and Superboy are released from their tubes and the team escape.

Brion starts demonstrating his geokinesis (as a kind of cross between Magma and Rockslide), and he goes to the Markovian palace to confront his uncle, followed by Superboy. Vertigo and Ecks move to attack Tigress and Nightwing and Ecks does some Jamie Madrox stuff. Halo turns out to be clutch in protecting the lady scientist. BL gets his groove back when he sees Plasmus attacking Halo and he zaps a device on his neck that knocks him out and reverts him to his human form. Halo recovers from having Half of her face burned off when she surrounds herself with a violet light and touches the supercycle— but she looked pretty dead.

Brion attacks his uncle who, it turns out, is also a Meta. Brion’s inexperience shows and he fails to take his uncle down. Superboy turns up and takes him down, and his uncle is proclaimed a traitor and a hypocrite for being anti-meta. Brion is told that he has to leave Markovia, due to him being a meta and the new law in place to refuse admittance to metas due to a meta having killed the King and Queen.
So, I enjoyed these episodes. Good set up for the season, a lot of political pieces moving around and the further inclusion of metas after last season’s plot point is great. It’s nice to see that the team are moving forward and changing up (interested to see what the changes are to M’gann that have caused her to take more of a White Martian appearance), some new characters who are clearly now part of the Team or the Justice League, and whilst I think it’s really shitty that Batman clearly had a plan for his own team, I can appreciate his rationale. I think the new take on Geo-Force is nice, and if this new character IS an alternate Halo, I do hope that they stick to her comic story.

Young Justice continues to be a masterclass in how to seed mysteries in the first episode and leave them hanging there without them impacting enjoyment of the rest of the plot.

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