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MCU future/pitches

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Crutey Anth
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MCU future/pitches

Post by Crutey Anth » 18 Jul 2018, 13:11

What do you realistically want/realistically see in the future MCU?

My current thoughts have been revolving about what to do about Cap/Thor/Iron Man...the big tent pole stars. Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, The Avengers, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man etc I can see continuing...Guardians I think will end with #3 and they'll just be not seen again (tangential to the MCU so thats fine really) but I can't imagine Marvel is going to let the big 3 vanish, but at some point I can see the actors wanting to move on.

I'd say go total James Bond and just replace the actors and pretend nothing ever happened but I think the three actors are going to be hard to follow so we need some time and distance...but don't see the titles resting for so long so lets use it.

My ideas:
Following Infinity War the big 3 are gone...Tony in a coma, Captain America vanished by some infinity stone or another, Thor dead.

Captain America 4,5,6 (I'd film them back to back and then release them one after another over 3 years)
Josiah X as the 'villain' (backstory of Red, White and Black sown into the movie) as he's trying to expose the government for what they did back in the day to his father/grandfather (clearly they'll be some big conspiracy which will end up actually be the villains...twist reveal is that some US official is actually Sin the daughter of the Red Skull and her kids Sin and Crossbones can be built as later villains). Mixed in with this is 'the new Captain America' John Walker hand picked by the government and enhanced...however, he isn't along Bucky has inherited the shield and the mantle and is an 'unofficial Captain America' but is recognised by the Avengers (and his partner Falcon) as the real deal. The Caps come to an uneasy truce at the end and go their separate ways .

'US Agent' is being used to fight terrorism, drug cartels and what not...think Sicario with super-powers. Whilst Bucky is still trying to bring down Hydra sleeper cells with Falcon. They end up coming together and teaming up again (two sub-plots tying together) when Sin and Crossbones are seeking out the cosmic cube (the stone having ended up back on Earth). In the end they use it to 'resurrect' the original Red Skull

Red Skull alters the world with his stone...think Hydra Cap arc ressurecting the original Captain America (new actor) as his right hand man (with some of the Avengers on his side too). The two Captain Americas and Falcon have to stop him....bring out the real Cap and change the world back. In the end Real Cap has been resurrected. US Agent can spin off into his own movies. We have some new villains who survive!

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Re: MCU future/pitches

Post by WorldWideWade » 18 Jul 2018, 13:21

I follow the movie news scene pretty closely and I think with the limited information that is out there about Phase 4, we can draw the following assumptions about the direction of the MCU:

1) Captain America and Iron Man will most likely have to be sacrificed in Avengers 4 and the characters will be rested until Marvel decides how to bring them back/recast many years from now.
2) Thor will probably get a fourth movie based on the team from Thor: Ragnarok wanting to do another one.
3) Guardians Vol 3 will be the final iteration of that version of the team. I think they will focus on other cosmic characters like Nova or Adam Warlock and some of the Guardian characters will pop up in those movies.
4) Black Widow movie is probably coming out in late 2020 and Doctor Strange 2 will probably be after that in 2021.
5) There will be more focus on female characters and the next Avengers type movie will be a bit like A-Force.
6) Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Ant-man will all receive a full trilogy.
7) The Fox deal will happen and the seeds of Fantastic Four and X-men will be planted in Phase 4 with a rebooted Fantastic Four movie as the final Phase 4 movie. X-men will be a major focus of Phase 5.
8) Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) will get a movie in Phase 4 and will be the start of a Champions/Young Avengers franchise.
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Re: MCU future/pitches

Post by RingOtaku » 18 Jul 2018, 15:27

I'd like to see some synergy with the Netflix shows. Spidey 2 has a post-credits scene where he runs into Cage. 3 is a Marvel Knights type film where Spidey has to get a little more serious as he helps some of the Defenders and maybe intro some new street heroes deal with something harsh like a city-wide gang war. Spidey 3 ends with him and Cage both agreeing to joint membership in both Defenders and Avengers as a way to keep communications open between the teams and show respect for Cage.
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Gibbering Fool
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Re: MCU future/pitches

Post by Gibbering Fool » 19 Jul 2018, 10:32

After Avengers 4 I'd like to a break from Avengers films and branch out into other areas. Id love some more cosmic films that build towards Annihilation. Perhaps after GotG 3 we get a very different team moving firward with Warlock, Cosmo etc. A Nova film is a must for me.

They could do more Thor films since he's pretty cosmic but I think Cap and Iron Man need a rest to make way for others. Give them a rest for at least a phase then they can James Bond the characters and return them. I think going straight from RDJ and Evans to new actors will be too jarring.

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Re: MCU future/pitches

Post by AntiBody » 20 Jul 2018, 11:52

Gibbering Fool wrote:
19 Jul 2018, 10:32
After Avengers 4 I'd like to a break from Avengers films and branch out into other areas. Id love some more cosmic films that build towards Annihilation. Perhaps after GotG 3 we get a very different team moving firward with Warlock, Cosmo etc. A Nova film is a must for me.
I cannot agree more - sci-fi has been on a bit of an uptick lately. Ride the wave, give us a Nova movie!!
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